Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 249

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 249 Hums Of Approval

"Shinobu, doesn't this look extremely wrong like really wrong?" Mitsuri whispered with her hot breathing grazing on the tip of Shinobu's ears. With Mitsuri's extremely plump and soft tit pressed right into Shinobu's backs, the meanie could barely think straight but even Shinobu acknowledged Mitsuri's words as the situation looked strangely wrong and arousing at the same time.

"Just like a defenseless fowl, poor Nezuko could only let the Big, bad wolf consume her," The pinkette leaned down slightly to adjust to Shinobu's height and cooed into Shinobu's ears, "The wolf would carefully devour every single inch of her flesh." Somehow, Mitsuri managed to turn the role between their relationship when it came to matters of the flesh. Under Mitsuri's natural whispers stemming out of genuine curiosity and l.u.s.t.

Maybe just maybe, she really is a pillar of l.u.s.t er, Love, Shinobu reckoned as she felt all tingly with Mitsuri breathing hotly and needily down her neck.

Meanwhile, just like Mitsuri commented, with Nezuko laid down on the mattress, Nik covered her petite figure with multiple urges to- just like Mitsuri commented- devour Nezuko. Why would he even want to make Nezuko lie down? Nik couldn't answer the question. He just wanted to ingest a drop of blood from Nezuko. That is all.

But, Nik's despicable being reemerged in all its glory and thought- Why not just push Nezuko down?

This way was hotter.

And better.


Bottom line, Nik just gazed at Nezuko's pale face while her round eyes blinking curiously.

Maybe he should take her right now?

Immediately shaking his head, Nik matched Nezuko's gaze once again. What happened couldn't be changed and honestly, Nik didn't want to get up from Nezuko. It really felt a little fulfilling. Satisfying, even.

Wordlessly, Nik leaned down over at Nezuko's forearm and then it finally struck him.

Stopping midway, Nik stood up, much to Shinobu's and Mitsuri's surprise and the moment he opened his palms, a small syringe appeared in his hands. Why a syringe? Well, Nik figured that there is no point in making the experience painful for Nezuko just to make the whole situation hotter.

Being a whore could really boost someone's rsum for the really great and demanded ones knew multiple languages, skilled in various professions and most importantly, knew how to administer drugs on the clients when asked to. And while Nik knew nothing of great professions like medicine and engineering, he knew well enough to use a syringe without making a mistake. Even though the civilization he emerged from was somewhat backward when compared to Mitsuko's homeworld, Nik's whorehouse knew how to train boys and girls in the ways of debauchery and the administration of narcotics definitely came under the list of many talents needed to make a good whore.

After all, life just gets easier with narcotics.

Easily sucking out a few drops of blood, Nik disassembled the injection and drained the blood into his mouth while activating his [Evolution Codex].

[Rare-tier genes detected. Analysis formed.

Description: An unnamed variation of the Rare-tier blood fiend is detected. Unlike the obvious l.u.s.t for blood and carnage, this particular variation is the exact opposite and while the physique requires occasional consumption of blood, the species itself doesn't l.u.s.t for blood. This variation is found to have higher than usual integration value when compared to other unorthodox variations of blood fiends.

Integration: 54%]

Nik looked at the integration value of Nezuko's bloodline in astonishment as even Yuriko, another rare-tiered variation only boasted 19% of integration with the multiverse, giving her body an obvious limitation against the sunlight.

"That's kind of anti-climatic don't you think?" Mitsuri whispered a little sourly. No, she won't admit that she was enjoying the scene.

"Are you done?" Shinobu sighed in distress. More than the scene itself, it was Mitsuri, who turned Shinobu one with her depraved panting.

"Thanks, Nezuko." Nik smiled and leaned onto Nezuko's face before gently pecking her lips, much to Mitsuri's delighted surprise while hugging the extremely huggable Shinobu tightly from the back.

Meanwhile, the recipient of the kiss only tilted her head in obvious confusion before smiling and parting her lips in pure joy.

"Hum Tha nk Hum Hum!"

If Nik had even a single shred of indecisiveness left in his consciousness that might have blocked his reasoning to partner up with Nezuko, this particular moment oliberated all that thoughts. For a moment, Nik pondered and then finally tried his luck out.

Honestly, Nik had never asked what a partnership invitations dialogue box looked in the eyes of his partners, how do they perceive its existence and stuff. Most of the time, Nik just took advantage of their semi-dazed consciousness into scamming them into his developing kingdom of debauchery.

"Alright, Nezuko. When you see something in front of you, don't get frightened"

Nik spoke softly while his words allowed the pair of pillars to realize Nik's course of action.

"Wait, you aren't going to devour her?"

Mitsuri asked with righteous distress clear in her voice while Nik returned and looked at the naive pinkette and looking at that particular smile, Shinobu couldn't help but sigh. What a baseless question asking Nik if he won't f.u.c.k a defenseless and cute woman senseless? Of course, he would jump at the chance and right now, Shinobu actually knew Nik better than he knew himself.

As if affirming to Shinobu's silent praises, Nik finally spoke up.

"Devour? You should know me better than that by now, Mitsuri." Nik shook his head in distress and continued, "Some dishes aren't meant to be devoured."

Looking back at Nezuko, he took a deep breath and sent an invitation to partner-up with Nezuko. The moment he sent the invite, Nezuko tilted her head with astonishment rippling in her large pupils. Finally, within a mere moment, Nik suddenly felt a familiar connection forming within Nezuko and he tried communicating with Nezuko through his mind.

[Hey how does it feel?]

Hearing Nik's voice into her head, Nezuko just beamed widely and let out a cute snort of affirmation.

"Hum Than ks."


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