Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 250

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 250 Villager's Blessings

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After making sure that Nezuko didn't really bid her farewell by dusting off under the sunlight, she finally followed out alongside Nik with two pillars flanking the little demoness, not out of fear or concern, but pure, una.d.u.l.terated amus.e.m.e.nt. Nezuko was by far the cutest creature Shinobu and Mitsuri had ever encountered. And while Nik would have argued with Pavaka and Virya on his side. But of course, he also admitted that Pavaka's and Virya's nubile, bloody tendencies may affect their overall temperament.

Nezuko, on the other hand, is an absolute delight to be in the company with. Cute, silent and always humming a soft tune in sync with her breathing and pace, affecting Nik's Mitsuri's and Shinobu's pace as well.

While the group of four ventured out, they would almost always steer away from minor puddles of some rather questionable liquids on the corner of the streets. This consequence was inevitable, in a manner. With the entire village enjoying a massive, homos.e.x.u.a.l orgy, these things were bound to happen. A few walls were busted here and there and when the four arrived at the absolutely destroyed dining region, Nik finally sighed and made a directed the group towards Shizuka's and Yuriko's.

After all, with Yuriko present, Saya's presence is completely expected and even Rei might tag along. Who knows maybe he'll really get lucky?

Of course, Mitsuri refused to use any vegetables still present on the scene to make a dish. During an orgy, in Nik's experience, Vegetables would usually lose their v.i.r.g.i.n scent. A dish made of these particular vegetables was something Nik also wouldn't recommend.

The walk to the intended destination turned out to be a quick and uneventful one with no villager or demon slayers in the sight.

"So long to guard the village, huh"

Nik muttered while shaking his head in disappointment. After all, no matter how wild his night got, at least, he didn't end up spending the next day in rest to recover

"You are the one who staged this entire event."

Shinobu pointed out the obvious as Mitsuri and Nezuko turned their gazes over at Nik with an identical expression of wanting to know what Nik's reply would end up being.

"In my defense" Nik began, before realizing something extremely important, "Actually, I don't need a defense. I am sure, the villagers and the slayer corps wish nothing but happiness for me after last night's events."

Shinobu smiled and hummed curiously, "Let's see you set up a stage where husbands get down on other's husbands and the wives commit a similar act. How did you ever conclude that you'll get nothing but their blessings?"

"Well," Nik looked around and smiled, "Hypothetically, would a wife get mad if her husband spends the night with another woman?"

"Of course, in certain cases, she might end up killing the husband, or, fatally injuring him." Shinobu nodded seriously and smiled at Nik while tapping on the hilt of her sword.

"Alright, first of all, let's not threaten the only man in this relationship." Nik raised his hand and sighed in defeat and then continued, "Now, imagine what would the wife's reaction be once she found out that the husband spent the night with another man?" Nik smiled and continued, "She might be angry, sure, but in the end, she will be understanding enough"

Before Nik could complete, Shinobu cut in with a ridiculous expression, "Nooo, that would be the last thing their spouses will feel like. Unlike where you came from, only the acknowledged members of the system have the right to hold multiple consorts when it comes to the villagers here

They'll be out for each other's blood."

Nik parted his lips for a moment before groaning, "Ugh looks like I made an oopsie"

"This isn't funny, Nik." Even Mitsuri spoke with a concerned expression as Nik nodded, "No, I get that let me clean this mess up."

"And how will you do that? By sucking?"

Shinobu snickered at her own very first dirty joke while Nik raised his eyebrows in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Well I'll probably screw with their mind and just to be sure, I'll also ask for my colleague's help."

"Anybody in?" Nik knocked and opened the door slightly to give Yuriko enough time to cover her body to prevent any exposure to sunlight and then finally opened the door wide enough to let the others see a total of five women and another being wrapped in a blanket. Of course, without being able to sleep, credits to the entire village howling akin to l.u.s.t-crazed wolves, Saya, Rei, Aoi, Shizuka, and Kanao only got the time to rest their eyes when the village's men and women were drained out and only Mitsuri's m.o.a.ns echoed in the relatively silent village.

"How cute" Mitsuri muttered and then her left palm slithered atop Nezuko's head and started petting her head unconsciously, making Nezuko narrow her eyes in pleasure. Nik, on the other hand, looked at the wrapped-up person and inquired Yuriko by sending a mental message.

[Yuriko, awake?]

Nik closed the door while the person under the blanket squirmed a little as Yuriko's voice graced Nik's consciousness.

[Go away. You already know that I can only meet you at night and even then you just skedaddle off!]

Yuriko's begrudging words weren't baseless. She could technically still be called a widow and even after finding one hot pillar to support her emotions with, she had to spend an entire night filled with m.o.a.ns of illicit couples while going through an awkward phase with her own daughter. Not to mention that with her basic foundation of bloodline changed, Yuriko's l.u.s.t parameter was filled to the brim quite easily and if Yuriko might add, extremely so.

Nik sat next to the blanket-covered Yuriko silently while asking Shinobu and Mitsuri to give him a little time alone, which Shinobu gracefully refused and sat beside the mumbling and snoring Shizuka with Mitsuri soon pulling Nezuko and following the lead of the Pillar of Insect.

Of course, Nik revaluated the moment when he asked Shinobu a favor.

What was he thinking?

But all was not lost. Using his extreme intellect, Nik just pulled up the blanket suddenly and before Yuriko got the chance to yelp, Nik had already pinned her down and covered the duo with the blanket once again.

Besides the point, the blanket was quite comfortable to touch.

[Hey, what do you think you are doing?] Yuriko pouted as her palms pushed against Nik's chest while her magenta gaze met his violet ones. They both were physically enhanced beings and of course, they could see each other even in the darkness.

[Me? ] Nik grinned and leaned down to take Yuriko's soft lips while entangling with her rough tongue as his hands shuffled into her clothes and instantly latched onto her b.r.e.a.s.ts, squeezing them harshly.

[Setting you straight.] Nik replied candidly while enjoying Yuriko's mouth and sensual scent.

Yuriko tried to move her body in her futile attempt to resist Nik's debauched palms sending electricity throughout her body while Nik continued preaching.

[Did you think I enjoyed staying out late in the night while keeping you all cold and lonely in my wait? Guess what, I did not. I didn't return because of guiding a few chosen ones on the right path.]

Rolling her eyes at Nik's shameless attempts to hide his own guiltiness of leaving her out of all the fun, she finally regained a wee bit of her prior vigor as her snicker resounded within Nik's consciousness.

[I don't buy it. What kind of a guide are you to abandon your previous believers? Like me, or Shizuka-san.

We still need your guidance.]

[Foolish lass,] For the sake of the act, Nik had to momentarily forget that Yuriko was anything but a- lass, [For you to think that I have abandoned you means that I simply haven't guided you enough. Not to worry.

Just a minor obstacle in the path of the debauched belief that is destined to unite the world.]

Before Nik and Yuriko could continue indulging themselves in their sudden roleplay, their blanket was unceremoniously pulled up while Mitsuri's yelp followed instantly.

"Ah! Naughty Nezuko! Don't!"

To Mitsuri, Nezuko's position had ascended to an extremely lovable pet, as demonstrated by Mitsuri's words and while Yuriko instantly identified the new arrival as her own kind and couldn't help but grow hot and embarrassed when both of the demonesses' eyes matched. One innocent and one filled to the brim with sensual debauchery.

Meanwhile, with his lips still stuck against Yuriko's, Nik also looked at Nezuko, breaking her stoic face into a smile.


Nezuko's words also made Nik realize that once again, his incoming nights will be filled with nothing but sessions of enlightenment and guidance. Everyone around him needed to be enlightened as quickly as possible so that he can finally conduct this world's orgy- no, ehm group session.

Yeah an Orgy.