Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 252

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 252 Side Business

"To eating a hygienic meal."

Brian raised his bottle of beer and the group around him met the toast with a joyful smile as the breakfast group enjoyed myriad breakfast meals produced by Nik and did he fill up on his stock!

From a basic french toast to a fricking LOBSTER!

Yes, Nik admitted that eating an entire lobster at the start of the day was a little over to the top for Shizuka, but hey, Nik still bought it out of his inventory and Shizuka is known for her rather large appetite and the ability to stay trim and curvaceous, so he wasn't going to stop her. Soon, under Nik's careful observation, he found that the basic breakfast meals were gradually skipped over and the entire group started focusing on the main course that befitted a luxurious party instead of a s.e.x-torn village.

Once again, Nik wasn't complaining about the fact since his own actions caused the village to be torn in shreds. With Shinobu and Shizuka flanking him from the side and Mitsuri following the lead beside Shinobu and gracefully dismantling the cooked lobster, Nik enjoyed himself fully.

"Hey, I just thought of something." Ray's words pulled instant attention from everybody in the circled group, especially Tanjiro, who was busy munching alongside a curiously observing Nezuko, whose eyes wandered from the dishes to the smooth and pale necks of many of her friends present.

"How about we start a whorehouse?"

After Nik's and Brian's conversation about introducing business in the name of their guild to earn pretty penny, they also decided to add Ray into the conversation when Brian made sure that he was cool with Nik and his idea finally formed into a- Brothel.

"That's not cool." Nik replied while the atmosphere grew a little awkward. Aside from Ray being unable to handle bloodshed, Nik finally knew something else about Ray- the succubus couldn't read the surrounding at all!

"Oh, come on! It will be fun. If any guy has a problem with me, I'll throw him into the 'exotic' section and if any girl tries to pick a tough cookie against you, to the damsel district of the brothel she goes."

"Oh, great now slavery" Nik groaned as Shinobu and others, including, Tanjiro frowned at Ray's words. But unexpectedly, Brian actually nodded at Ray's words, "A succubus and an incubus manning a brothel will only increase our popularity it could actually work."

"First of all," Nik cut into the conversation and exhaled deeply, "I won't be involving myself in any brothel. If you wish to rent a few girls out, I would rather snatch them from your hands." If the first part of Nik's sentence really made Shizuka, Shinobu and Mitsuri look Nik in a different- more decent- light, then the next part really eased their hearts that Nik really hadn't changed for the worse. In their mind, the only thing worse than a shameless womanizer was a self-righteous womanizer. They were glad that Nik remained as shameless as he portrayed himself to be.

"Secondly I still think that opening a massage parlor is a better idea."

"How so?"

Ray inquired as his glimmering pink pupils matched Nik's violet orbs while a gleeful smirk made its way to Nik's lips.

"Think of it in this manner" Nik extended his arms and gently gestured it mid-air as if he was massaging and continued, "You are massaging your client and there is some heat between you and your client-"

"Okay, I am feeling quite full. And honestly, I don't want to be the part of this conversation." Shinobu placed her plate on the ground and stood up while dusting off her pants and then looked at Mitsuri, "Wanna join in for a training session? I have nothing else to do."

With her face flushed, Mitsuri could only nod. And Shinobu's words also attracted Tanjiro's attention, who instantly stood up and bowed, "Please, I want to train, too!"

Although, Tanjiro's sudden desire to leave really made the gloom touch Ray's face as he sighed deeply while Nezuko gently scooched up to Nik with her elder brother leaving suddenly and simply adjusted herself on Nik's lap as Shizuka also leaned her head onto his shoulders.

As much as she would like to stay away from the conversation, she just had her stomach filled to the brim

No sane person would like to move a single inch after eating so much that meant, Tanjiro, Mitsuri and Shinobu simply weren't sane

Then again, they were also unaffected by the strange situation they landed themselves into.

"Mmgh I think I'll end up sleeping again."

Shizuka purred softly while nuzzling her cheek against the side of Nik's neck while the Incubus accommodated the beauty by letting go of his gesture and coiled his arm around her waist while mentally bidding the other two partners his farewell. His free palm, on the other hand, started gaining the daily dose of petting experience by gently stroking Nezuko's head. Of course, the transition of his movements wasn't unobserved by the Temporal Fiend and the Succubus as the duo groaned in dissatisfaction, promoting Nik to speak up.

"Alright, to the point, I think, we can charge more by just massaging them and corrupting some of our clients alongside."

"There is something else, isn't it?"

Ray inquired as he laid down on his side.

"Yes, I really don't think that it's a good idea to open a whorehouse with me managing the girls

I'll end up utilizing my privilege to"


Ray smirked lazily as Brian's interest grew to a new level. It seems like even the Temporal Fiend enjoyed a good drama and backstory.

"Alright" Nik shrugged and stayed silent for a moment before speaking up, "I won't let any brothel stand in my sight for more than a day. I will either take all the girls for myself, or free them.

If you want to organize orgy parties, then I am up for it.

But no brothels. Period."

"You know you could just open up and share your feelings."

Brian commented, pulling a nod of approval from his second Vice-Guild Master and a shake of refusal from the first one.

"Alright, you guys want to share? Here it is." Ray sat up once again with his slightly pointed ears under his onesie perking in attention while a slight curve touched Brian's lips.

"In my homeworld, a dragon lost his wife to a rhino king as his horn was just that good. In the end, the dragon threatened to destroy the Rhino's entire family.

In his maddened rage, the Rhino king instead threw the poor lizard to a bestial brothel serving the celestials.

End of story."

"This is nonsense!"

Ray pouted while Brian mulled over Nik's words. Sure, Nik's sly smirk made Brian consider that his words were absolute 'BS', but what if they were true? Did a dragon really get cuckolded by a rhino just for his horn? How big was the dragon? How big was the horn? And did the female dragon enjoy her time in the bestiality whorehouse?

As startling, mind-boggling thoughts swirled within Brian's mind, Ray groaned in dissatisfaction, "Don't tell us then. But mark my words, sharing always make things better. So, if you have anything to tell me, you're welcome with open legs, no pun intended."

"No pun assumed." Nik waved his hand as Ray stood up and left for his daily hunt.

"So" Brian finally spoke up with an impassive expression. "I started the discussion to get a business idea and the conversation ends up with a dragon used by some other race

Quite a reliable source of pair you two are."

"How flattering of you to say that." Nik nodded while a yawn escaped his mouth. Truly, a full stomach really made way for a potentially fulfilling sleep.