Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 254

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 254 Debauched Discipline

Jogging behind the skipping Nezuko, Kanao calmly analyzed the situation. True, even the demon slayer considered a scenario where Nezuko might be the cause of Elizabeth's, Shizuka's and Nik's sudden disappearance.

But analysis was one thing, actually believing it another. What did Nezuko stand to gain from the trio's demise? Nezuko didn't seem to be in the situation that she had been captured by the demon slayers against her will.

Removing strong opponents? Maybe. But if that was truly the case, the unconscious Shigure and Saeko would have already fallen under Nezuko's clutches. Not to mention, one of the people that vanished was the actual Cultivator of War! But it was her duty as a demon slayer to find out the current location of the trio.

Passing through the lush greenery, Kanao's senses finally picked onto a strange sound that seemed to have been registered to her ears quite recently. A sound that rocked the entire village alongside the howls of men and amorous m.o.a.ns of women. Strangely though, Kanao only heard the sound of flesh hitting against each other.

That's it.

But the sound itself was enough to make Kanao falter in her steps, unlike the happily skipping Nezuko, who proved herself to be superior to many demons far stronger than any average demon slayer for Kanao had trouble keeping up with the wild demon.

But, a shred of hesitation in the deepest recesses of her heart disapproved of her current action. She had to follow Nezuko. Even if what she heard pointed to things extremely illicit, she had to make sure of the situation with her eyes. So, following Nezuko was the only thing she could do.


A few hours back.

"I'm sorry. I still don't approve of it." Nik replied with anger slowly boiling within his heart as he gazed at the calm Elizabeth with Shizuka on his side. The trio had already found a secluded corner while leaving Nezuko in charge of the situation with the unconscious girls.

"And I am telling you that you cannot stop us from trying to get stronger."

"I am not doing that at all-" Nik's voice reached a higher tone before he stopped himself abruptly to take a deep breath, "I am sorry if this sounds extremely selfish." He whispered while matching Elizabeth's gaze with a trace of concern in his eyes, "I just worry about you guys. That is it I never meant to make you guys feel restricted."

Never did Elizabeth or Shizuka would have thought that Nik was capable of actually apologizing with a sincere heart. After all, he never showed any sort of regret or remorse when it came to acts of shamelessness. His humble words did work wonders in their own way as Elizabeth was forced to reckon that if Nik is actually capable of comforting her even when her actions had gone a little overboard- she admitted to that fact- then she wasn't a mighty bitch who couldn't realize her own mistake.

"I suppose" Elizabeth opened up, failing to catch a sly look sneak past Shizuka's expression, "I did feel a little stifled by the attention the both of them attracted from you and just wanted to make sure that they have the necessary strength to earn that attention."

Elizabeth was a little psychotic, now Nik knew and felt genuinely relieved by his decision to tamper with the mind of his girls to affiliate a relatively peaceful harem. Friction and minor rivalry between the girls he partnered-up with were something Nik didn't want to avoid, but he felt that had he never screwed up with their minds, Elizabeth's actions would also have reached an even more extreme level than it has already.

"All of this because of jealousy?!"

Shizuka blurted out in a stupor. While she and Nik had already planned an apt punishment for their master, Shizuka never considered that her master, who has raised her from her childhood, was capable of such childish emotions.

"Yes" Elizabeth nodded with a sour face, "I could never reach out to JoJo due to my guilt maybe it was more shame than guilt. But the same isn't true for Nik.

I reached out to him and yet, his focus never truly stayed on me

Honestly, I hate it"

Before Elizabeth could complete her bittersweet monologue, she felt herself getting pulled into Nik's embrace while his voice lingered within her consciousness.

'Comparing me to your Son that's a new level of kink you got here, sweetheart'

Nik took Elizabeth's lips with an honest passion that refused all of Elizabeth's previous claims. He didn't have time for Elizabeth? That's the most ridiculous claim Nik had ever heard. Nik was all about management. A f.u.c.k here, a blowjob there. He loved the attention from his partners and likewise, enjoyed showering them with praises and sweet cuddles. Sure, he might have been a little- oh

Yeah, he might be a little guilty this time around.

Being a reasonable Incubus, better yet, the only Incubus, Nik's embrace tightened around Elizabeth as he continued coiling his tongue around Elizabeth's while connecting each other's minds.

Instantly, Nik appeared as an open book to Elizabeth's mind. His feelings for her, his reasons for distractions, his thoughts and continuously unfocused course of action became all too clear to the Cultivator of War.

But, aside from the passion, Nik also converged his seemingly unending l.u.s.t into Elizabeth's consciousness, making her spasm slightly as her body heated up at a breakneck speed. Meanwhile, Shizuka looked at the duo with a slightly uncomfortable expression. She didn't want to just stand here and witness their kiss. No.

She wanted to take part in it!

As if understanding Shizuka's plight, Nik broke the kiss, leaving Elizabeth hot and panting in her own desire as her previous pangs of envy transformed into a blaze of l.u.s.t that threatened to consume her entire being. Finally, she now understood that the most dangerous thing about Nik wasn't his seemingly casual nature to life and its concept, no.

It was his unending libido that bordered far away from the norms of regular mortals.

On the other hand, Nik finally started to produce his treasures after he took out Sayako's most favored camera, an item Sayako gifted him to capture unusual memories with followed by a few items that went well with latex lingerie.

Meanwhile, he also shared the use and the general know-how of the camera with Shizuka, making her eyes gleam with anticipation when she looked at a particular item formed of gradually downsized black beads with a loop connected to the thickest end.

"I never thought I would have to use them so quickly." Nik opened up with an indignant expression as he produced a thin sheet to place the item on the ground. Finally, he looked up and smiled at Elizabeth. His reason for glee was twofold.

First, he would certainly enjoy disciplining the cultivator of war.

Second, he felt the audience approaching the area.


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