Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 255

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 255 A Hole Plugged

The feeling of rubber-like lingerie digging into her supple body was uncomfortable at best. But then, maybe Nik wasn't particularly focusing on her comfort after what she had done out of spite and slowly yet gradually building up frustration. With a black garter running down the curves of her butt cheeks and thighs to keep the stockings up while a tasteful leather corset covered her torso only to leave her b.r.e.a.s.ts bare and cold, Elizabeth dutifully leaned over on a tree, willingly accentuating her h.i.p.s to make her dripping cunt present more delicious and enticing while the tilt of her face to expose ger needful expression and a violent, l.u.s.tful tinge in her icy blue hues allowing Nik to understand that this was no punishment for Elizabeth.

Right here, without any comfort and the warmth of a hearth, Elizabeth managed to pull her tension at the right level to enjoy the experience completely.

This punishment, he meant.

"We are ready to go!"

Shizuka grinned wildly. F.u.c.k.i.n.g was now normal to her. Eat, sleep and f.u.c.k.

How hard could this lifestyle ever get?

But recording her master getting destroyed in such a wild outfit was new and fresh to Shizuka. An experience she was willing to give a try. Who knows, maybe she might just enjoy waiting in the sidelines.

"Alright." Nik nodded at Shizuka's words.

In his eyes, they were basically shooting a p.o.r.no movie. And from his experience of watching p.o.r.n for two months in his current homeworld and living it in his previous homeworld for more than seventeen years made one thing clear to the Incubus.

The better the direction of p.o.r.n, the less gross will the final product look like.

Basically, from his experience in multiple recording escorts, the one giving the service is likely to have more screen time. But aware that his own charisma might just cast a shadow at Elizabeth's punishment, Nik made a somber decision of letting Elizabeth become the star of his very first movie of the future private collection.

With all the required pieces of equipment to prepare for an amateur shoot prepared, Nik finally trailed his index over the ridiculously thick, bead-variation of the anal plug he had taken out of his treasure while his gaze remained locked with Elizabeth's, whose body shook in anticipation.

Shame, pain and humiliation.

In this peculiar moment, Elizabeth was willing to bear it all. She deserved it!

Her naughty and selfish body deserved it.

To match Elizabeth's illicit clothing, Nik had made a few alterations to his own costume to get into the feel. With his usual sky blue haori draping over his bare body, Nik's erect p.e.n.i.s remained a sight to relish. For a moment, Shizuka did zoom into Nik's crotch even when it wasn't required to, just to burn the image of the thick, veiny shaft that plowed her into deep and fulfilling sleep on multiple occasions.

Closing the distance between Elizabeth, Nik pressed her right butt cheek firmly. Squeezing it tightly while enjoying the soft, relieved sigh escaping from her plump lips as she enjoyed the slightly uncomfortable sensation of her puffy a.r.e.o.l.as and n.i.p.p.l.es pushing against the bark of the tree. Finally, after reassessing the quality of her butt- which was of course, heavenly- Nik gripped on the anal plug from its thick, rear end and rubbed the narrow end against her anus, probing the sweet pink hole that seemed to be clenching down whenever the black round bead touched the entrance.

'Now, now. No need to feel embarrassed.'

Nik's whisper rang in Elizabeth's consciousness as she felt the dastardly bead forcing past her defenses, finally pushing open her entrance as her cunt squirted mildly by the cold sensation of the bead. Her palms pushed harder against the bark of the tree, forming slight cracks on the surface of the poor wholesome provider of human beings.

As the probing of Elizabeth's butt commenced, Shizuka, on the other hand, lowered her black pants and gingerly rubbed against her thin, plain fabric that covered her cunt. Soaked as the fabric may already be, Shizuka didn't stop herself from spreading her labia right through her panty while enjoying the trembling sensation of her own body with her legs slightly bent to support her back to lean on one of the trees present. Her lips pursed together as she continued to gaze upon the scene of her master's- a motherly figure to her- anus stretched as the third bead finally found its sweet spot into her butthole.


Elizabeth grunted as she couldn't help but try to pull away, only to get her fleshy mounds pushed against the rough surface of the bark while the cute frown on her perfectly symmetrical face only served to titillate Nik's desire to thoroughly ruin Elizabeth's a-hole.

'Three done, seven to go.'

Nik's whispers remained as a pillar of support for Elizabeth, who could only flounder internally at the thought of the particularly gigantic bead going into her anus and plugging her hold shut. But the thought extended towards the feeling her body would experience when Nik would finally unplug her butt, making Elizabeth shiver in anticipation.

With one hand gradually pushing the butt plug into Elizabeth's asshole while the other hand masterfully stroking the dirty clit attached to the soaking cunt that would occasionally gape in anticipation to welcome the erect rod that remained extremely far away, Nik finally started to feel the moment. His own thoughts revolved around the cunt and the surlily m.o.a.ning mouth, wanting nothing else to plunge his rod deep into each of the hole and filling them full with his seed until her body couldn't hold anymore.

But he couldn't.

This was a punishment for Elizabeth.


Finally, Elizabeth's groan bordered towards a pained yelp, making Nik sigh as he continued whispering into her consciousness.

'Bear through it. Believe me, this pains me more than you.'

Nik leaned forwards and gently kissed Elizabeth's bare shoulder while utilizing his hamon-infused pheromone tendrils to gradually ease the tension of her body. Finally, after supporting Elizabeth with her free hand coiling around her waist and turning her body to face the camera while pushing the last bead roughly, Nik rubbed his c.o.c.k against her butt cheek while his hand free from the anal plug moved up to Elizabeth's b.r.e.a.s.ts, squeezing her left tit in glee while the hand on her waist gradually lowered to her cunt.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, pushed her rear against Nik's exposed crotch as her muscles clenched against the beads that filled her ass to the brim. Her upper body arched while she tried to pull the remaining dregs of her strength in her legs to support her body up for just a few moments. Her arms loosed coiled around the back of Nik's head while the tilt of her head revealed her plump lips, begging to be sealed just like her ass, only to be disappointed as Elizabeth could make out a sly smirk on Nik's lips from the corner of her eyes that made his intentions all too clear.

As if affirming to Elizabeth's conjecture, Nik simply pushed his h.i.p.s against Elizabeth's butt, letting his searing c.o.c.k dig into her butt cheeks but never made any move to fill her up and stretch the walls of her cunt to its limits- just the way she enjoyed it.

'Hey! It's not fair!'

Elizabeth finally raised her voice in Nik's consciousness, making his smile go wider as he undid the lace on the back of her corset, instantly leaving her entire body bare while his left palm pinched onto her clit and his right palm pushed against her right b.r.e.a.s.t while tugging onto her left b.r.e.a.s.t.

'Of course, it's not fair, honey.'

Nik whispered gently before controlling the earth element withing his body to restrict Elizabeth's legs till her calves with an earthen lock, covering most of her stocking while leaving the tantalizing garter belt around her waist untouched.

'Now, then.'

Nik grinned and let go of Elizabeth's body, pushing her forward. But before she could fall on her head with her butt sticking up in its place, Nik caught Elizabeth's left arm with his own left and let his right index finger coil around the hook of the buttplug sticking out from the thickest rear bead that had already sunk into Elizabeth's anus.

"We need to make sure that you are properly accommodating your punishment."

Nik spoke loudly and then connected with Shizuka, who kept her gaze locked onto her master's cunt while pleasing her own with her butt already on the ground and a small puddle of clear liquid right in front of her exposed cunt.

'Sorry to break your streak darling, but can you fetch Kanao from the bushes?'

His words served to bring Shizuka back to her senses slightly and allowing her Hamon to spread, a technique only available to the lazy buxom, Shizuka soon discovered another source of potent Hamon right behind the bushes surrounding the area.

With a distressed sigh, Shizuka removed her pants completely, allowing her better mobility as she gained control of her condition, reluctantly overcoming her l.u.s.t with a torrent of pure Hamon and finally stood up with her drenched inner thighs squeezing together.


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