Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 256

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 256 Nezuko A Woman Lurer

Kanao's petite bosom rose and fell significantly as she breathed heavily while letting her eyes feast on Elizabeth's plight with her palms clenching on the hem of her skirt, afraid to lose control of her two upper limbs even for a second. Unknowingly, due to the rush of blood, her body sweated at a quicker pace while her pale cheeks flushed slightly.

"Haa! Haa!"

A mere gulp to swallow the lump of rapidly forming saliva due to the enticing scent in the air broke the series of heavy breathing as her purple-colored pupils focused on Elizabeth's lewd and e.r.o.t.i.c face.

Unlike others- including pillars and cultivators- Kanao came into this world with an inherent physical talent to see better. Her vision could capture details that could elude even the most observant of the pillars and right now, that very talent allowed the sneaky girl to enjoy the view with ease.

Her eyes could follow the bridge of saliva that connected Elizabeth's lower and upper lips as her tear stricken face showed sincere pleasure. Despite all the physical pointers on Elizabeth's face, any woman could give it a single look to understand that her current position wasn't plight and her cries weren't filled with helplessness.

Pure enjoyment.

Every single tremble and shiver of Elizabeth's body sang in blissful pleasure.

Where was Nezuko?

Kanao didn't know and honestly, she couldn't care less at the moment.

"Enjoying the show, Kanao? Why don't I guide you to the front seat?"

Shizuka's whisper rang right next to Kanao's ear accompanied by a lingering breath of hot and passionate sigh, making Kanao's eyes widen. Her first reaction was not to move but to focus her attention on the tree that Shizuka was leaning over to.

She wasn't there!

Instantly, Kanao's body tensed and her legs flew in motion for a flip kick only to feel the ground slipping from her foot as Shizuka hugged Kanao and picked her up from the ground, pushing her face into her exposed cleavage while letting her fingers trail over at Kanao's plump and soft butt.

"Don't be hasty, now," Shizuka cooed softly, her whisper having a melting effect on Kanao as tendrils of Hamon erupted from Shizuka and covered every single inch of Kanao's body, easing the little girl's tense muscles while also making her feel hotter than she already was.

"You want to see it, don't you?" Shizuka continued while trailing her fingers up to Kanao's h.i.p.s, twirling her index over at the points that probably housed the dimples of her butt cheeks while moving towards the main event with slow steps that made her b.r.e.a.s.t clomp around cheeks.

While Kanao did feel her stomach flutter in embarrassment, she wasn't nearly as strong as Shizuka and she didn't know what to say. Never being the person to speak her mind out, not until her late mentor- Kanae Kocho- asked her to, Kanao could only helplessly get dragged towards the clearing where Nik continued moving the buttplug in and out of Elizabeth's anus in a gradually increasing pace while Elizabeth groaned wildly, her loud cries sending shivers run down Kanao's spine.

"Oohhhh! St- aanghh! Stap!"

Elizabeth groaned as Nik pushed the last and the thickest bead right into Elizabeth's anus once again, stretching her anal muscles while her cunt finally let out a stream of nectar that impacted squarely on Nik's erect shaft.

Finally, as Shizuka let the dazed Kanao down right in front of the open-mouthed Elizabeth with he saliva dripping down from her chin on the ground while her pupils were already reaching the roof of her eyes. Elizabeth's thighs trembled continuously while her calves remained under the restriction of calf-length earthen locks. But, as if unsatisfied by the satisfaction behind the groan and orgasm, Nik smiled maliciously, his fingers that locked onto the loop of the buttplug sparkled in a bout of purple electricity.

After hours of testing with the lightning gained from Pavaka and Azula, Nik had already noted that Pavaka's lightning couldn't harm even a bug. Unlike the destructive lightning that would generate heat and electricity, Pavaka's lightning was an anomaly that would produce a type of energy that would only leave a warm 'aftertaste'.

So, under Shizuka's and Kanao's astonished eyes, purity lightning broke free from Nik's fingers and passed through the buttplug, immediately eliciting a loud yelp from Elizabeth's sore mouth as her butt instantly clenched tightly around the butt plug while her p.u.s.s.y let loose another squirt of satisfied approval.

'No more!'

Elizabeth cooed docilely in Nik's consciousness and finally satisfied by the tone, Nik inquired as gently as he could, 'Are you sorry?'

'Yes! Yes, I won't I'

Elizabeth stammered. On one hand, with her body turned into an image of debauchery right in front of an innocent girl really embarrassed her, Elizabeth also enjoyed such rough treatment. Nay, she was starting to enjoy it. And how could Nik not remain privy to her thoughts?

'Train them as you may,' Nik whispered while letting go of the loop of her buttplug and pulling Elizabeth back with his palm finding its way over Elizabeth's smooth neck, 'Just don't let your spite come in way of your decisions and of course, no need to train to the death, got it?

Of course, you can still be my naughty darling

And I'll treat you accordingly.'

As if satisfied by Nik's arrangement, Elizabeth said no more while she just nuzzled her head against Nik's neck as he finally aligned his c.o.c.k against Elizabeth's drenched opening. At this particular moment, Elizabeth did not care that she was exposed to Kanao. For all she knew, she might just have multiple threesome sessions with Kanao beside her in the near future.

'We don't need to use the safe word, now, do we?'

Nik questioned as he had already crowned the fruit pineapple as his safe word whenever things grew slightly out of hand but a slight wiggle of Elizabeth's butt and her panting whisper grazing into his consciousness pointed out to her refusal.

Nik kind of felt bad for his safe word since it wasn't used that often, but

Well, no point crying crocodile tears.

With a single stroke, Nik easily slipped into Elizabeth's soaked cunt, stretching her entrance and pushing past her inner walls to firmly strike against her cervix. A futile fleshy resistance only made way for a loud m.o.a.n as Nik pulled himself slightly and sunk deep once again, pumping his c.o.c.k deep into Elizabeth's w.o.m.b, finally finding his natural sweet spot as a slight bump on Elizabeth's smooth crotch exposed to Shizuka and Kanao spread the news Finally plowed!

For the first time in her life, Kanao felt slightly awkward as she averted her gaze with her palms clenching on the hem of her skirt tightly as she felt Shizuka's dastardly hands roaming down her body as the buxom healer knelt behind her while filling her ears with hot and desperate m.o.a.ns that made Kanao's heartbeat rush past the limits of any normal human being.

Of course, she didn't raise her voice to resist Shizuka was a comfortable person to be hugged by


Elizabeth's tongue lolled out, her neck gripped firmly and her large b.r.e.a.s.ts dangling and jiggling as Nik roughly handled her naughty and desiring cunt in an admirable manner as she arched her back to give a tantalizing view to her passionate man. With each thrust, her anal muscles would contract wildly while her cunt would welcome Nik's c.o.c.k with reckless glee, her juices running down her thighs and watering the earthen locks around her calves.

The squelching sound of a wet p.u.s.s.y getting f.u.c.k.i.e.d rang in the forest accompanied with loud groans of pleasure as Nik grunted softly whenever Elizabeth's cervix contracted around his shaft. His fingers finally coiled around the loop of the buttplug embedded deep within Elizabeth's anus and he finally started moving it again. Instantly, Elizabeth's eyes widened while Nik's consciousness was filled with pleas of the 'Pineapple'!

Looks like Elizabeth needed to use the safe word after all.

But could Nik stop?

Of course, not.

The safe word was nothing but a mere word! How could a word stop him of the cervix couldn't?!

As Elizabeth orgasmed into a reckless abandon, Nik's c.o.c.k finally swelled up in preparation of ending the reign of a spiteful Elizabeth to give way for a whole new Elizabeth!

In front of Kanao's and Shizuka's eyes, the slight bump marring Elizabeth's crotch grew a little bulgier as Nik finally pumped his seed deep into her w.o.m.b, making sure that he really doesn't i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e her through the use of his inherent skill [Baby Hater]



Rei groaned softly before sitting up, her eyes wandered around for a while before stopping on the silent Nezuko, who, in return, matched Rei's confused gaze before pointing in the direction that led to the debauched scene of Elizabeth's depraved defeat with an innocent smile on her face.

"Nau...ghty there"

Nezuko replied with her canines exposed, portraying her as the very picture of innocence only to receive a doubtful glare from the orange-haired demon slayer. After all, she had kind of lost her consciousness after falling again only to see Nezuko returning without Kanao.

"Where is Nik? And what about Kanao?"

As if understanding Rei's words, Nezuko pointed in the same direction once again.

"Nik naughty"

Nezuko smiled beautifully before turning on her heels and jogging into the forest.

"Hey! Wait!"

Rei yelled and instantly stood up, this time, fighting off her head rush for following Nezuko might just answer her questions.


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