Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 257

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 257 Rei's Calculations

Rei did what Kanao couldn't.

Speaking her mind out, that is.

"What the hell are you doing?!!"

Rei inquired while covering Nezuko's already 'a.d.u.l.terous' gaze. From the unconscious and n.a.k.e.d Elizabeth with her body dr.a.p.ed by a sky blue haori, Rei's gaze moved towards Shizuka, whose calves were clamped by earthen locks as her gigantic and wonderful b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled, her body soaked in sweat and her face filled with bliss as Nik rode her ass reckless abandon. Each of his stroke sending her butt jiggling in pleasure and her cunt gaping in desperate begs.

Finally, Rei looked at the dazed Kanao, who still chewed on the hem of her top while her hands were still frozen on her perky and petite b.r.e.a.s.ts topped with wonderful, soft pink nippples. Of course, she was the only one who focused on Rei's indignant yell.

Nik was busy f.u.c.k.i.n.g, Shizuka was busy getting f.u.c.k.i.e.d, Elizabeth was busy digesting the f.u.c.k and Nezuko was busy watching the f.u.c.k.

"What is wrong with you two?!"

Rei screamed again before stomping her foot and pulling Nezuko away from the scene. Of course, Nezuko did not resist Rei's touch. She had already seen Nik pushing his rod in and out of others and to her, the entire act seemed rather tasteless. Could s.e.x fill someone's stomach?

If it couldn't, Nezuko wasn't interested in the act.

With a crimson hue masking her face, Kanao quickly dressed into decency, her mind, which had been partially corrupted by Shizuka's touches and partially by Nik's overwhelming idle Pheromones infused with Hamon.

Silently, she left the l.u.s.tfully groaning couple, but not before eyeing them for a full minute.


"God! I can't believe it!"

Rei returned to the area that Nezuko valiantly protected from rabbits and squirrels before sitting down cross-legged, finally letting go of Nezuko's hand.

"To even think that beast can have any for of decency was a stupid thing to believe in!"

Rei's voice switched from indignant yell to sour mumbles instantly with a hint of envy buried deep into her tone as her body still seemed to be reacting to the scent that almost made her crouch down and feel herself up, just like Kanao did.

"First, Master Kyojuro turns gay and now Nik has just too many women around him! It's not fair!"

Rei grumbled to herself. A young and active girl like her did take a shine upon her master, the person who taught her how to use the breathing form and how to defend herself. A person full of warmth and passion that made others feel as secure as a baby in a mother's embrace and yet this delusion didn't grace Rei for long since the arrival of a particular silver-haired, neutral-gender boy shattered her dreams of a happy future with Kyojuro.

What kind of a sick play is it to expose yourself while taking part in such a passionate and illicit activities, not to mention that the person on the receiving end of Kyojuro's passion was none other than the silver-haired boy who was also seen alongside Nik during his visit to the Butterfly Estate.

They both knew each other. The relationship between the two did raise numbers of flags within Rei's mind but Nik's extremely open nature to pursue woman did allow Rei to breathe a sigh of relief.

But still, just like Ray, Nik now ended up being marked as a voyeur well, Nik remained completely oblivious to her and Kanao's presence, and she wasn't particularly hidden, so Nik might not just be a voyeur.

But that didn't give him the right to f.u.c.k in such a open area!


Rei frowned and pondered hard.

'Is there a law that restricts public s.e.x.u.a.l activities?'

Her index reached up to her chin as she grew oblivious to the fact that Nezuko had once again slipped away under the hesitant gaze of Kanao.

'There doesn't seem to be one'

Rei realized in a stupor.

'Damn it!'

Cursing at the ill-prepared laws of the equally rumoured womaniser of a Shogun, Rei took a deep breath to reign in her emotions and started to ponder on the entire situation with a more mature and 'big-picture' approach.

To her, it was already a known fact that Nik's appetite for s.e.x is something unquenchable by a single woman, hence, a slowly increasing number of girls.

But, aside from his usual attitude and well-known l.u.s.t, Nik did manage to remain quite a mystery.

From Kyojuro's idle chats, she knew that Brian happened to be a misfortune heir of a village owner whose entire fortune and loved ones got decimated by a demon. Meanwhile, at the time of the incident, Brian and his childhood friend, aka, servant's child Nik, went off to a short trip into the woods for undisclosed reasons.

While Brian's and Nik's survival did present itself to be as an extremely convenient fortune, a fortune that she herself alongside many young demon slayers are blessed with, there was a particular vibe in between Brian and Nik. Neither did they communicate as master and servant or close childhood friends.

The reason for this peculiar situation was once again undisclosed.


Rei sighed deeply and looked around, instantly finding a recent deduction from the group.

Oh, Nezuko isn't around


Instantly standing up, Rei rushed towards the debauched clearings to get back Nezuko. Nezuko was just an innocent

When Rei thought about Nezuko, she realised, she couldn't be that innocent. She is living with Nik for god's sake!

But still, she followed back towards the area where Shizuka enjoyed her non-pineapple session as Kanao finally stood up and silently followed Rei.

Who knows Rei might need her help right?


With the pillar of snake, stee, insect, love and war alongside the Cultivator of War guarding the entourage to the village, a few pillars were designated to defend the other entourage moving towards the mountains filled with the wisteria blossoms. Of course, by now, the myriad unbanned officials had already retreated into the upper section of the wisteria blossoms, completely cut-off from the society. But that didn't mean that the bad eggs remaining within the capital didn't have any preparations.

The Yami Clan was already hosting the Shogun while inviting the other officials into the mansion for an entire week. Kozuko Yami, the head of the clan personally stated that he had hired a total of three pillars that were already disappointed from the corps and wished to work for him and protect the citizens of the state that truly mattered.

On that particular day, the gates of the Yami Clan were flooded with every single corrupt official.


"Where did Aoi go?"

Nik inquired with Elizabeth leaning on his right shoulder and Shizuka leaning over on his left one with his arms coiled around their waists. His appearance instantly made the recently awoken Saya hiss in indignation while Kanao turned bright red.

Rei, on the other hand, observed Nik silently. Her previous anger seemed to have receded quite a bit, replaced by a healthy dose of curiosity.

"That was unfair, master."

Saeko stretched her arms and stood up before placing her hands on her h.i.p.s and bending her torso back to stretch her waist. Shigure, on the other hand, didn't seem to be, too, affected by the whole situation.

"Aoi went away"

Shigure replied with her gaze matching Nik and a hint of smile touching her lips, her voice finally grazing his consciousness.

'I grew stronger'

'I know that.' Nik finally let go of Elizabeth and Shizuka. His steps bringing him towards the Saeko-Shigure duo as his smile broadened. But the two knew better. After Rei explained the whole situation, they understood that Nik's treatment wasn't his usual one.

It was a punishment.


'I am not unhappy with you two'

With his mind already connected to the two, Nik could easily enlighten himself about their thoughts as he continued, 'Training getting stronger these aren't the things that I can restrict.

You are living beings, after all.'

Kneeling on one leg, Nik leaned forward and brought Shigure into a deep hug, a move that startled everyone.

'Don't feel that weirded out I'm just glad that you two are safe.'

Nik grinned and stood up, bringing Saeko to a similar embrace before turning on his heels.

But even when a smile remained on his face, Shizuka and Saya couldn't help but frown. Even the usually dense Rei who had just started observing Nik found a slight peculiarity.

"I think that we should leave you three alone." Shizuka's sudden words took Elizabeth by surprise as she gazed at Shigure and Saeko before gazing back at Nik.

"Oh, come on I don't think that's necessary."

Nik shrugged and looked at the duo behind him before shaking his head with an easygoing smile.

But not willing to gear Nik's words, Shizuka looked at Saya, Rei and Kanao.

"Master, I think that village would already be in a decent shape do you want to join me for a late evening snack? You guys, too?"

Shizuka inquired with a smile and the others nodded naturally.

Before he knew it, Nik was already left alone with Shigure and Saeko and maybe Shizuka was right. If he didn't have some stuff to say, he might have refused the notion to spend a brief moment with the two alone.

"I we Just got carried away, you know"

Saeko began while looking at Shigure.

"Shigure, the muscles of your calves are in a brutal shape. Even after treating you, it will require a little bit of time to get back to full recovery.

The same is true for your left arm, Saeko."

Nik pointed out as he turned to face them, his face no longer holding a smile, "I just checked your conditions when I embraced you"

"It grew out of hand"

Shigure nodded before a smile returned on her face.

"But we got stro"

"Stronger? More Skillful?"

Nik sneered and continued, "Sorry, I know this is extremely selfish of me, but I would have never endangered my life to get stronger not knowingly, at the very least."

Before Saeko could speak up, Nik continued, "I know, you two think that the situation just happened.

All of this just happened.

But don't I know that you two willingly trained to this extent? Do you think so little of me to remain oblivious to both of your nature?"

Nik frowned as Saeko finally spoke up, "We are sorry, alright. We mean it!"

"No, you don't." Nik's voice finally touched the tone he was truly feeling, "If given the opportunity to grow stronger at the expense of your life, I know that I would reject and I also know that you two would take it!

In a heartbeat!"

Saeko snarled in return, "Then what are we supposed to do? Not get stronger?!"

"Not at the expense of your life, at least."

As Nik and Saeko's mood grew more heated, Shigure finally cut in calmly.

"Iam sorry

I never took your feelings into account earlier"

As the duo faced Shigure, the Kunoichi continued calmly, "I would hate to see you get hurt

Maybe the same is true for you when it comes to us"

Her words finally made Saeko realize her own blunder while Nik also reproached himself for his sudden outburst.

"Maybe it wasn't entirely your fault"

"No, it was." Saeko nodded while Nik looked at the duo silently before shrugging.

"Yeah, probably."

"Hey! A little consolation to the injured, please!"

Saeko smacked Nik's arm with her right hand as she sat down and looked at Nik with a slightly expectant expression that seemed to be matching the glimmer in Shigure's eyes.


Nik inquired as he gazed at the duo.

"Give us a ride back to the village."

The two spoke simultaneously.

Nik thought for a while before his eyes glowed in enlightenment.

Instantly, he mobilised the strands of gravity he was used to manipulate. But this time around, these strands emerged from his own pool of elemental energy. Revolving them around Shigure's and Saeko's body, Nik tempered with the gravitational force around the duo, making them extremely 'slightly' lighter and the effects were instant.

With but a mere hold, Nik could easily support the duo without exhausting himself and while he did have enough strength to carry the two of them, it would have been a hassle to do it without actually impacting on their injuries.


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