Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 258

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 258 One Last Meal Together

Even though the things seemed to have calmed down between Saeko, Shigure and Nik, the Incubus knew better. While he was brought up as a prim and proper escort, the two of them were purebred warriors. Their mentality, their virtues, their ambitions were far away from Nik's.

If faced with a road that led to glory with his own blood as the foundation and another road that led to mediocrity that thrived on his joys, he would easily choose the latter.

There was no way he could change that particular thing about himself. If he could, he would have never promised Mitsuko that he would try and stay away from danger.

Sure, he is relatively indifferent about the life and death of strangers, but that didn't mean that he didn't consider the life of his own and his loved ones' serious. As carefree as he might have portrayed himself to be, there were triggers hidden beneath his mentality that would often lead to an undesirable, cowardly side of him.

"Are you alright?"

Saeko inquired with her left eyebrow tilting up and her lips still parted as her gaze remained on the spoonful of soup in the hold of Nik's index and thumb. His chair remained in between the beds that hosted Shigure's and Saeko's injured bodies. With Shigure to his left and Saeko to his right. Their bodies covered by a light green yukata with the lower half of yukata exposing their smooth and plump thighs, their straight torsos alongside the loose belt made the view to feed the two girls as a special treatment all the more tantalizing.

Of course, in their current condition, exposing their physique to the burden of his rough handling wasn't the sanest approach.

"Yeah, just thinking over some stuff." Nik smiled and blew over the spoon of soup, the scent of freshly diced garlic seemed to have permeated in the surrounding.


Opening her mouth wide as the spoon approached, Saeko happily drank the soup.


Nik suddenly sighed before letting go of the spoon into the bowl and placing the bowl near the corner of the bed.

"Wait what about my turn?"

Shigure inquired as Nik faced her and let his hand fall on her cheeks, squishing them together while a smile touched his lips.

"Here it is."

His other hand pulled the right corner of her haori down, revealing her perky b.r.e.a.s.t with her n.i.p.p.l.e already erect as she continued matching Nik's gaze with a hidden glimmer, her thoughts unknown.

His Hamon induced Pheromones instantly filled the room, turning Shigure's home into his domain offer l.u.s.t as he utilized his [Pheromone Illusion] to turn the ordinary room into a practical paradise of nature with the duo sitting up on an extremely comfortable and firm construct of cotton instead of their usual bed while the scent of his Pheromones seemed to have transformed into a subtle fragrance of lilies that covered the floors.

"I hated the fact that I let you two be so selfish."

Nik opened up.

"It was our choice."

Saeko countered, her expression as impassive as Shigure.

Instead of preaching like a little bitch with his feelings hurt like the previous time, Nik smiled, baring his teeth.

"Yeah I think I am going to ignore your thoughts this time and focus on mine."

He replied nonchalantly and scooched into bed with Shigure. No matter what he had planned for the duo, the fact remained that Shigure's legs were still in a delicate situation. So, his arm moving towards Shigure's plump thighs crackled with violet lightning.

Though the miraculous energy left by the purity lightning could heal wounds better than Hamon, the pain was very real.


Shigure instantly scrunched up her face with a single tear unwittingly emerging from the corner of her left eye while the intense surge of pleasure and pain wreaked her body simultaneously. That alongside the guiding force of his own [Pheromone Illusion] allowed Nik to administer the physical urge to orgasm yet the very refusal of her cunt in an absolutely wonderful manner.

Seeing Shigure's flushed face with her eyes glimmering in wondrous l.u.s.t yet her lips bitten in pain, Saeko couldn't help but gulp.

"Of course, I won't leave your partner idle."

Nik replied somberly and his entire body crackled with purity lightning. It didn't take long before the same feeling was administered upon Saeko. The feeling of pain and pleasure mingling together within her body was akin to an addiction to the purebred warrior as her body trembled continuously, her sensuality reaching the peak of her current capacity yet her body denying the orgasm that Saeko knew she deserved it,

Even with their lips bitten, sensual m.o.a.ns trickled out from their sweet lips as their bodies spasmed uncontrollably. Although their snatch was already moist beyond comparison, they simply couldn't c.u.m! The duo understood that this was probably the handiwork of Nik, the orgasm denial, that is.


"And this is one of my specialties- a deep soy wine."

Mitsuri smiled and placed a tray accommodating a rather moderate vat covered with thin clothe alongside the multiple mouth-watering dishes. Meat, bread and even a spicy porridge as a side dish! With her specialty being the cooking of foreign dishes, mitsuri did amaze everyone on the table. A circular table to be precise, large enough to accommodate dozens. With Nik surrounded by a disgruntled Shigure and Saeko followed by Elizabeth, Shinobu, Yuriko and Shizuka, Nik boasted a hefty amount of attention from the clueless demon slayers and the swordsmith villagers who had forgotten about their last night's deed entirely. Mitsuri gingerly took her seat on the empty chair beside Shizuka.

With the sun already gracing its brightness to the other hemisphere of the planet, Yuriko could casually saunter about in the village. Of course, Nik and his partners weren't the only ones to grace their presence in public.

With an equally formidable legion of men and boys, Ray sat exactly opposite to Nik with Tanjiro, Zenitsu, a bare-faced Inosuke, Ibunai and Nezuko towards his side. Of course, Nezuko still focused on Nik. After all, as delicious as the food might be, it didn't suit the diet of a demon. An emotion only Yuriko could share. But that wasn't all. Alongside Brian sitting in between the entourage brought by his vice-guild masters, he shared a similar uncomfortable expression as Saya, Rei, Aoi and Kanao, who occupied the opposite quarter of the table from Brian.

"It smells delicious." Ray smiled as he leaned forward with his cute little nose twitching when Mitsuri coughed gently and smiled, "There is still another surprise"

She stood up from her chair and gave a look to one of the chefs working under her command in the open mess that was currently serving thew other demon slayers and continued, "From Nik, I have come to know that the blood of living beings can also be used as an ingredient.

And with Yuriko and Nezuko in our presence," The pinkette gestured towards the innocently blinking Nezuko and slightly curious Yuriko and then pointed at the tray brought in by one of the chefs, "I asked Nik for a spoonful of his blood. Now, as an Incubus, aside from the well-accepted fact that Nik's and Ray's blood boast aphrodisiac effect, I presume that it also tastes better than a regular human's blood."

While the confidence behind her speech did manage to surprise Shinobu, Yuriko was more interested in the covered plates placed in front of Nezuko and herself.

"So if you do enjoy the taste. Aside from Nik's blood, I won't be describing any more ingredients. Hope you like it."

Mitsuri finally sat down. The kitchen was her domain. An area hosting her passion. If she couldn't be confident around a kitchen, then it would be an insult to her skills as a chef.

As Tanjiro helped Nezuko pull out the plate that covered the dish that made Nezuko sniff around it loudly, Yuriko did the same with barely concealed anticipation and the moment she looked at the beautifully decorated meat with an enticing aroma, she couldn't help but gulp.


Brian couldn't help but whistle as he gazed at the carefully crafted meat in front of him, too, a reaction once again supported by everyone at the table.

"Awesome work, Mitsuri." Nik grinned and matched Mitsuri's pale green eyes that seemed to be wanting to know his true thoughts, "This food rocks!"

Finally satisfied with Nik's response, Mitsuri, alongside others dug in. The main thing to note was that Inosuke happened to be quite different from Nik had thought previously. Aside from stealing the side dishes from Tanjiro's plate, his face seemed entirely different from a boar's, as painted by his actions.

Zenitsu, on the other hand, had grown over his attraction and fondness of the female kind and gazed at the clearly godly male specimen in the dinner table tonight- Brian.

What's more?

He is still single!

Of course, his saliva dripped. Not for the food, though, making Ray smile in satisfaction.

"Hey, what happened to you two after that we could hear it outside."

Elizabeth inquired in whisper while gazing at her two disciples, whose swordsmanship had now officially reached the ranks of a master.


Saeko snapped with an indignant groan, stuffing herself with the spicy porridge while Shigure nodded calmly.

They both were expressing the truth!

Nothing happened! They didn't c.u.m, Nik didn't make a move and they both remained in need as their only source f outlet turned his back on them with a smug smile.

"Too bad" Elizabeth smiled brilliantly and hearing the brunette's words, Shizuka smiled in tandem.

"It's official!" Yuriko suddenly spoke up with her eyes as brilliant as the sun and a wide smile on her face, "I have finally tasted the best delicacy of my life!" Nezuko hummed in approval with an uncharacteristic flush on her face, a flush that could also be seen on Yuriko's cheeks.

Mitsuri smiled in victory while Saya couldn't help but feel weird by seeing her mom accompany someone other than her dad.

The dinner was as wholesome as it could be with Tanjiro cutting well-maintained pieces of meat for Nezuko while Brian shared his non-violent instances of the worlds he had been to, their traditions, foods and such. Of course, Ray did reaffirm her vow to bag a genuine dragon over the dinner table while Nik also described his first homeworld to the group. But judging from Shinobu's expression, he still seemed to have missed out a few details that simply weren't in the capacity of his knowledge.

As the dinner came to an end, with their partners already in the Harem or in the bed, the tri-fiends came to their usual meeting spot once again.

"Are you ready?"

Ray inquired with barely-veiled concern as he gazed at Nik and Brian. Truly, as a fortunate Earthling, Ray did not enjoy the act of killing. But from what he had gathered, bloodshed was already a part of Nik's and Brian's life. While Nik might not be an active murderer, his hands weren't unstained. And this indifference to bloodshed set the Temporal Fiend and the Incubus a little different from the Succubus.

Although Ray had already killed before, at least, in his case, they died out of too much happiness and pleasure coursing down the veins of his targets' c.o.c.ks.

"You sound weird when you are nervous. Squeaky, even."

Nik observed while Brian nodded.

"Hey, I am just worried because you are the last of your lineage and I have a thing for unique things."

If Ray still felt nervous, he let nothing transpire on his face as his smile soon emerged back.

"Anyway, I hope that you gain a massive amount of World Source in this particular reaping session." Ray shrugged as Nik smiled and looked at both of them.

"You both will stay here?"

Brian shook his head at Nik's inquiry.

"I'll leave tonight for my rank-up." He replied calmly, "A client at the verge of Rank-up posted a personal request to hire me as a protector."

"Do you think that it's a trap?" Nik inquired with a frown.

"I doubt it." Brian shook his head, "The client is actually a host of a highly valuable and endangered lineage- The Scaled Behemoth. Not to mention that the rewards are enticing enough."

Nik pondered for a moment before looking at Ray, "Did you know that you could get personal requests aside from the missions placed in the guild bulletin?"

"Yeah. Sucks to be you, huh."

Ray smiled and turned on his heels, "I'll be staying here. Still need to complete the current main quest. Be sure to return by tomorrow morning."

Nik nodded at Brian, making the temporal fiend speak up, "I now have a reason to believe that even the basic information regarding the system given to you was tempered with be sure to read the memory scrolls I sent you."

Nik nodded with a heavy heart. This wasn't even funny anymore. Clearly, Nirdai had some personal motives or his situation wouldn't have been so weird.


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