Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 259

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 259 Slaughter Gains

There was still a day before the time limit of his promise came to an end Orgy! He promised Shizuka a wonderful orgy and that shall be done. But for that to happen, many considerations would be needed to be cast aside. With an entire unaccompanied journey ahead, Nik had a lot of time to think through his actions. The ways to make the orgy more enjoyable, methods to make his training more efficient and even the methods to bypass the current problem of making his other partners push into a state of unconsciousness.

Of course, much of his consciousness was already preoccupied with his recent past actions. With his body moving towards the capital with an inhumane pace, the splitting wind of the cold night did allow Nik to think with clearer insight. But, in the end, he decided to drop it all. There was no point in dwelling in the things that could ruin his mood for the coming night as it had done in the day.

Right now, he had a single motive.

To execute every single influential member within the Yami Mansion constructed inside the Capital. Men, Women, kids

Well, kids don't hold any influence that could affect the state, so Nik crossed out a child from his list and then thought hard about the women within the mansion. While many of them may not have any influence at all, since this particular state was quite patriarchal in nature, Nik still decided to leave it on his instincts. If he sees a woman who may have influence, then he will definitely execute her, too.

'Oh, wait I can simply control their minds and separate influential from others.'

Nik realized and his mind gradually eased up. As he passed through the dark grassland, he finally decided to mobilize strands of the gravitational force around him. He didn't manipulate his own elemental energy, no. Instead, he integrated his gradually developed Gravity Bending to simply play with thin strands if gravity and develop his own control over the force.

Even now, his insights into handling the gravity were rudimentary. He could make things heavy or light, in essence, push or pull, but that was it. Neither could he find other possible applications of the strange power nor could he find ways to enhance his knowledge about the force. Sure, he could increase the stress on his body and flatten a few disastrous beings or manipulate multiple strands of the gravitational force around the body of his enemy to manipulate the strands of gravity to tear the enemy's body apart by pulling it from various sides at an extreme force in the same time.

But aside from killing, Nik didn't find any mundane use.

Manipulation of water, fire, wind and earth was already quite helpful in daily life. His innate skills such as [Pheromone Illusion] had already proved quite useful. He could even think of the applications of Lightning, Purity Lightning and Light element.

But what about Gravity?

Surely, it must have a few mundane uses, right?

So, aside from his consciousness occupied with methods to train and actually manipulating the gravitational force around him, Nik also dabbled in finding the mundane use of gravity bending.

Of course, his ability to utilize his thoughts aside from training with Gravity was quite an accomplishment already, but Nik still focused a better half of his consciousness on a seemingly impractical thought, just to keep him from growing dull of the journey ahead.


What took days for the domestic carriers to reach the swordsmith village, Nik covered the distance in a matter of hours, yet, his body remained as active as before, maybe a little tired- If he considered the toll on his mind and body as a whole.

Far from Nik had imagined, the capital remained well-lit, streets populated with relieved and cheerful citizens. A moment of pondering allowed Nik to understand that the major part of this world still wasn't known to the demonic side that Muzan controlled. They only knew of an extremely strong group of individuals known as demon slayers and now, those very individuals had departed from the capital alongside a better half of the officials residing within the capital, meanwhile, the remaining officials had holed themselves in their own mansion and the esteemed Yami Clan's residence.

So, how could they not rejoice?

With the higher level of the society leaving the capital in their own capable hands, how could ordinary citizens not relish this particular chance?

Even Nik's appearance in the formal uniform registered by corps failed to get registered by the citizens for one peculiar reason.

Most of the citizens, especially the youths, wore similar, homemade uniforms with wooden swords slung around their waist. Not minding the midnight festivities of the citizens, Nik made his way towards the Yami Mansion, an estate as regal-looking as any medieval architecture Nik had ever borne witness to.

Bypassing the guards with a simple snap of his finger to entice their consciousness into sleep using Mind Control, Nik entered the estate with light steps, his Pheromone Domain covering the entirety of the estate, detecting every single human present and taking a mild control of their mind through his Pheromones as his medium, making them gather in the main hall of the estate, the hall where Nik made acquaintance with the terrified Yami the other day.


"Sir, are you sure that you are the Shogun?"

Nik inquired with a gentle voice as he looked at the piss-soaked man in his late forties crawling back. Even though the slaughter around the Shogun had triggered some sort of resistance within the ruler's consciousness, the other half still remained under the control of Nik.

"Y-yes, I am!"

There remained an undeniable tinge of pride in the man's tone as he proclaimed his identity, as if obvious to the bloody corpse of his imperial wife lying right next to him.

As if his hands weren't centimetres deep into the pool of blood already.

"I see."

Nik smiled and peered into the deep grey hues of the man.

"Please, kill yourself."

[... killed. Host has received 8.8% World Root.

World Root 81.45%]

Considering that the world root would multiply his gains immensely, Nik could easily consider tonight's slaughter worth his trouble.

A familiar tone rang as Nik looked at the numbers with satisfaction. Actually, aside from the old maids, every single one held influence. Even the maids that secretly warmed the bed of many guests and the Patriarch of the Yami Clan himself.

Of course, the children of all the clans were asked to leave with the Demon Slayers once the corrupt officials begged to save their children's life, at least.

With his task completed and a massive amount of World Root gained, Nik walked away with equally light steps he entered the mansion with. Even though his actions may very well cause the state to collapse he couldn't care. After all, he won't be living here for more than two months longer. And with an apocalypse emerging in a matter of days, the chaos may very well prepare the astute individuals.


"Hey, look who's back."

Zenitsu's smiling face alongside his disrobed figure atop Obanai behind a few bushes wasn't the welcome Nik had expected. It was too much for his health and eyes. Of course, now, Obanai's incomparably ashamed expression made sure that he will stay away from Nik's business, but still

He shouldn't give into the temptation of bleaching his eyes and hurting his visual sensors, right?

Inexpressive and speechless, Nik also reproached himself for taking such a sneaky manner to enter into the village and promptly took the main path that led to the village, leaving the romping couple away.

But then, it struck his mind

Despite Obanai's temperament, he was on the receiving end

"You look gloomy? Did you find someone who wouldn't let you c.u.m?"

Saeko smirked, her ruddy cheeks and her unbandaged arm showing signs of miraculous recovery. Like usual, her long hair remained tied into a long ponytail with her figure covered in her uniform.

"Much like I have lost my will to c.u.m today"

Nik sighed as he communicated the scene back to Saeko, much to her surprise indeed.

"Well" Saeko began, "It isn't that different from a girl making out with another woman, right?"

Saeko inquired as the duo walked alongside each other.

"Maybe yeah or not. I'd rather avoid the whole topic." Nik shrugged and leaned to softly peck Saeko's lips.

"Allow me to apologize to you now." Nik began, "But I have to start the process of my evolution"

"How long will it take?" Saeko questioned as they reached towards the abode prepared for Nik, "I don't know. Ray and Brian have never experienced evolution. They were gifted with their bloodlines. But in the basic guide of the codex, it is stated that the spiritual evolution can be concluded in mere hours.

It is the physical aspect of evolution that requires time." Nik explained while pushing open the door.

"One more thing." Nik turned back. Since it was only dawn, there weren't that many souls awake in the village. Meeting up with Saeko was quite a coincidence, since he knew that she wasn't such a light sleeper.

"What were you doing up so early?"

Nik inquired as Saeko narrowed her eyes for a moment before replying, "Actually, there's a special puppet created by the village. It demonstrates the swordplay of the first breath user and I came back from a sparring match."

"You aren't sweating. And I don't think you could have left with such a graceful experience if that puppet really mimics the swordplay of the first user

Not to mention, you are a terrible liar."

Saeko's expression grew slightly embarrassed as she took a deep breath.

"I wanted to actually be the first person you see."

"Unfortunately, that ship has long sailed." Nik smiled.

"Yeah." Saeko sighed before she peered past Nik to gaze into the slightly opened door.

"I actually wanted to snatch you up for myself for a little 'me' time I didn't know that you were going to evolve."

"Oh." Nik nodded before pushing the door open, "Come in, then. Instead of the first one to snatch me up for the day, how about you become the first one to snatch me up right after I evolve?"

Hearing Nik's words, a sly smile formed over Saeko's lips as she nodded and walked into the house with her butt swaying. With straight pants covering her lower limbs, her ass looked peculiarly tight.


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