Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 260

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 260 Three Spirits

While Saeko made herself comfortable with multiple futons placed around her, Nik lied down on the mattress with a deep exhalation as he went through the process of Evolution described in one of the information providers handed out by Brian.

Closing his eyes, Nik mentally commanded the [Evolution Codex] to appear in front of him. Within the space that held his [Harem}, a grimoire suspended alongside the cubical object unfurled and vanished just to appear above Nik's head while a notification popped within Nik's consciousness.

[Do you wish to commence Evolution?]

[Alert: No higher-tier bloodline found. Commence using the lifeforce of the host?


Nik silently procured the vial of blood filled with Ray's blood and drained the contents, inducing the notification to blur for a moment before clearing up again, this time, it's contents different than before.

[Extreme-Tier genes detected. Orthodox Evolution Atlas detected in the codex.

Name: Infernal Seductress

Description: An orthodox evolution of Carnal Demoness recognized by the multiverse. The blood and flesh have an aphrodisiac and even the other fluids of the body are unnaturally tasteful to males and females. Boasting specialized skill-set in the field of formless energies.

Next Evolution: L.u.s.t Princess

Integration: 87%]

[Enough Extreme-Tier bloodline source detected. Commencing Evolution.]

Before Nik could ponder on slight facts gleaned from the information of Ray's bloodline, Nik's mind blanked as he found himself n.a.k.e.d in a familiar space. With his view divided by the distinctively divided world of crimson and violet, his left remained on the crimson ground while his right one on the violet-tinged ground.

But this time, he wasn't made to gaze at the empty world for a long time as two figures erupted in the corresponding-colored flames.

Once again, the figures of the duo remained blurry, but unlike before, there was a qualitative difference in their aura.

"Sigh finally, I thought we will remain locked forever. Good work, Nik." The fact that the crimson flame was able to identify didn't seem to surprise Nik as a disgruntled tone emerged from the violet flames following a soft sigh.

"Forget about the lock I was forced to recite such pathetic poetry just to create an aura of mysteriousness."

Alright, Nik admitted that he instantly found himself liking the slightly immature and sweet voice of the blurry figure consumed in Violet flames.

"Anyway." The crimson figure cut into the grumbles of her violet counterpart, "We should welcome you to your Spiritual World, Nik."

"Please, continue."

Nik nodded. There was no point in introductions. At least, he would want to witness how the duo looked before deciding on how he should treat them. But the duo did not share Nik's concerns.

"I am Lilith."

"And I am Asmodeus."

The Violet flame chimed in tandem.

"I am N-"

"We know! Come on, let's get to the best part already!"

The violet flame who identified herself as Asmodeus spoke up once again.

"Alright, alright who's the immature one now"

Lilith's sigh rang within the crimson side of the world.

"You cannot evolve." Lilith suddenly spoke up. "Not until you actually know who you are."

"Is this about the sealed memories?" Nik spoke up, his words finally silencing the duo as the flames seemed to be flickering unnaturally.

"You knew?"

Asmodeus inquired softly.

"Only an extremely dull incubus won't figure it out. My situation is the strangest one when compared to the recently emerged Succubus and Temporal Fiend. Even my memories are tempered with and

Weren't you two the ones that made Shinobu privy to my memories?"

"Well" Lilith began, "We felt good about her. Your memories aren't a joyride after all."

"Not that I need to know." Nik smiled and looked around, "And stop clinging about my past, will you?"

Strangely, he didn't feel that comfortable with his n.a.k.e.d body presented in front of two flame incarnations.

"No, you should learn about your true memories. Just command us. If you don't know who you truly were" Asmodeus' words carried a grave sense of urgency, unlike the cheerful sense she portrayed herself to be, only to get cut off by Nik.

"I am quite happy with who I am now. So, I would suggest that we don't bicker about that past that holds no meaning.

I am Nik Faran. A p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e personally trained by my own loving mother. I have a father whose only good karma was to bring me into this world. I am a model whore and many of my colleagues looked up to me.

I slipped on a banana peel and fell down a cliff after I left in search of the mysterious Incubus Society shortly after the death of my mother."

"It wasn't like that." Lilith spoke up.

"Of course. Maybe I killed my mother. Or maybe I was murdered by a peculiar fetish-loving customer before brought back to life. Maybe, in my memories, I knew my father or actually had a happy family.

Honestly, I don't give a rat's ass in the multiverse."

Nik explained calmly.

"And you two Lilith and Asmodeus, right? According to your words, you were 'locked' here. Never did you two suggest that you were sealed.

As if you two were forced into my body.

Finally, would you two care to explain that?"

Nik pointed behind them and while, as the incarnation of flames they projected themselves to be, they didn't need to turn. But the moment the duo sensed the scene behind them, the flames couldn't help but flicker anxiously.

After all, no longer was the sky divided into crimson and violet hues. But a deep purple covered all, allowing brilliant golden stars to shine.

"Didn't I say that you two cannot show yourself to Nik? Talk about ruining a surprise~"

A calm voice whispered through the entirety of this world. In a swirl of golden and purple, a ball of light erupted in between the triangle with Nik, Lilith and Asmodeus as its vertices.

"It's been a long overdue, this meeting that is."

The voice continued with a hint of amus.e.m.e.nt as Nik could feel every single thing, every single aspect of this world focusing on him.

"First of all, as you think, I will introduce myself when you are able to see my form. Is that alright with you?"

The mysterious figure inquired gently.

With a Nik's nod, the wisp of light continued, "Second, the only reason I let Shinobu into your previous, extinguished memories was due to her unnatural affinity with Dreams. Of course, poison is her forte, but the little darling screams of the illusionary concept."

With that, a clear picture was painted to Nik that the minute speckles of flame were not as grand as he had imagined them to be.

"Now, we both share each other's respect for not delving into your past memories. You don't want to see them and I don't want to create them for you again It's bothersome.

But, please take caution in your evolution. The path that shines the brightest in this situation may not be the most suitable choice."

As the words ended, Nik's vision suddenly shifted. His spiritual world was gone and now he stood over nothing. Even when Nik could feel a clear floor beneath his foot, he saw nothing. Surrounded by startling darkness, the only source of brightness remained the few twinkling stars that Nik's vision could observe.

From the back of his foot, formless ripples spread, blurring the starry sky underneath the transparent floor when suddenly, a small figure with a head full of continuous transforming kaleidoscope alongside fluttering wings and an equally n.a.k.e.d, yet miniature-ravishing body appeared in from of Nik.

Seeing the figure, Nik finally found his motivation to properly introduce himself. But before he could do so, a notification popped in front of him.

[Evolution Commenced.

Choose from the following:

Infernal Dominator

Infernal Prince

Other Lineage detected. Extrapolation commencing. Extrapolated bloodlines

L.u.s.t Derivative (Mutation)(Heavy changes to the current physical body.)

Host can also seek the guidance of the Evolution Spirit.]

Gazing at the options, Nik started to go through the basic description of the bloodlines.

[Name: Infernal Dominator

Description: An orthodox evolution of Carnal Demon recognized by the multiverse. Infernal dominators have a physique that favors women and grows highly poisonous to males. With the capability of physique taking precedence to their spiritual arts, Infernal Dominators grow slightly ill-tempered.

Integration: 81%

Next Evolution: L.u.s.t Breeder]

[Name: Infernal Prince

Description: An orthodox evolution of Carnal Demon recognized by the multiverse. Infernal Prince boasts a higher capability in the spiritual and ethereal aspects of the multiverse. With a more moderate physique that does not focus on genders, the Incubus prince keeps hold of their sane self.

Integration: 88%

Next Evolution: L.u.s.t Prince.]

[Name: L.u.s.t Derivative

Description: An abomination after a successful combination of the succubus and the incubus lineage. Boasting great physical and spiritual capabilities, the mass of flesh that the L.u.s.t Derivatives are, find their infamous strength from defiling beings of the multiverse and gaining control over the victim's soul. But, this mutated lineage is restricted by the multiverse itself.

Integration: 49%

Next Evolution:???]

Thinking for a moment while keeping the voice of the ball of light in his spiritual world within his mind, Nik opted to take a look at what the so-called Evolution Spirit had to offer.

The moment Nik willed the system, the fluttering figure's eyes finally opened, revealing glowing, pupilless eyes while her words echoed in the starry space.

"This is the space of your Spiritual Evolution." Her monotone voice rang, "Before we begin, I am obligated to explain the process of evolution. With continuous theories and experiments of evolution, the Paradise Project has opted for a universal method to provide for an efficient evolution. Each host is to go through the evolution of their spirit before the bloodline energy within their system will be purified with the help of the Codex to create a Neutral Gene."

Nik knew of the neutral gene. But he still didn't interrupt the mysterious entity as she continued, "The Neutral Gene will then follow the lead of the Spiritual Evolution. Please take note that the Neutral Gene is not entirely a physical entity. The needs and requirements of the Neutral Gene to facilitate the Physical Evolution may differ based on the lineage.

Do you have any other inquiry or would you like to witness your Evolution Atlas?"

Nik nodded, "I would like to take a look at my Evolution Atlas."

"Very well."

As she finished, the invisible platform that allowed Nik to stand illuminated. Golden trails spread across the empty space. A few of them connected to the brightly lit stars before moving past them and illuminating other stars in the same connection a little further. Meanwhile, a few trails illuminated the stars quite close to Nik, but unlike before, the trails failed to illuminate anything past those particular stars.

Few of the stars shone crimson, a few gleamed in violet, two of them were greyish and then there were some stars with a pinkish hue.

"This is your evolution atlas. The stars around you represent the choice available to you. A few of them are recognized by the multiverse, hence, you are able to witness the evolutionary pathways further beyond your current limits.

But the same cannot be said for the other unorthodox evolution present to the Carnal Demon."


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