Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 261

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 261 The Whore Son

Understanding the entire situation, Nik observed his Evolution Atlas carefully. Aside from the orthodox evolutionary stars, Nik gazed at the newly illuminated stars that lit up once he decided to look past the evolutions deemed unorthodox by the system and the multiverse. As he focused on the nearest and the smallest, grey-pink star, a notification popped in front of his eyes.

[Name: Rabid L.u.s.t Fiend

Description: Mutated from the bloodline of a variant blood fiend, incubus and a succubus, this species only wish to satiate its l.u.s.t. With bodily fluids being a limited source to this particular species, the body is prone to breed and sire young ones in a matter of days before succ.u.mbing to the timely death of all its fluid drained due to the astronomical amount of coitus.

Integration: 28%

Next Evolution: ???]

Grimacing at the first choice he picked, Nik promptly turned to another one.

This time, it was a rather larger globe of light with swirling Violet and just a little pinkish hue.


Description: An unorthodox evolution of a carnal demon with a tinge of Succubus Lineage that focuses on the stabilization of the mentality of the host. Uncanny in the arts of manipulation, the potential of this species is slightly circ.u.mstantial. No records of such a bloodline are found and the extent of its growth remains a mystery.

Integration: 77%

Next Evolution: ???]

Great, a completely mysterious evolution!

Without hesitation, Nik started to go through the other options available, each one worse than the first two evolutionary paths describes by the System. But even then, there remained not a single shred of doubt in the back of his mind. He had heard a little about the spiritual world that he had already visited twice in the span of days. Although little doc.u.ments explained the spiritual world in detail, many records have already discussed the difference between the soul and the spirit in great lengths.

Some of these records even demonstrated cruel, yet efficient experiments that could allow another host to feel the difference between the soul and the spirit firsthand. Of course, Nik wasn't going to summon a specter of death to sacrifice a part of his soul only record his spirit unaffected. And then there were some records that concluded that the spirit was nothing but an elaborate projection of Soul within the physique, acting as the container of the soul.

Soul provided the energy to evolve the spirit and the blood energy of the various bloodline stored within the codex provided the energy to form the neutral gene.

It was simple, really. Spirit was different from Soul. But, both of them were a part of his own body. The Spirit birthed within his own spirit world, hence, will no harm him. Since that entity is a part of something bigger- Nik.

About Lilith and Asmodeus, Nik had no idea. He could only place the blame on his apparent founder- Nirdai.

So, Nik still continued searching through his options. But the results made him falter.

Finally, he looked at the fluttering Evolution Spirit, her expression still stoic and impassive.

"I was informed that you can guide me."

"Do you wish to be guided?"

She inquired with a flutter of her pixie, kaleidoscopic wings.

"Yes. I would appreciate it."

"Your appreciation is something I do not seek. It is my obligation to guide those who cannot seek their paths." Her monotone voice rang out, "If the descriptions cannot guide you, then their intentions will." As she spoke, the scene changed once again. Instead of brightly lit paths passing through the evolutionary points of his evolution atlas, each evolution point suddenly morphed into a mirrored image of Nik.

Well, at least, the figures are supposed to mirror Nik once he evolved completely.

As Nik predicted, his version in the form of the Rabid L.u.s.t Fiend was nothing short of a maniac beast with his body filled with crimson fur, his eyes showing signs of insanity and his tri-c.o.c.k jutting out with seemingly unlimited pre-c.u.m as the furry tail extending from his h.i.p.s coiled around his fourth c.o.c.k.

Averting his eyes from the disgraceful mess he is supposed to be due to one of the horribly wrong choices present, Nik gazed at the utterly mysterious counterpart next to the rabid beast. It was a calm youth with a soft smile on his face and swirling violet eyes. With no seemingly extraordinary physical change, Nik finally lost his interest before gazing at the three evolutionary paths determined by the system.

First, he turned on his heels to match the gaze of a slightly square-jawed man with a buffer frame and overly significant c.o.c.k. Long and unruly black hair akin to a lion's mane did go well with bulging muscles, aesthetically pleasing vasculature and tanned skin. But Nik did understand that once he chose to become an Infernal Dominator, his very presence among the weaker men could bring undesired results. Not to mention that his mentality might undergo a complete and gradual change.

Shifting his eyes, Nik matched his gaze with an unusually similar replica of himself if not for the paler skin, thinner physique and the particular prism-shaped bindi-mark on the forehead. Boasting a well-mannered smile belonging to the nobility, the impression of the Infernal Prince was definitely deep. But after cultivating his own body and muscles so vigorously, Nik would just hate to lose all of the benefits of his workout completely.

Then, he looked at the abomination. And true to words, the mass of pink flesh with writhing tendrils emerging from its body failed to elicit any goodwill from the incubus.

With a sigh, he observed each of the possible evolutions and nothing seemed to be satisfactory. He simply couldn't find himself filling their shoes. A rabid rapist, a pretentious prince, a made berserker, a blob of slime, a winged appraiser of demonification, a short boy with a face specialized to get his own ass romped on


"Is there any other way you can guide me?" Nik inquired softly. He didn't have many hopes. Each of the options available didn't seem to be attracting his complete focus.

"Your wishes do not conform to the requirements of Paradise. You seek guidance.

And Guide I shall."

The scene changed once again. This time, Nik found himself standing atop an equally parted earth. One filled with crimson and the other filled in violet with the entire starry sky stretching as far as he could see.

The Evolutionary Spirit's voice rang once again.

"In the capacity of evolution, one of the spirits of the host shall confront the host. His only way out will be to understand the desires of his evolution.

Should he succeed the tribulations ahead that match his requirements, his evolution shall commence."

A violet flame instantly morphed towards the violet side of the world the moment Evolution Spirit's announcement ended while a playful voice took over.

"Nik, we meet again, and extremely early at that~"

Even if Nik couldn't gaze through the blurriness that covered Asmodeus' figure, he could definitely feel her amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Yeah, it was unexpected for me, too." Nik replied with a smile. By now, he was certain that Asmodeus and Lilith were foreign entities. Unlike the feeling of complete familiarity and trust when the mysterious ball of light appeared, he felt none of that from Asmodeus or Lilith.

"So you couldn't choose any of the evolutionary pathways, huh." Asmodeus mumbled as the flaming figure moved for the first, walking closer to the tense Nik before stopping at an arm's distance, "Let's see you definitely resemble him and even then, your body paints another picture. Your face isn't that well maintained either. Was it not for your lineage, your skin would be dry and ng thing about you would be your patiently crafted body."

Asmodeus twirled on her tips, moving around Nik without stepping on the crimson half of the world.

"So, if that little fairy just exchanged the right information, there should have been an evolutionary pathway that focuses on the body. But you probably rejected it due to the effects on one mental capacity.

So, if had to guess, you aren't all about muscles. You are a tender youth whose passion remains unbounded for a select few while you also want others to feel your indifference, hence, your refusal to select Infernal Prince even when that evolutionary pathway could cover most of your needs."

"Wasn't this supposed to be a confrontation?"

"Aw, Honey~" Asmodeus m.o.a.ned sweetly, "Our confrontation has already begun."

A snicker escaped her figure as she leaned forward to whispered into Nik's ear, "It's just that words strike harder than any blade. So keep your guards up

I like men who last longer~"

With a soft blow of breath into his ear, Asmodeus disappeared from the world as Nik's vision changed. Instead of the world divided into two equal territories and the sky overseeing it all, Nik found himself in a rowdy street with people clothed in skimpy dresses, men and women alike. The cobble-stoned infrastructure of the street and the squarish buildings suggested that this world's architecture had surpassed the world Nik was currently adventuring in but had failed to reach the glory of the levels his current homeworld had reached.

"You and that starry lass deny the chance to grow stronger, rejecting Lilith's and my good intentions. It's a good thing that I preside over this confrontation." Asmodeus' words didn't seem to have attracted the attention of the people around him, neither did his n.a.k.e.d figure.

"Now, you have already proclaimed that the past, no matter how disturbing, will fail to change you.

So be sure to savor your past

Let me part you with a hint.

This battle is one of attrition."

"Son of a bitch"

Nik cursed softly. After all, amongst the many skimpily dressed youths, Nik found a particular dark-haired, somewhat muscular youth with a babyface, sporting a bandaged clothing to cover his chest while exposing everything save for his crotch, which was gracefully covered with a long white cloth tied around his waist with golden jewels. Of course, others didn't know that the youth had a babyface, after all, half of his face remained covered by a translucent cloth.

Even then, the youth stood out form the rest of his whore brothers and sisters.

He accompanied the redlight mistress.

He was none other than Nik.

The Whore Son.