Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 262

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 262 Fated Extinction

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"200 Dlas and I get to push you down right here and now!"

A bearded man walking past Nik shouted fiercely, his bare torso amplified the effect of his chest hair and a feeling of raw virility. Instead of a loose haori covering his lower limbs, it was a khaki pant that performed the job.

"Only 200? I'm sure that these bunnies can get more somewhere else~" A mischievous little girl with implanted b.r.e.a.s.ts giggled cutely. Nik, of course, knew Naty. A beloved sister to the group who would help the newcomers to cope up with such a wonderful profession. Just like his memories, Naty remains a lively girl, always exploiting her silicon chest and a cute little face to attract daughter-cons who birthed sons from other s.l.u.ts in their lives.

"Fine!" The man gritted his teeth, "5- 500 Dlas!"

"Good enough for a day, I guess." Naty rolled her eyes playfully, enjoying the predicament of the man when all of his indignations melted away when Naty placed her index on her plump pink lips and m.o.a.ned, "Please care for me a lot, daddy~"

"Oh, good for Naty." Nik calmly turned his gaze over to one of his other brother-in-cunt- Muka. A cute fellow that fetched even higher prices than Naty from the fellow obese with a thing for sons who treat them well. The red-light district of his home city was divided into three major parts. First is the auction street. This is the place Nik was currently sight-seeing. In auction street, one can bid on p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.es using their own charm, money or strength. But, there was a single rule- only a single customer can occupy one p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e. In essence, this particular rule created a war over the p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.es, leading the whores such as Nik to identify the people who they wished to sell their bodies to, not the other way around.

In essence, he particularly liked the auction street. At least, he got to shack up with hot ladies that came alongside their husbands to indulge in their own debauched fantasies.

But far from the happy smile on his lips that Nik recalled, surrounded by a hoard of women, the current Nik showed nothing but a cool and composed reaction. And strangely, instead of hot women flocking around him, his current clientele was anything but extraordinary.

"Alright this isn't supposed to happen" Nik mumbled and walked past the raunchy Naty taking care of her current- Father, making his way towards the crowd of middle and old-aged women.

"I remember her Alina The Duke's consort, She is supposed to be-"

Nik's frowned as he gazed at the white-haired, wrinkled old woman bidding a mere 300 Dlas, only to be out-fortuned instantly in the noise of bids. Letting no fabric cover her bare, sagging b.r.e.a.s.ts, Alina wriggled into the crowd to emerge forth and apply her second form of bidding- her charm.

Alas, as she placed her palms over her sagging b.r.e.a.s.ts to pull them up and crouch down to naturally widen her snatch's opening, the younger Nik twisted his buttocks gracefully before kicking sideways squarely on Alina's jaws.

"You are back again, you piece of wrinkled flesh?" Nik crossed his arms under his slightly buff chest as Alina only sat up with an obsessed expression.

"What now?" Nik inquired with a monotone tune, "Want me to rough you up just like last week? You beggars ought to be beaten more. Unworthy of love, you desire pain. Finding pleasure in your masochist desires, how utterly depraved." Nik moved for the first time, getting closer to Alina before kneeling down and letting his index and thumb take her brittle chin, "Say, would you want your face smashed into the ground by my hands." His words made Alina quiver, who instantly nodded. Alas, her words were flooded by blooth seeping through her mouth.


Without a word, Nik smashed Alina's face into the ground, the expression of his face covered by the cloth on the lower half of his face, but the n.a.k.e.d Nik could instantly judge from the look of his past self's eyes that he was smiling. An emotion not unfounded with what 'he' went through in the private chambers with Alina. But that wasn't true for his apparent 'true' self.

This version of him just liked to hurt.

At least, this is the only useful thing Nik could glean from the past's course of action.

"Ooh~ Is it wrong to say that your past self was just so h-o-t?"

Asmodeus' whisper grazed past the back of his ears,

"No, it isn't. Heck, I feel proud of what he did to Alina." Nik smiled.

"But she didn't do him anything wrong don't you think how unfair your words sound?"

"Woman," Nik grinned, "There is no way I am going to chide myself, even if it was my past and true actions. If Alina also thought that it isn't fair, then she should just drag her body away from the street and force herself on some defenseless boy."

"Then you wouldn't mind me showing you your actual demise."

Asmodeus' words made Nik frown.

"I would feel weird, so I would rather see myself studding one of the imperial mistresses than to witness my demise."

"Too bad, you are seeing it!"

Asmodeus cheered as the scene shifted, dragging Nik's n.a.k.e.d body to an isolated location that he had no recollection of any sort. But the small crescent moon painted red on the long translucent curtains that made it slightly troublesome to gaze upon the two n.a.k.e.d figures romping on the bed with grumbles and m.o.a.ns covering the entire dimly lit room with a crimson hue.

"That's my mother." Nik replied calmly as he figured out the identity of the figure rocking her world- his true self. But unlike what Asmodeus had predicted, Nik still remained impassive and as if understanding her confusion, he whispered softly.

"When I said that I had long grown indifferent to what my true memories hold, I meant them. In my free time, I analyzed or at least, I tried to analyze all the actions that my past self could have taken and me f.u.c.k.i.n.g my own mother does not surprise me

We both were whores in a whorehouse after all"

Silently, the scene changed, instead of the sneak-peak of his past memories, this time around, he found himself within Kyouko's apartment, there, on the couch, laid a very buxom and somewhat tired Kyouko.

"I wonder what reaction you would have if your current partners were to go through something distasteful"

Asmodeus whispered as Nik continued gazing at the snoring Kyouko.

"Asmodeus, can I ask you something? It is bound to be private so I won't mind if you don't answer me." Nik inquired softly.

"Of course, you can~" Asmodeus giggled in delight.

"How would you like it? Me choking you down while f.u.c.k.i.n.g each of your holes until you pass out or having yourself restrained with denied orgasms for an entire day until I make you beg me to just let you lick my toes?"

"Ah! I know that face! That same expression. Even though your memories are washed away, some habits die hard, I suppose."

"I take it that you would enjoy both of my options in succession." Nik smiled as the world around him started to crackle with a swirl of shimmering darkness enveloping his body followed by a trail of crimson mist.

"Sorry, Asmodeus, he understood his powers enough." Lilith's calm voice suggested that she was anything but apologetic.

"You know" The mysterious figure didn't even try to hide her rage from her voice as Asmodeus' figure appeared within the crackled space and instantly quivered, "I am quite fond of Kyouko."

"Hey! Isn't this cheating?" Asmodeus' words failed to falter the duality of swirling mist around Nik's body when suddenly, Nik looked past Asmodeus' violet blazing body and smiled softly.

"Now, I can see myself becoming that"

His words instantly pulled an approving chuckle from the mysterious spirit, "Yeah, it suits you."

"A figure that I won't be opposed to." Lilith nodded calmly as Asmodeus turned her gaze behind herself, her voice seemed to have gained a bit of her previous cheerfulness.

"Oh, that is an expression allowed to choke me and deny me of my squirts."


"It's kind of sad that the Prime Incubus' lineage will disappear" Lady Mirage, in another one of her glorious forms, pouted while Khooni simply shook his head silently. He had just recently received quite a major blow and to think that his sworn siblings would give him space necessary to heal!

But, No!

Mirage just had to come by his place every day just to annoy him and not to mention the fact that Nirdai was no good either. With all his brooding temperament, and that too, not required for a lingering consciousness, he would still accompany Mirage every day it was a mistake to poke at the winged narcissistic freak just for Nirdai's satisfaction

"Had my lineage been really superior, we won't have gone extinct in the first place I suggest that you finally set your protege straight and not obsess over your former glory

That boy isn't you, after all, Mirage"

Nirdai's remark made Khooni smirk.

"You are only alive because of Kaal's sacrifice don't think you are a hotshot." Mirage glared at Khooni before disappearing in a haze of kaleidoscope.

"I'll think about finally telling Ray" Her words were all that remained.

"So" Khooni finally opened up, his voice a little raspy, "Do you want a drink? Your Lineage has officially been extinct from the multiverse."

"Not really there are still a few inheritances left but I doubt that any of them can survive for long not with the Holy Paradise after them. And how ill I drink? I haven't had a drink since I lost my body, soul and spirit."

Khooni took a moment before replying, "I'll share my own consciousness when I drink this way you can feel the effect of being drunk"

If this wasn't the case of a butcher finding the scientific methods to skin a chicken, then Nirdai didn't know what was. In a swirl of purple, Nirdai also took his leave with a few lingering words, "Don't be absurd."

As the two consciousness left the well-maintained bungalow, Khooni's expression finally eased up, "Oh, yeah! Still got my ways to annoy the guests out of my house."

He chuckled merrily, completely unlike the slaughterer he is known to be in the various corners of the universe.


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