Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 263

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 263 Evolved

Walking out of his coat of shimmering darkness and crimson mist, Nik passed that violet Asmodeus as the scene crackled away, revealing Nik's spiritual world. After a few steps, Nik stood in front of a towering, broad-chested figure. His figure garbed in the swirling pattern of crimson and violet while the figure's wavy black hair danced alongside his mist-clothes.

[Name: ???

Description: A unique blend of blood fiend, Incubus and Succubus to form a bloodline that eludes the multiverse since its existence. Unlike other lineages, this peculiar bloodline only favors its creator. With each action attracting men and women alike, the spiritual and the physical talents of this bloodline is merely a tool to accomplish a single objective- Spreading of L.u.s.t.

Integration: 89%

Next Evolution: ???]

"I'm going to guess that the tribulation for this bloodline will be complicated." Lilith remarked in astonishment. Although she had been refined and cleansed to turn back into the form whence her legend began, just like Asmodeus, she still retained her core abilities. Alongside those abilities, she was also allowed to keep some of her memories, only the crucial ones. Each evolutionary tribulation is complicated.

If a host chooses to evolve in one of the orthodox or unorthodox pathways provided by his or her evolution atlas, then the process of passing through the evolutionary tribulation can be skipped. But Nik, ignorant of such facts, sought for his perfect fit. A bloodline tailored to his needs and seeing the figure in front of him, Nik had no doubt that even if his evolution wasn't the best, it was completely unique to his own situation.

"Probably a spiritual tribulation."

Asmodeus affirmed. Lilith wielded her blade to extinguish her enemies and tame glorious heroes while Asmodeus corrupted any and everything that came across her vision.

Oblivious to their chatter, Nik smiled and extended his hands towards the mirrored image of himself and the figure grinned in return, dissolving into a shimmering mist of darkness accompanied with violet and crimson to revolve around Nik's extended palm before entering his body promptly.

"The evolutionary pathway is selected." The unnamed evolutionary spirit reappeared within Nik's spiritual world and announced, "The Tribulation of the creation of an Extreme-tier bloodline shall commence."

The peaceful starry sky suddenly rumbled for a moment, eliciting a soft, painful groan to leak from the three spirits in front of Nik as the sky of his spiritual world was split apart with a large, formless hand, allowing a single bolt of lightning to strike squarely on the ground right in front of Nik. Once again, painful groans escaped from Asmodeus, Lilith and the third, mysterious spirit.

"We meet again, Nik" A mild voice boomed within his spiritual world. A voice that held coldness and cruelty embedded deep within, yet aside from these overwhelming qualities, Nik still felt a tinge of compassion.

A voice that Nik was all too familiar with.

Looking at the handsome visage with a peerless body, Nik felt a sense of familiarity. With a gulp, Nik noted the man's shimmering violet orbs and inquired softly.


With a soft smile, the man nodded, "In the consciousness."

Before Nik could inquire further, he found Nirdai's eyed glowing brightly while a whisper lingered out of the former Incubi Founder's parted mouth, "Tribulation."

With a mere word, Nik found himself pulled towards Nirdai as the consciousness drew a wide arc from his clenched, left fist before-


With eyes wide in disbelief, Nik found himself in a weird position. He could observe his chest being stabbed by Nirdai's bare fist, but no pain could be felt. Oddly enough, Nik still did not know if he could feel pain in his spiritual world or worse- die.

"Blind-" The unnamed spirit broke out in a mass of darkness when she, alongside the two spirits, found herself suppressed into the same spot.

"You are no longer an incubus." Nirdai began, "This means, you are no longer a part of my Society."

He continued coldly, "This also means that you have avoided a rather gruesome fate. For that, congratulations are in order. Nik Faran, you are no longer an associate of the infernals and all the benefits you have ever received with our previous association will henceforth be taken away."

Nirdai vanished into a haze of violet, leaving Nik's gaping spiritual form unsupported. But before he could fall, another figure appeared in the scene. Unlike Nirdai, this figure boasted prominent curves and hazy hair with large, innocent eyes. As Asmodeus' and Lilith's forms trembled at this peculiar figure's arrival, the newcomer, on the other hand, paid the duo no attention.

"Tribulation." She whispered as the familiar suppression once again pressured the three spirits and the dazed Nik.

"As a nephew, you have grown into a disappointment. But unlike a certain someone who hid his true objective to grace you with his presence, I am a straight forward being." Her melodious tone reached the corners of Nik's spiritual world.

"He was entitled to take away the remnants of his lineage, but left you with things of equal importance." She waved her hands and pulled Nik towards her before promptly embracing him and landing a kiss with her plump and luscious lips on his own thin ones.

Once again, just like Nirdai, the figure disappeared, leading the arrival of a burly, red-haired man with a slightly pale face and an annoyed expression.

"Tribulation." Unlike the previous two beings, the new one wasted no time and committed himself to the task. In reality, Nirdai had no need to punch and pierce Nik neither did the lady have any need to kiss a half-conscious youth younger than her in by uncountable times. Waving his hand, Nik finally slumped on the ground softly, the intention of the recent arrival completely mysterious, unlike the previous two.

With a nod towards the violet and crimson spirit, the figure disappeared into a bloody-red haze.

"Nik Faran has successfully created a brand-new bloodline unique to himself. He is entitled to name it. This information shall be passed over to the public domain of the Paradise of origin." While the three spirits were still reeling from shock, the Evolutionary Spirit continued, "Transmigration Paradise has accepted the terms."



Nik groaned softly before his eyes snapped open and he sat up at a quick pace. Looking around, he found himself in a very familiar space and in front of a very familiar person.

"How long was I asleep?" Nik inquired while he covered his widened mouth to yawn loudly.

"How long? You just laid down." Saeko gazed at Nik with a curious expression, making him frown when suddenly, notifications started popping in front of him. Only a few belonging to the system, rest belonged to Ray and Brian, who seemed to have inquired a piece of ridiculous news.

"I'm sorry Saeko... can you get me a glass of water? I feel thirsty." Nik requested while swallowing a globule of his own saliva.


Saeko stood up with a nod.

[This is public news for the entire system.

Congratulations to Nik Faran for creating an entirely new bloodline. You are awarded with a Gold medallion.]

[This is public news for the entire system.

Congratulations to Nik to complete the multiverse bounty.

Name: Extermination

Rank: Multiverse

Description: Extermination of the Incubus Lineage.

Rewards: Diamond Medallion, Battle Seraphim Lineage, ???x4

Note: ??? is the reward that the issuer of the mission had requested to keep private to the public. The host that has completed the mission will still receive the obligated rewards.]

[Please name your bloodline.]

[Host has successfully evolved. Please review your comprehensive stat page to note all the changes.]

[Brian: What did you do?]

"What the hell did you do?" Even Ray burst into the room, startling Saeko, who barely managed to stop her reflexes from throwing the small vat right into Ray's face.

"Uh one thing at a time."

Nik groaned softly while still annoyed by the continuously parching throat.


"Ohh henceforth all your rights to the association are revoked~ How cliche."

Mirage smirked while Khooni felt like crying. He did owe a lot to Nirdai and that is why he even passed his side of the story and a bit of experience to a junior, not to mention, a non-infernal. Why won't the two of them just let him heal in peace?

"What about you? A million-old hag smooching a boy young enough to call you a ghost. Have you got no shame?"

Nirdai inquired calmly.

"At least, I didn't stab him bare-handedly." Mirage pouted.

"That would have been better." Nirdai remarked before looking towards Khooni, "Thanks a lot that boy doesn't have the motivation to practice long enough to acquire any battle sense

And you, too." Nirdai looked back at Mirage and showed a genuine smile, "For giving him a lesson on how a dead old hag's lips feel."

"Hey! Don't forget that had Nik not started to walk out of his pre-determined lineage, we wouldn't have to go through such lengths. Now, I had to explain everything to Ray, no thanks to you."


As Nik felt his throat going drier by the second even after gulping on water continuously, Ray could finally keep himself to no more and opened up, "Can you explai-"

Yet, as his indignant voice grew to a higher pitch, Nik suddenly pulled Saeko into his embrace and sealed her lips with his own, sending an electrifying sensation down Saeko's spine, a sensation she had never felt, even with Nik.

It was a pleasure to a spiritual level.

As an Infernal Seductress, Ray could definitely feel the arts of seduction at a spiritual level when suddenly Ray put two and two together, understanding the fact that Nik did not kill himself to fool the system into giving him the rewards of a level that even the top-ranked beings would salivate. No.

Knowing Nik, it was hardly possible that the former incubus even knew about the open missions.

Nik simply evolved into something that had nothing to do with the Infernal lineages, at least, not the incubus, and produced such drastic results.

And that also allowed him to understand the sudden revelations from the continuous emphasis of Nik's parched throat. After every evolution, the host needs a few materials to nourish the growth of the neutral gene to commence the volution of the physique. It may range from food to rocks, depending on the circ.u.mstances.

With Nik's throat still dry even after liters of water, it only meant that he did not require any orthodox liquid

Gazing at Nik's comfortable expression once he tapped into another source of liquid- Saeko's mouth, Ray couldn't help but grow confident in his own theory.


A/N: What should be the other four rewards? They can be skills or Cultivation methods and what not. But be sure to keep in mind that they should be useful in a long run.