Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 264

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 264 Changes

"Yeah, it tastes like honey." Nik nodded in stupor and once again sealed Saeko's lips, wrapping his arms around her tight and trained waist as Ray observed the entire scene with a blush encroaching his face.

"There are matters more urgent at hand." Ray shook his head violently and took a deep breath, breaking Nik and Saeko's intimacy before apologizing, but still observant of Saeko's changes.

"If you don't want your entire will to get corrupted, I suggest that you leave at once."

Ray's words finally broke Saeko out from her slowly numbing consciousness as her gaze widened with confusion, dulling once again when her gaze matched Nik's.

Only now did Nik observe similar changes.


Nii whispered lightly, his eyes letting his emotions known and yet, Saeko failed to move.


Ray snapped his fingers as Saeko's consciousness slipped past her control, her torso falling over to Nik.

"Alright." Ray sighed, "Before you think of anything else, I insist that you digest every single thing you have gained. Please.

Your domain is overflowing. I'll be covering it up. So catch on to your abilities as quickly as possible."

At Ray's suggestion, Nik couldn't help but frown. It was only due to Saeko's strange movements that he felt the need to quickly understand the entirety of the situation.

Opening his derailed status window, Nik observed the changes.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 20

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: ??? (Yet to be named.)

Talent: Exotic Escort

STR: 15

AGL: 15

VIT: 17

ENG: 26

CHM: 10

LUK: 2



Spiritual Connection:

No longer will the l.u.s.t shared be physical. Spirit is the door guarding the soul. With continuous sessions with partners, the host and the partner will get connected with each other at a spiritual level. This connection can only be wielded by the host.

L.u.s.t's Recruitment:

The person not known to the wonders of l.u.s.t will feel their entire thoughts and concepts upturned once the host has exposed the benefits of l.u.s.t. Host has the option to recruit each and every being he has ever grown intimate with. Only beings ranked higher than host can resist such recruitment. Once recruited, the confidants are subject to following benefits at the host's discretion-

System's Access.

Stats Pool.

Talent Pool.

Skill Pool.

Consciousness Pool.

Sense Manipulation:

Extreme pain results in unnatural pleasure. As the follower of l.u.s.t, you are an existence encouraged to explore your options while keeping your partner satisfied. The host can manipulate the multiple senses of beings around him. This skill is not limited to the l.u.s.t recruits. This skill will fail to activate against those with a higher Vitality (VIT).

Charm Supreme:

Always at the tip of your charm, the usual limitation of the settlement time of stats won't be limiting the host's Charm (CHM) Stat.

Pheromone Illusion (Lvl 2):

A skill that utilizes the pheromones of the mutated being from the lineage of a fiend, incubus and succubus elude the consciousness of the beings that are affected by the skill. This skill has the following effects:

Mind Control: Lvl 2

Carnal Desires: Lvl 2

Illusion: Lvl 2

Nxt Lvl: 4 Sp

L.u.s.t Domain (Lvl 1):

Being an activist spreader of l.u.s.t and its unending glory, a domain specialised to evoke such emotions is within the grasp of the host. Any being under the effective range of the domain shall be affected to varying degrees based on their capabilities. The host can also integrate similar skills into the domain, making it more effective.

Range: 5 meters.

Next Lvl: 3 Sp

Adonis' Touch:

A touch of passion that even attracted the full attention of Goddess of Love of the olden era, this skill is more effective on the opposite gender.


Cure (Lvl 1):

Description: A bad tummy? Cure is your option! Got poisoned in your adventures, cure can limit the effects! STDs? At a certain point, they are simply comparable to common virals. Cancer? Better make sure that the skill is at a high level before trying your luck. This skill can also be used on others.

Note: Curses are resistant to this skill.

Nxt Lvl: 2 Sp


Exotic Escort

As the exotic escort famed in the multiverse, you are able to please any entity in a physical manner. Of course, for your service, you are entitled to gain one thing from your partner in bed. It may be a part of their talent, their strength, wisdom, etc.


[Please name the bloodline.]

[The affiliation quests shall no longer be available to host due to the sudden expulsion from the Incubus Society.

The host shall earn the stat points through missions. The current available missions have been altered to suit the changes.]

[Due to a special request, the mark of partnership between the host and his myriad partners has now converted into standard spiritual markers and L.u.s.t Recruits.]

[The limitation of only 10 beings allowed into the [Harem] has now been lifted.]

Nik gulped slightly, once again, trying to ease his throat. As he could see from the changes, there was nothing he could do. He had successfully reached the Extreme-tier bloodline and it is only a matter of time before his physique evolves completely, too. There were of course, disadvantages and advantages to the situation.

"Can I get paper and ink?"

Nik inquired softly. Instantly, Ray produced a stack of papers and a ballpoint pen, placing the requested items in front of Nik.

"What do you intend to do?"

Ray questioned as Nik uncapped the pen and drew a line in between the paper.

"Writing a pros and cons list, of course." Nik replied drily. Right now, he wasn't in his sober mind to feel the fact that his [L.u.s.t Domain] was already working wonders on the Infernal Seductress.

"Well, I no longer have the ten partners condition." Nik commented slightly absentmindedly.

"Definitely a pro." Ray chimed in.

"But I can't gain stats from our affiliation quests."

"Oooothat's ought to sting." Ray knew all too well that a part of reason that the affiliations were coveted were due to their cheat-quests that allowed the members of the affiliation to grow stronger quicker than the other hosts.

Sighing, Nik cut the act short and crumpled the paper before throwing it at the corner of the room. He knew enough to understand that his greatest gains were the three distinctive sources of information within his brain left by the founder of the three infernal pillars he only knew is after a brief inspection alongside the fact that his previous talent, [Carnal Concept] had finally exposed its true name Exotic Escort.

Honestly, Nik was flattered by the name.

But his greatest disadvantage was the loss of one great skill Baby Hater.

Sighing deeply, Nik stood up abruptly. His eyes scanned the entirety of the room before he focused on the special feeling emanating out of his body. The feeling of control was just like the feedback he received from his Pheromonal Domain but just clearer. Instead of controlling the mind of others, Nik felt like he could manipulate their emotions. Just this particular feeling made Nik understand the overwhelming s.e.x.u.a.l energy emerging from the unconscious Saeko while a feeling of profound Envy erupting from Ray.

"Is there something wrong?" Nik inquired Ray, who in return shook his head, fighting off the unnatural l.u.s.t creeping into his body, no thanks to Nik's unique domain and sighed loudly.

"I guess," Ray began, his hazy pink pupils matching Nik's violet orbs, "I should have known better. The Incubus and the Succubus Lineage had already lost, announcing the flaws in their bloodline, even then, instead of covering up the past flaws, our ancestors still infused us with the old bloodlines.

What could be the reason behind such a course of action?"

Ray's well-placed inquiry made Nik's eyes widen in realisation, "The Multiverse Mission?"

Nodding, Ray continued, "Before coming here, I had a chat with Lady Mirage. Even though she didn't state it clearly, I could read in between the lines.

Essentially, our ancestors had kicked an iron plate when the Incubus Lord bedded the Supreme Seraphim's only wife, quite skillfully at that, alongside lady Mirage recording the entire scene, promptly spreading it across the multiverse.

Had it not been for the Temporal Fiend's sacrifice and the Fiend's well-planned betrayal to the Infernal society, the entire infernal society would have crumbled.

But that wasn't all." Ray coughed softly.

"This enemy of ours was astute enough to place a bounty in all the Paradise System across the multiverse to hunt for the Incubus and Succubus lineages stemming from the Infernal Paradise. Many were chased, killed and even taken captive.

But there were still records of inheritances placed by Lady Mirage and your ancestors within the multiple paradises."

Nik finally understood the scheme.

"I understand. As mere consciousness, they both had nothing to actually raise inheritors in an orthodox manner. So they sought to scheme against this so-called cuck. Even the lineages presented to us wouldn't matter as long as they were connected to the Incubus and the Succubus society.

A moment before I evolved into a being outside the lineage of the Incubus, Nirdai probably destroyed his own inheritance ground, leading to me being the one who ended the last remaining Incubus myself."

Nik understood that this plan definitely had its risks, "I don't understand one thing." He pursued, "Why wasn't I told of the entire thing? Had I known all this, wouldn't that have been far easier?"

Finally, Ray averted his gaze and shrugged.

"Lady Mirage said that all the confusion would be cleared away once you read your letter. Anywayshe said that I was only supposed to know all this once I am at the verge of evolution.

But of course, your case has always been a quirky one. Since Temporal Fiends also have a similar bounty on them and Brian literally being the last of his kind, I passed the same information to him."

"Oh, alright." Nik nodded before calming his breathing and controlling his newly gained domain.

Sitting back down, Nik gingerly placed Saeko's head on his laps and adjusted her body to let her comfortable lay down while he started tweaking with his domain to try and manipulate the overflowing s.e.x around Saeko.

"Either way, our position remains the same. Others will keep on hunting us to claim the bounty, or loot it from our corpses." Ray summarised before standing.

"I won't bother you now I need to relax."

Without waiting for Nik, Ray turned on his heels and quickly paced out of the room, leaving Nik alone to tend to Saeko. His hands suddenly grew warm and the base of his palms started secreting a pleasantly smelling liquid. But the strangest thing was that the moment this liquid came into contact with Saeko's head, it disappeared instantly.

This was [Adonis' Touch].

Being an innate skill, Nik could easily understand the usages and the variations of the skill and continued petting Saeko's head to ease the tension of her body. If his blood could be previously categorised as an almost lethal dose of aphrodisiac, now it could be considered as an all purpose drug. Better yet, these constitutions were also passed onto other fluids of his body.

Saeko's panting slowly eased while the unnatural blush on her cheeks stabilized into a pinkish and healthy hue. Finally, Nik started playing around with his other skills and also imbued them into his domain. Maybe it was a coincidence, or someone's doing, but he still retained one of his most important skills Pheromone Illusion, its importance only short to [Baby Hater].

Finally, after a moment's thought, Nik leaned down to take the lips of the unconscious Saeko. Instead of the usual taste of her Saliva, Nik found her fluids somewhat tangy.

Although the evolution will change his body further, it seemed like his senses, especially his taste, had changed far quicker than other constituents of his body.

Closing his eyes as he felt his thirst quenching for a few moments, Nik scrutinized his body.

Previously, this action would have been nigh impossible. No matter if he could observe his body using Hamon, Nik still wouldn't have been able to observe the 'breathing' of his cells in such a casual manner.

But this amount of focus was child's play. The ethereal energy that he seemed to have control over allowed him for another action that seemed to have been a difficult task a few moments ago as a Carnal Demon.

Opening his eyes, Nik found himself standing on the wide expanse of crimson and violet.

"Is it necessary for me to be n.a.k.e.d every time?"

Nik inquired while gazing at his body, his spiritual avatar to be exact.

With the skill [Spiritual Connection], Nik's little to no knowledge about the spiritual world and its components grew significantly. Now he understood that Nirdai's previous action of almost dissipating his spiritual avatar was merely his expression of anger, and annoyance.

"You are the last person to be complaining about one's nudity."

Lilith remarked with a tone of appraisal while Asmodeus giggled, "Did you notice your avatar? It's already evolved~"

Ordinarily, even a High-tier l.u.s.t based species would not have elicited such a dreamy tone from the Asmodeus of the olden era, much less an extreme-tier one, alas, it has already been countless years since her refinement and Nik was the only man she has actually accompanied over the past few years.

But, as she said, Nik's current appearance was nothing but extraordinary. Body rippling with power and a smooth, chiseled face belonging to high nobility even in the ranks of Incubus.

"That does not answer my question."

"You already know that our landlady is quite eccentric. So even we would have been n.a.k.e.d if not for these refinement seals."

Lilith commented.

"Should I ask?" Nik jested.

"Don't bother. Our seals won't have much effect. It is purely to hide our appearances. You know, being the top beauty of multiverse and all that."

Asmodeus chuckled while Nik continued, "It seems quite strange to have two top-tier beauties sealed in my spiritual world, don't you think so?"

"How about the fact that we are sealed in an ordinary mortal? It feels even stranger to us." Asmodeus countered.

"Anyway." Nik took a deep breath before his chest shone violet, his glazed magenta and the middle of his eyes burnt in a blood-red flame.

"I have to go through the contents of these three packages."