Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 265

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 265 Generous Gifts

Instinctively, Nik knew how to understand the contents of three packages left upon his spiritual Avatar. With a thought, Nik willed the rotating violet cube to emerge out of his chest as the cube dispersed in thin air, leaving a glimmering golden paper.

Taking the paper into his own hand, Nik found a vast pool of information forcibly imprinting onto his mind. There were many words and concepts he knew nothing of. Items, herbs and even narcotics that are supposed to help people instead of sending them on a pleasure ride. Not only that, events of forgotten past resurfaced into his consciousness alongside many possible opponents of the infernal realm. Even the extensive knowledge of the System now did not elude him.

Information. The information that he should have received right from the beginning of this strange adventure. Aside from the information, there was no note of apology, no hints on why Nirdai did what he did. In fact, Nik now seemed to have understood Nirdai's blessing sort of.

Even though he had no way of concluding it, Nik was now certain that his connection with Nirdai was not as simple as an inheritor to a lineage. But, without any way to contact the man due to his previous lineage disappearing completely, Nik had no way to confront him.

Once again, after understanding the true situation of the infernal society no, the true reason of war between the Infernal Paradise and the Holy Paradise, Nik now felt slightly at ease that at least, on the surface, he had nothing to do with the Infernal society.

Next, he casually opened the package of the mature woman who took advantage of him. Unlike the information given out by Nirdai, the package contained three distinctive images.

First one held the n.a.k.e.d painting of the woman herself, her flowing pink hair alongside her mind-numbing curvaceous body with perky b.r.e.a.s.ts, plump a.r.e.o.l.as and a pair of leathery, pink wings emerging from the back of her h.i.p.s.

The best thing about this certain painting was that it was 'alive'. It kept on moving and posing provocatively.

It was the highest quality of an


Alongside the image, a rather lively version of the image appeared around Nik the moment he willed for its presence.

Yeah this could possibly be the best gift he ever received.

But if this was the best gift, then the second image was definitely the worst of its kind.

Instead of a curvaceous woman, what greeted Nik's memory was an extremely familiar, an enchanting boy. At least, that's what his physique boasted. Petite figure, short silver hair and large, round pink pupils blinking innocently with plump, soft pink lips. A chest with slight puffiness and a smooth abdomen leading to a rather child-like penile organ and plump round thighs. Before the said image of the last Succubus could twirl on its toes and reveal more of his indecent, yet slightly arousing glory, Nik instantly switched onto the third image with mind barricaded with caution.

Alas, his caution proved useless, morphing his emotions to cries of joy.

Instead of a curvaceous vixen or a trap that led to the back door of immorality, what found Nik's gaze and his consciousness was actually a young, lively lady. Modest but pert b.r.e.a.s.ts, olive-tinged skin and shorter than usual silver hair, somewhat tomboyish. Apparent abdominal muscles made her charm greater and the smooth muscles of her thick thighs and the particularly toned butt exposed due to her lovely movements eased Nik's tensions.

Whoever gifted him well, it wasn't hard to imagine who could have followed after the founder of Incubus, exposing herself to be the most sensual person he had ever met Lady Mirage.

Well, she shot up right to the top of his very personal top ten most favored beings.

Finally, Nik just kept the summonable images within his consciousness, moving onto the third and the last package.

The blood-red flame erupted around Nik's avatar and a notification popped in front of him.

[Would you like to learn the Skill Battle Arts?

Battle Arts (Lvl 1):

From martial arts to swordplay, and from spear arts to archery. You can learn it all. Are you a scholar who wishes to defend himself? Are you an entity much superior to others that you don't need to practice a particular art before learning it and letting your body accept it? Or, are you simply a lazy narcissistic knowledge freak? Then this skill is for you. Following are the effects of the skill.

Extrapolation of Battle Arts.

Combination of Battle Arts.

Infusion of Battle Arts into muscle memory.

Note: This skill needs its extrapolation bar to be filled before it can be leveled up.

EXT: 100/100

Nxt lvl: 7 Sp]

If Nik had to pass an assessment of the person who would actually relish the chance of learning such skill, it would be the last line of the description A lazy narcissistic knowledge freak.

But, Nik also happened to have filled the first two conditions of the descriptionso of course, he accepted the offer of learning such a beautiful skill.

As he felt the rush of blood in his actual body and the slight changes to the position of his muscles, Nik had no doubt that his movements will be even better than earlier.

Taking a deep breath, he focused his attention to his spiritual world, gazing at the Starry sky covering the entire world.

"Leave her be. She can't appear aside from certain circ.u.mstances." Lilith spoke softly, her crimson blaze crackling calmly.

"I have a few questions for you two." Nik looked towards Lilith and Asmodeus.

"And I shall deny it, Nik. Our conversation occurs due to our need to interact after so many years. Not the other way around." Liltih stated before disappearing into a crimson blaze while Asmodeus waited for a while before asking out, "So? What are the questions?"

She sounded all too eager to continue.

Smiling, Nik, too, took his leave, leaving the former bubbly spirit in a disappointing groan.


"Are you feeling well now?" Nik inquired softly, his hand stroked Saeko's forehead before rubbing her temples with a practiced movement.

"No. I require more attention." Saeko replied calmly without any hint of hesitation in her voice. Her palms remained over her abdomen while she enjoyed the wonderful feeling she could physically feel emanating out of Nik's body.

"So did you name your bloodline?" Saeko inquired lightly.

"What's there to name it?" Nik shrugged and leaned down once again, kissing Saeko. It has already been on a regular interval to keep on providing his body what its needs.

"I mean, it is your bloodline. It should have some sentimental value to at least name it."

"Not interested." Nik smiled and leaned down once again.

"This one was outside the routine." Saeko commented.

"Well, you have already presented your lips to me in attempts to quench my thirst just so you know, I am always thirsty."

It was still early in the morning and Nik didn't want to risk disturbing the sleep of others.

"It feels strange, you know this Spiritual Connection." Saeko commented while closing her eyes once again, feeling the sublime connection between herself and Nik, "It's far more prominent than the previous partner connection." Saeko pursued before opening a notification window in front of herself, its content visible to Nik.

[You are not prescribed any resources from the main pool.

The Consciousness Pool isn't constructed.

Would you attempt a mission?


"You are officially a member of the system, huh just like others." Nik exhaled loudly.

"Doesn't change much." Saeko replied, her arms finally moving up, gently cupping Nik's cheeks, "But please, this Consciousness pool of yours, please make it slightly decent."

As it turns out, the true use of the Consciousness Pool was to connect the consciousness, or at least, a part of the consciousness of all his L.u.s.t Recruits into a massive hub, allowing contacts even with the ones still comatose in the [Harem].

"Well, let's see I will definitely introduce a dress code. Starting with the n.a.k.e.d casuals every week." He grinned, tilting his head softly to kiss Saeko's palm before covering her eyes with his own palm.

"So I was thinking" Nik began, his voice slightly awkward, "Are you interested in a spar?"

Hearing his words, a brilliant smile appeared on Saeko's lips. Although she couldn't see Nik, she felt no need to.

"Sure. But be careful, I can now once again, kick your ass."

"Don't worry, I'll get the last laugh in my own territory." Nik snickered.


"I don't understand one thing." Saeko inquired with a slight smile. Her face was ruddy due to exertion. With the sun finally breaking the dawn, the duo were at the edge of completing their spar. Saeko's left leg remained locked onto Nik's right shoulder, her crotch pressed against Nik's abdomen while the tip of Saeko's fingers remained pressed against the lower base of Nik's jaw.

"I thought that s.e.x and stuff in that category is necessary to your evolution. Why are we sparring like this

Shouldn't we you know?"

Saeko raised her eyebrow suggestively, hinting at the obvious.

"Evolution of the body is a process that will take a lot of time. Each change will be separate and will need a brief period of time to adjust with my current physique.

S.e.x, orgasms, l.u.s.t and the usual is the part of the nutrients fueling my evolution." Nik accepted Saeko's confusion and continued with an annoyed expression, "But I have come to know that regular training, diet and practice of spiritual skills will morph the entire process of evolution into an efficient one.

So, losing myself to the most basic desire of the neutral gene would be counterproductive.

Of course, we will continue this discussion over at my bed, later in the night."

Nik grinned, leaning forward as Saeko took her hand back and let her lips sealed for a few moments as Nik masterfully sucked on her mouth.