Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 266

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 266 Does Obanai Deserves His Pet?

"Just wow"

Shizuka commented softly. She had just been asleep for 19 hours and everything had changed! Nik had already evolved, she was already a part of [Transmigration Paradise], she could share consciousness with other 'sisters-in-cunts' and the worst thing wasshe was the last one to know all of this.


Can't a lady sleep for almost an entire day and wake up just to expect that her man would be kind enough to share such important news when all the interested parties had gathered. What's worse is that after sleeping for almost an entire day without eating, her stomach was roaring rather inelegantly.

The sun had already set to grace its presence to the other hemisphere of the planet while the village grew more lively as the villagers had also started to accompany many demon slayers in dinner. Men found their 'brothers' and women sought their 'sisters'.

"You can always just sleep less." Elizabeth rolled her eyes and continued eating in small bites, unlike Nik and Shizuka, who were practically inhaling their food. Nik committed to his meal because of the hunger caused by the high energy consumption to affiliate his evolution, Shizuka inhaled it because she was also a passionate eater with a knack of keeping herself slim.

"Master." Shizuka looked up, her golden-brown eyes locked with Elizabeth's icy blue ones, "If I sleep longer, I am entitled to eat more and work less...

Tell me that this isn't a model lifestyle."

"I have so many arguments." Shinobu spoke up. Their sitting arrangement hadn't changed. Just that Brian wasn't accompanying them any longer. While this raised questions amongst Nik's group of disciples, the same didn't occur to the other occupants.

"But... she isn't wrong." Shinobu conceded.

"See?" Shizuka smiled when suddenly, Nik coughed softly, his intrusion attracted the attention of the girls. While the hosts of the system knew that Nik was feeling 'thirsty' once again, the same couldn't be said for Aoi, Kanao, Rei, and Saya. Gazing to his side, Nik grinned at Shinobu, leaning down to take the sweet lips of the poisoner who seemed to have gained the approval of his spirit occupant.


Shinobu let out a cute sound while closing her eyes to try and quench her thirst. Nik's body was now slowly turning into a vat of erogenous liquids. His saliva also seemed to have been corrupted enough to spread desire and passion within the people who ingested his saliva.

A soft blush touched the cheeks of the innocent occupants aside Nezuko as Nik retracted his neck and smiled happily before filling the physical needs of his body once he quenched his thirst. Of course, the girls didn't object to the public display of affection while being under the effects of his [L.u.s.t Domain].

Through his [L.u.s.t Domain], Nik also discovered a more powerful and potent version of his previous Pheromonal Domain. But if Ray's pheromonal domain could remain strong enough to block the effects of Nik's domain, it could not remain unscrutinized.

Nik finally understood the methods of how Ray manipulated his Pheromones to converse with others. Quite a neat trick, in Nik's opinion. But this revelation also made Nik privy to the fact that his bloodline would have been more resourceful than Ray's if not for the fact that Ray could summon his most loyal servant- A Familiar.

[Had enough of observing my skill?]

Ray's chat popped up in front of Nik's eyes as he matched Ray's gaze and nodded after a brief moment.

[Ray, can I ask you something?] Nik's gaze focused entirely on Ray's expression as he inquired even without hearing his response.

[Your ancestor... Lady Mirage wouldn't have shared an... image of mine, right?]

Without missing a beat, Ray smiled beautifully before lowering his head and focusing on the food.

[Don't worry... I only had some private screening time... or else, why do you think I am so interested in you?]

The candor in which Ray replied made Nik stagger for a moment. But he didn't raise any more inquiries.

But that didn't mean that the dinner wasn't rambunctious. The dinner, as harmonious as it was, had certain elements eliciting annoyance from the girls with a high probability to receive an enlightening session. The first was Inosuke.

His loud nature and the act of stealing food from Zenitsu's and Tanjiro's plate caused quite a lot of issues, but still, this day belonged to Inosuke. What Nik did, creating a bloodline whilst erasing the Incubus Lineage, couldn't come close to Inosuke's act of feral courtship.

After all, Nik still didn't have balls thick enough to sniff a woman's butt the moment she bent down to start her morning stretching routine before promptly dry humping her akin to a rutting animal filled with passion... well, he did hope that his face would get thick enough to pull the stunt.

Except, today, instead of him, it was Inouke and instead of a woman, it was a rather cute youth.

Yeah, Inosuke dry-humped someone outside Ray's harem. Although, Nik could still see the same youth eyeing Inosuke from far away before focusing on his food. So, Inosuke was a nuisance Nik was quite welcoming of.

The unwelcoming annoyance, however, remained the pillar of Snake gazing at Nik for a prolonged period. Being the youth with a small appetite, Obanai finished his meal rather quickly. Stashing his plates and bowls, he stood up and finally spoke up, "I want to have a word?"

His words, of course, meant for Nik. Now usually, Nik would have rejected him, but he was too gratified by his gains this morning and while those achievements came nowhere close to Inosuke's act of defiance against the norms of society and the general mindset on the acts of intimacy in the public, he was still glad, nonetheless.

Standing up, Nik nodded and smiled, "Of course."


"Quite an isolated location," Nik commented. Even though both of them were still within the village, Obanai still managed to find a rather quiet location for a village that is necessary to be manned by numerous demon slayers.

"This is the weakest spot of the village." Obanai commented. His intentions now seemed clear to Nik. The weakest spot was identified and instead of increasing the security, it was abandoned. Probably a trap.

"So? What do you want to talk about?"

"My interests," Obanai began, "Have been altered... upgraded. But the fact remains that I still care deeply for Mitsuri. She... she is the only good thing that happened to me after Yuuki." Obanai whispered while letting his index twirl on the top of the white serpent's head.

As an activist of petting domestic animals, Nik had to restraint himself with great lengths to not simply pull the ground under Obanai's foot using his earthbending and seize the prized serpent for himself. But he knew better. Women snatched from other men out of spite can be negotiated with, but not loyal pets.

"I am aware of Mitsuri's importance in your life. We talked about you and she was quite relieved when she found out that you attached yourself to Ray."

"I didn't attach myself." Obanai retorted, "I am merely convinced to reproach my interests and now I understand that my interest in Mitsuri is not that of romanticism.

She is simply an important part of my life..." Obanai exhaled loudly while his tense shoulders finally seemed to have loosened, "I hope that you take exceptional care of Mitsuri."

"That goes without saying." Nik looked at Obanai. Maybe... he really deserved to find such a loyal pet... damn it!

"Here is a list." obanai spoke calmly and produced a list from the inner b.r.e.a.s.t pocket of his shirt.

"A list? Oh, goody! What might it be for?" Nik spoke with a dull expression while internally retracting all the positive thoughts he held for the man.

"Mitsuri's likes and dislikes. Her routine, how she enjoys waking up... stuff like that."

"And you don't feel strange having prepared a list?" Nik inquired calmly.


"Alright." Nik spoke while clapping his hands once, "You bring this topic around me again and I will take that snake from you."

Obanai's eyes instantly widened.


"Saya... will you come with me?" Yuriko inquired with a reluctant smile as she was followed by the entourage of enlightened girls. Of course, Elizabeth's calm expression eased Saya quite a lot but it was Shinobu's peculiar smile that made Saya feel uneasy.

"Is there something wrong?" The bespectacled pinkette inquired with a cautious expression. With the things happening around her, especially with her mother, she could be only more cautious, not less.

"I... we," Yuriko gestured towards the group and kept her awkward smile, "Would like to show the four of you something." Yuriko spoke out while gazing at Saya, Rei, Kanao and Aoi.