Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 267

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 267 Preparations

With a translucent article of clothing gripped in her fist, Rei's entire body trembled with outrage, gritting her teeth to keep herself from cursing her respected seniors, she barely managed to speak out a few words.

"We are supposed to simply go along?"

Her ragged breaths and the embarrassed flush alongside her furious expression painted words far more expressible than her mouth. Of course, Yuriko and the others had already expected such a reaction from the potential newbies, but this time, they weren't luring girls for their selfishness, but for the collective benefit of everyone.

Shizuka needed to celebrate her official entry into the ranks of Cultivator and now, Shigure and Saeko also had to celebrate their recent breakthroughs in the swordsmanship. Meanwhile, Nik had to keep his promise of an orgy. So what better way to welcome a group of girls besides a welcoming orgy.

Not to mention, Saeko had already made the girls aware that coitus was one of the things that Nik had an ample need to facilitate his evolution. A total of eleven girls were already inside Elizabeth's current stay. It was larger than others' as to facilitate to her rank.

"I can understand your... anger." Yuriko began.

"Oh, it is much worse!" Saya hissed while adjusting her spectacles while throwing a piece of red cloth on the mattress. All this time, Kanao kept on gazing at her senior's- Shinobu's- gaze, and unable to find the tiniest ripple, Kanao couldn't help but feel her heart flutter. It was Aoi, in fact, who had the strangest expression.

"Something... on your mind?"

Being the most observant out of the group, Shigure had already identified Aoi's inner conflict. Shigure's sudden inquiry attracted Shizuka's and Elizabeth's expression while Saeko had just decided to leave for a moment.

"I- I don't think I can." Aoi whispered with her head lowered down while she stole a glance form the equally curious Mitsuri.

"Yeah! We can't!" Rei backed Aoi while Saya crossed her arms beneath her ample bosom and huffed in annoyance.

"We didn't mean to force you." Yuriko smiled softly and gently patted the downcast Aoi, "And even if you don't wish to, we won't treat you differently."

Yuriko's words pulled an approving nod out of the enlightened ones present in the room.

"No, it's not that." Aoi's indexes pushed against each other right in front of her abdomen while a soft blush touched her cheeks. Her gaze didn't dare rise while she tilted her head.

"It's not that I don't like Nik... he is a kind man who treated and trained me with patience...

I just don't... feel the kind of stuff you would probably feel from a person that you like."

Now, this was a girl gossip that temporarily united the two opposing sides within the room as all gazes focused onto the petite Aoi, who couldn't help but feel even more vulnerable.

"Give the poor girl some space, will you?" Shinobu chuckled mildly, her violet gaze swept past the softly trembling Aoi, making her smile broaden. Walking past the group of girls, Shinobu took Aoi's hand and led her to a chair, softly nudging the lamb to take a seat... to prevent her from escaping out of embarrassment.

"Now, take a deep breath and calm down." Shinobu whispered and genty rubbed Aoi's back while the others' gaze still remained focused on the young teenager, waiting for Shinobu to do whatever she was doing.

"I-" Aoi stammered, her gaze once again sneaking at Mitsuri's direction, "I only like Nik as a friend... given his frankness, brother, even...

But I like.. M..."

Aoi's whispers mixed into her soft breathing, making others unable to hear her explanation, aside from Shinobu. Her eyes widened momentarily, pupils expressing conflict, Shinobu took a hard time deciding if she should be amused or sad with Aoi. Continuing to rub her back, Shinobu gazed at Mitsuri, making the bubbly chef feel slightly awkward.

"What?" She inquired while taking a slight step back.

"It's alright, Aoi... as Yuriko said, we won't force you."

At this point, Saya wished to intervene and politely remark that they are also not to be forced, but kept her quiet once she observed how somber Shinobu looked.

"But, allow me to say this." Shinobu leaned down to give a hug while whispering a few words into Aoi's ear, "If you do decide to join us... you might be able to see a side of her that only her truly beloved has ever seen."

She continued with a tone that seemed to have already gripped Aoi's heart and attention alike, "And let me assure you... she is even more alluring than you can ever imagine." Shinobu almost cooed into Aoi's ear.

"I want to witness!" Aoi suddenly snapped out a reply and looked at Shinobu in the eye, "I agree to enter and gain the so-called experience of a lifetime."

Aoi's agreement was never a part of Rei's wildest imagination and as she gazed at a smirking Shinobu, her heart grew cold.

It seemed to her that the four of them were doomed to go through this- an experience of a lifetime- the moment they stepped into Elizabeth's hut.


"So let me get this straight." Ray inquired with his eyebrows raised in amus.e.m.e.nt, "The eleven of you wish to-"

"Don't say it out loud!" Rei hissed with a furious blush as she turned her head towards Saeko and inquired with an indignant expression, "And why did you bring a boy here?!"

"Because he literally has years of experience under his belt." Saeko replied with a deep sigh. This time, Ray spoke up with a frown, "I would like to help you all, but I don't appreciate such puns."

This time, except for Nezuko, the other girls focused on Ray as Shigure inquired softly, "What's a... pun?"

"Forget it..." Ray exhaled deeply. He was in the wrong to even think that the medieval era could ever produce intended puns, "Before other raise inquiries to my participation in your preparation... of the party," Ray smiled towards Rei, "Let me make one thing clear that I've been with men far more times than any of you...

Since I don't think that Nik believes in swinging relationsh.i.p.s." Ray's words once again pulled confused gazes from others except for Aoi, who focused on the fact that as a male, Ray was still probably in a relationship with another male.

"Alright, alright, I'll focus on the issue presently. The most important thing to consider for such a party is the ratio of gender. Now, with Nik as the only man, it is important to organize yourself in pairs so as to give Nik enough space and time to enjoy himself while your partner pleases you in Nik's absence."

Looking at the silent girls, Ray picked out Elizabeth and Shigure.

"Say, Shigure and Elizabeth, you two know each other and given the time that you both have spent with Nik, there is obviously some chemistry between you two. Now, if you both take the first turn, others can continue to make out with each other until Nik focuses on others. This way, none of you will feel left out."

"I pick Nezuko!" Before anyone could speak, Mitsuri practically squealed and hugged the clueless Nezuko from behind. This action made Aoi's gaze slightly disappointed, but Shinobu's words made others astonished.

"Aoi, you are with me on this one."

With two newbies already taken by the experienced ones, ensuring their demise, Saya and Rei looked towards each other instantly spoke up.

"I pick Saya/Rei!"

This time, it was Yuriko's gaze to turn disappointed if not for Elizabeth speaking up.

"We mothers will stick together."

Finally, Shizuka looked in between Saeko and Shigure, unable to make her mind. After all, even if they pick partners, Shizuka was absolutely certain that the party would devolve into nothing but a field of l.u.s.t and passion in which, she would last the longest!

Before she could say anything, Shigure walked past Shizuka and openly welcoming Saeko to Kanao, silently holding the hands of another silent, yet blushing maiden.

"Alright, I think all the partners are decided... let's think of a gameplan." Ray muttered when he finally turned his attention towards the pieces of colorful lingerie bundled over the mattress, "Is this what you will be wearing?" Ray inquired with a smile.

"If that's what Nik will see you guys wearing, maybe you all deserve an equal treatment of him wearing this." Ray smirked while taking out a piece of clothing out of thin air, attracting Aoi's, Rei's, Saya's and Kanao's astonishment.


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