Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 268

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 268 The Party 1

Swallowing globule of saliva, Nik exhaled deeply. His energy was being spent at a rate far quicker than he had previously estimated. His legs were started to feel spent as his c.o.c.k grew more and more energized. Even walking seemed slightly difficult with more of his energy set aside towards his reproductive organ involuntarily.

Through Ray, Nik came to know that he was expected to meet in Elizabeth's hut and while he held many expectations for the night, after all, he would be having his first 'risky' s.e.x after his evolution, Nik was quickly forced to realize that without a regular source of food and woman's bodily fluids, even sustenance will be a force to be reckoned with.

Dragging his steps out, Nik finally found himself closing in on Elizabeth's brightly lit hut and through his extraordinary hearing- credits to his slowly enhancing physique- Nik heard whispers of girls that shouldn't be present within the hut in the first place.

yes, he remembered his promise with Shizuka to organize an orgy, but he did admit that he had overestimated his calculations and underestimated the resources to facilitate the neutral gene within his body to strengthen and evolve his body.

And the contents of the whispers made it far easier to paint the picture of the clothes they are settled in. One of the greatest mystery remained that Nik had just left the lingerie for the girls he was already physically associated with, but the contents of the whispers made him realize that there were four uncounted girls and they, too, were in similar clothing befitting an enlightened one.

At this point, the image of the silver-haired youth passed through his consciousness, making him understand the events that might have been transpired. Pushing the door open, Nik walked through the short path only to look at his side and there they stood, waiting patiently with their bodies covered in neat lingerie, colored stockings and garter blets pulled up to their waist with their hair done professionally, a profession which shouldn't be found in this medieval era, making Nik owe Ray another favor, Their pale bodies exposed with most luscious parts hidden under the translucent gauze as pairs of nubbins stood erect, protruding out from their braziers.

"Oh, shit." Nik cursed softly when he felt the last dregs of his energy voluntarily shifted onto his already flared up c.o.c.k, making it bulge even tighter against his pants as his knees gave in and his figure dived onto the floor, pulling a yelp out of the beauties present.


As the thumping sound made the beauties realize Nik sudden fall, Nezuko's act of moving up to the fallen victim of their glorious sight only to pat his head softly brought them back to attention.

"Are you... alright?" Shigure paced up, her perky b.r.e.a.s.ts pushed up under the tight hold of the lined-bra with her crotch covered by a lacey thong, leaving her toned kunoichi butt to the admirers. Just like others, her hair was done in a braided fashion. It was one of Ray's insights. If things were bound to be messy, it was quite a neat task to braid the hair so that the disheveledness of the hair was the last thing that the participants of the orgy should worry about.

Alas, all their plans and preparations came to an abrupt end the moment Nik fell. For the first person to approach Nik was surely the bravest of the group as the simple touch of the opposing gender filled Nik with the power he felt that he had lost for the moment. But, instead of jumping up on Nezuko right off the bat, Nik merely took her lips, pulled her down and r.a.p.ed her body with his while letting his hands run down her petite body hidden by the soft pink lingerie.

The kiss lasted for a short moment but it held lasting impact on the newbies present and as Nik stood with slight strength filling his existence, he located the woman he promised his first time to as an evolved and there she stood, gazing at him with barely concealed amus.e.m.e.nt and a broad smirk while a lacey, translucent dark-blue lingerie exposed her pale bosom and light pink n.i.p.p.l.es in the shade of blue while her already moistened crotch attracted a deep whiff from Nik.

gazing at the entire scene, Nik easily came to a conclusion that Ray's involvement had led the girls to come with a gameplan and not wishing to nullify all their efforts, Nik helped Nezuko stand up as her light pink hues matched Nik's violet orbs, transferring her confusion and wonder together.

"It seems that all of you have prepared something..." Nik began, not minding the obvious embarrassment on the faces of Saya, Rei, Kanao, and Aoi as the raspiness of his voice attracted the attention of the best healer in the place.

"Are you hurt?" Shizuka asked with her b.r.e.a.s.ts still being able to defy logic and jiggle in such tight clothing.

"Unmanaged energy, yes. But not hurt." Nik pointed at his obvious boner and smiled, "So? Don't keep me in suspense."

"First." Saeko began as she picked a vest and a pair of pants alongside a black cloth before walking up to Nik and taking his hand to lead him towards the conspicuously placed chair, nudging his body softly to let him take the seat as she whispered a few words.

"Can you steer the mood of the group? Your sudden actions kind of turned the room awkward."

Instantly obliging, Nik let his [L.u.s.t Domain] cover the small room packed full with beauties while he also filled the place with his pheromones, fueling the slowly dwindling flames of passion and suppressed l.u.s.t, letting the heat of their bodies overcome their awkwardness as their pale skin soon gained a tinge of pink while they felt their crotches moistening.

With a twirl, Saeko gazed at Shizuka, "Sis, with me, just like we planned. The rest of you are allowed to enjoy the show and learn or commit yourself to the act."

She grinned before sitting on Nik's lap while raising her chin to match his lips while pulling his head downwards. Shizuka, on the other hand, made her way towards Nik promptly.

'Hmmm~ The taste is different from before,' Saeko commented as she felt connected to Nik. But this kiss was just to ensure that Nik won't fall again as she pushed her cushy rear against Nik,s hardened and searing rod, letting it rest in between her buttcheeks while Shizuka walked behind Nik and placed her hefty bosom on top of his head while letting her hands fall on Nik's traps, covering her palms with tendrils of Hamon to massage Nik's shoulder.

Finally, as Shizuka's strokes soothed Nik and pulled approving breaths of relief, Saeko moved down, kneeling on the mattress while placing the sleeveless vest on his lap, internally asking him to wear it while she made work with the buckle on Nik's pants. Unlike before, it was quite a task to free Nik's erect c.o.c.k from the tightened space of his pants but with a little bit of effort, Saeko managed to accomplish her goals.

But, as Shizuka unbuttoned the top of his shirt while massaging his head with her bosom. Saeko took a more direct approach and pulled his pants apart with strength enough to rip it!


Nik, of course, held no complaints about the act as Saeko's eagerness made the task even hotter. Finally, Nik removed his shirt and donned on the open vest while he raised himself slightly from the seat to wear the pants that Saeko had intended for him to wear. And much to his surprise, the pants came with a crotch cutout, leaving his balls and hefty shaft exposed. Seeing Nik's current form, Saeko nodded in satisfaction and silently let her palms crawl up Nik's thighs while he felt Shizuka's bosom rise and fall more significantly as the buxom blonde's arms also grew more passionate, moving from his shoulder o the base of his neck and chest.

Meanwhile, Saeko nuzzled her cheeks against Nik's full, bursting balls. His lineage made sure that every form of fluid excreted from his body to be content pleasing to the senses of other beings and Saeko's deep whiff accomplished her objective to make sure that Nik's fragrance had only grown for the better. Her warm hands cupped his balls before she planted a soft peck on Nik's scrotum. The voices of glazed l.u.s.t grew oblivious to her as she opened her mouth wide to lick the underside of Nik's veiny shaft from the base of his c.o.c.k right up to the top of its tip before closing her mouth to form a small pout on the holes situated on the tip.

From there, letting her spit dribbled down, Saeko started to lube Nik's c.o.c.k, ensuring that even his scrotum was wet and soppy s if to selfishly mark her presence on the entirety of his pleasure organ. The soft sound of sloppy wetness aroused other around her, who couldn't help but marvel at the act of Saeko bobbing her head slightly to ensure that the exposed head of Nik's c.o.c.k remained within her warm mouth, wrapped by her thick tongue as the sound of her palms diving up and down with a firm grip filled the room.

Finally, feeling enough wetness around his shaft, Saeko matched Nik's gaze as her palms slipped down, thumb massaging his scrotum while her head dived down with her tongue accommodating the underside of his shaft. With Nik's c.o.c.k lodged into her throat, Saeko moved her head sideways with grunts of pleasure leaking through the small opening of her lips as she choked with reckless abandon.

After a few moments, she slid up, letting Nik's c.o.c.k spring free with an audible gasp leaving her mouth alongside fluids that she quickly placed her arm beneath her mouth, applying the fluids back on Nik's c.o.c.k before standing up while cleaning the trail of saliva running down her lips. With her thighs parted from Nik's enclosed knees, Saeko leaned down to take Nik's slightly parted lips while pulling him through his collar as she lowered her butt down, letting her cunt spread by the sheer thickness of his c.o.c.k.

Her entrapping m.o.a.n finally trickled into his spiritual world and consciousness alike, 'Ready for the main event~?'