Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 269

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 269 The Party 2

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To Aoi, this was an entirely foreign experience. The slow and gradual rise of her body's temperature while the involuntary twitches of her v.i.r.g.i.n, slightly unkempt p.u.s.s.y. Even the erection of her n.i.p.p.l.es felt slightly different... firmer than the time during the drop in temperature after bathing every morning. And from casual observation, it wasn't just her.

Suddenly, the naive girl felt a pair of hands wrapped around her lithe waist as Shinobu let out a hot, pleasing breath into Aoi's ear, "You feel it, too, don't you?"

Cooing softly, Shinobu continued as her left arms crept up. It was at this moment, the sound of Saeko ripping Nik's pants attracted Aoi's attention and the sudden jump of Nik's c.o.c.k pulled out a soft yelp from her cute mouth.

"See that?" Shinobu smirked with her eyes narrowed as the more experienced ones around the duo had already started interacting each other in a more intimate level, "That monster enters your sweet Mitsuri, spreading her p.u.s.s.y," and as if to demonstrate it in action, Shinobu's right arm covered Aoi's crotch, her middle and index finger spreading Aoi's cute cunt, "Wider than that... and she enjoys it... practically begs for more."

The moistened crotch made it easier for Shinobu to demonstrate while she leaned down to nibble on Aoi's right earlobe while resting her chin on her shoulders. By now, the effect of [L.u.s.t Domain] alongside Nik's Pheromones finally kicked in.

"Hnngh!" Aoi bit her lip as she felt Shinobu's roguish left hand pinching her left n.i.p.p.l.e right through the fabric accurately. But even then, Aoi's gaze remained entirely on the slowly cared-for c.o.c.k, growing oblivious to her female crush's actions of defiling an innocent life.


"You... feel afraid?" Shigure held Kanao's hands softly while gazing into Kanao's equally violet eyes. As if confirming her suspicion from matching Kanao's trembling gaze, the warm-hearted kunoichi pulled the petite girl into a soft embrace, completely ignoring the slowly devolving party of l.u.s.t as she continued whispering calming and soothing words to the girl who barely held on even after watching Nik's true size for a brief moment.

"It is... alright. Fear... is natural." Shigure whispered, stroking Kanao's back while observing the room. With Mitsuri already licking the side of Nezuko's neck and Shinobu breathing down Aoi, there remained only two newbies who unfortunately partnered with each other, both equally inexperienced and had it not been for Nik's [L.u.s.t Domain], Saya and Rei would have probably bolted off. But that wasn't the true issue here, both of them were awkward and honestly, the others in the room didn't have much in their mind to pay any attention to them.

As previously observed, Shinobu and Mitsuri were one of a kind, too obsessed with the act of defiling one's innocence with Shinobu leaning onto the psychological tendencies and Mitsuri the physical ones. What else, Yuriko and Elizabeth were easily able to hit it off all on the right spots with their past experiences.

With a sigh, much to her surprise, Shigure felt Kanao's arms wrap around her waist, slightly closer to her h.i.p.s as the sound of muffled whiffs emerged from her bosom that clamped around Kanao's head.

"Are you eager?" Shigure inquired in whispers, her own arms wrapping around Kanao's petite form, her indexes and thumbs slowly kneading on the upper part of Kanao's butt gently. Even though Kanao made no effort to reply, her more than eager hands painted an entirely different image of the silent and shy beauty.


One loud, relieved, and a satisfied groan rumbled within the space, marking the beginning of Saeko's turn as the act finally caught the interest of s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrated Saya and Rei.

With no experienced one to guide the two of them out of their awkwardness, Rei and Saya could barely face each other, not to mention others in the room when one of them caught in the act of pleasure was one's mother.

And understanding of how such debauched activities could attract the entire focus of the participants, Shigure made another effort out of herself to not only make the silent girl more comfortable but the rowdy-duo, too. Leading Kanao by the hold of her hand, Shigure finally walked up to Rei and Saya, who stood apart at an index's length while staring at their exposed cleavage. They wished to stare down at their toes, but only now did the duo understand that their fortunately large bosom did prove to be a hindrance in such a scenario.

Feeling the silent kunoichi's approach, Rei shifted her gaze for a mere moment. With her eyes lasting a moment longer across Shigure's entirely calm expression with a hint of blush on her cheeks alongside the slightly shorter and equally calm Kanao, Rei finally felt that she should bolt off.

Alas, such thoughts were once again squashed with the sound of sloppy wet 'squelches' of Saeko riding Nik with her lips locked against Nik's as the duo let out muffled groans that mixed into the delightful m.o.a.ns of the women slowly turning up the temperature of their body and the room.

To an experienced eye, this situation could be considered hot but to inexperienced ones such as Rei and Saya dirty is the only word that could suffice the description. And they weren't wrong. With juices slowly covering the floor and Shizuka, surprisingly, being the only one to stay untouched by extreme passion as she dedicatedly serviced Nik's broad torso, the duo couldn't be more correct.

"You... need guidance." Amongst the sound of delightful debauchery, Shigure spat out some hard facts, making the Saya and Rei roll their eyes before they looked at each other. It was true that they now felt the same heat and passion slowly eating away on their moral baselines and if they started committing on their feelings, that very passion would quickly claim onto the remaining bits of consciousness.

Guidance to that vulnerable spot in consciousness was the last thing the duo needed. At least, this is what their rational thoughts claimed and yet, their stomach felt the butterflies when they heard Shigure's words.

"No need." Saya rushed out a hiss, her face growing hotter by the second. To the pinkette's surprise, Shigure let go of Kanao's hand at this moment and let her hands fall on the duo's shoulders.

"I know..." Shigure wasn't much of a pursuer, but she did have a few words of wisdom left by her late father, "You have... to push through...

Just do it."


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