Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 271

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 271 Gains

[Name: Nik Faran

Age: 20

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: ??? (Yet to be named.)

Talent: Exotic Escort

STR: 15--> 17

AGL: 15--> 19

VIT: 17--> 18

ENG: 26

CHM: 10

LUK: 2]

Finally clean, Nik commenced the stretching exercise that allowed him to get used to the burst of his physical stats. He wasn't feeling as hungry or as tired as before, but the minuscule and gradual shift of energy towards his c.o.c.k made Nik realize that his evolution just wasn't completed.

The sun hadn't risen yet and the girls were still sleeping. Nik didn't sleep. Oddly, while he should be feeling panic and depressed by all the creamy pies he served to the girls that may lead to unwanted pregnancy, whenever Nik recalled that particular distinct image of himself smashing the face of that old bitch in his past and forgotten memories, he felt relief and calm spreading into his body.

There was no doubt that his future 'endeavors' may pose such a risk. But now, at least, Nik was willing to take those risks... at least, until he finds a skill with the same effect as [Baby Hater].

The changes in his physique were quite obvious to him, too. Even the basic difference in the length of his arms or the width of his waist could prove essential in the daily instances of his life and such differences bade more consequential ramifications in a battle if such an issue is not addressed as soon as possible. With the help of his newly acquired skill [Battle Arts].

But if this particular skill that could infuse the muscle memory of the textbook martial arts and other skills could be classified as unreasonably destructive to one's nature in the ways of inflation of ego and laziness, the dialog box floating in front of Nik from the moment he took his next pure maiden Nezuko made him realize that the 'madness' in his life had just begun.

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of obtainable talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc, obtainable by host compiled. Please select.


Talent: Balance

Strength: 1 Point


Vitality: 3 Points




Skills: Blood Art Blood Purification

Element: Fire]

If previously, his ability to gain access to others' affinities was purely random, the true ability of his [Talent] was far more potent than he had realized previously. As Nik continued to stretch his body and pressurize his body parts to quickly adapt to the changes in his stats while his [Battle Arts] made its work around filling his body with pure physical information in the form of muscle memory, Nik decided to finally humor the thought of starting with things he would have inadvertently gained from Nezuko had he not mysteriously exposed to the truths of his [Talent].

[Balance: A skill known to stabilize. It can stabilize the mind, spirit, physique, energy and even the soul. The true effect of this skill is only uncovered when two or more concepts are stabilized by the hosts of this particular talent.]

[Blood Art Blood Purification: To purify means to cleanse. One can use his or her blood to cleanse beings in myriad ways. Using the same concept on unrequired pollutants such as cancerous microorganisms, poisonous elements, etc, is not unheard of.]

"Yeah... I am going to be way in over my head in the next couple of years..."

Nik mumbled as his eyes almost bulged out when faced with the things he needs to choose from the collection his [Talent] allowed him access to. And honestly, the news left a certain trace of distaste within his mouth.

While he sought after answers regarding the true mechanism of his [Talent], now Nik truly wished he didn't know its secret. To him, s.e.x has always been a pleasure. Never did he try to make his intimate contact with his special someone anything other than the enjoyment of l.u.s.t and pleasure, at least, not after escaping his life as an allegedly arrogant whore.


And now faced with the tough decision that might change his outlook on how to gaze view his future relationsh.i.p.s pleasure or business he couldn't make the decision.


Nik groaned in displeasure.

"You look like a kid on the verge of making a wrong decision. Want to unload whatever's troubling you?"

The only person who could track Nik in the middle of the forest in such a time could only be another troubled soul. Alas, Nik remained unfortunate enough to meet a troubled man-succubus. Standing up from his stance, Nik turned around and observed Ray in an uncharacteristic Silver onesie.

"Don't look at me like that... I am too tired to appear with glamor and mockery."

With an obvious look of exhaustion on his face, Ray let out a deep sigh and leaned on the bark of the nearest tree.

"And yet, here you are." Nik jested with a straight face.

"There's nothing wrong with worrying for a friend." Ray admitted, "I have never explained my occupation in my homeworld, right?"

"I never thought there is any need to." Nik frowned.

"Let me explain... I have a selfish request." Ray smile wearily, "In my homeworld, we have a term Doctor-Patient Confidentiality. Are you aware of it?"

Nik sat on the cold ground, his enhanced physique didn't go unnoticed by Ray.

"I am well aware. Certain secrets remain between the doctor operating on the patient."

"To sum it up, yes." Ray nodded, sitting on the ground, too.

"I am a psychiatrist." The succubus opened up.

"I know about the occupation." Nik replied softly, not liking the direction the conversation was steered towards.

"Then, it is far easier to put up my request. I wish to become your psychiatrist, too, at least"

"You must be joking, right?"

Nik interrupted with a frown.

"I have been with you for almost two weeks now and yet, it's apparent that when it comes to making decisions that could change your life, you simply can't truly think things through.

Like, now. Your frustration after hours of s.e.x and gain in strength and abilities due to your evolution indicates that your problems lie within these two activities itself.

Tell me if I am wrong."

"Forget about me... what about you? Just like you explained, we have only met for less than two weeks. Why such intense interest in me? It surely cannot be due to our lineages." Nik inquired as he narrowed his eyes.

"Our bloodline is just a single reason. The other is your method of life...

You say something else, you do something else and you feel entirely different from what you say and commit. So, your situation is of interest to me.

From my Founder, I have already come to know the limitations of our bloodline and she, too, suggested that I broke free from my lineage to get the rewards in a cheap method. But when it comes to you, the situation about the three infernal pillars seems oddly twisted and personal... like waayyy personal.

So you tell me, Nik, how can you be of any less interest?

All I ask of you is to let me solve you."

Ray replied sincerely and while Nik held not a single shred of doubt that the succubus did not lie, Nik still felt incomparably weird at the same time.

These past few hours had been hectic for Nik. He found out the true enemies that destroyed the Incubus lineage in the past weren't external ones but the internal demons of the Incubus their desire of l.u.s.t and domination especially when it came to a rival's woman. The [Holy Paradise] and [Infernal Paradise] warred against each other because Nirdai f.u.c.k.i.e.d the Holy Mother of the [Holy Paradise] while Lady Morage recorded the entire scene and spread it in the multiverse.

Thus, losing his life due to his own actions.

But this wasn't the news that truly made Nik feel nervous. No, it was the fact that after understanding the truth behind the tribulation and how easily he crossed it, not to mention, with multiple gifts from the Infernal founders, Nik came to a startling realization Somehow, he knew them.

This feeling only came to him after he had opened all the packages left by the infernal founders. The entirety of the situation was strange. And the existence of Asmodeus and Lilith wasn't helpful, too.

With a sigh, Nik decided to straighten himself since Ray spoke the truth when she claimed that he couldn't think things through, at least, not with such a scrambled up consciousness.

"If I am not wrong, I can speak about anything, right?"

"Right." Ray nodded. He was truly interested in Nik. A person who can kill strangers without much thought but also being able to care for certain strangers and entering into a relationship was the very definition of a rare case study for Ray. The succubus knew that the mentality of everyone within the system would be unique due to the difference in era, climate, past, and experiences. But at least, they all were straightforward. Brian didn't have aversion to blood, and in return, the temporal fiend also couldn't form meaningful relationsh.i.p.s.

Ray himself didn't like killing, at least, not in a bloody manner, allowing himself to realize how much of a coward he was.

What about Nik?

This conversation may finally give him a chance to look through Nik's vision.

"Did you know about the fact that I received a similar image of you, Lady Mirage and another young woman when I met her during the tribulation?" Nik began. He still didn't feel comfortable talking about the things that truly troubled him and finally decided to solve the minor mysteries haunting his life.

"I am well aware." Ray smiled and nodded while taking out a small notebook and a click pen.

Willing internally, the n.a.k.e.d figure of the healthy young woman with a tomboyish hairstyle and a lithe body appeared in front of Nik. The dazzling pink pupils instantly found Nik sitting cross-legged and twirled around her toes before slumping down on Nik's lap, placing her toned butt on Nik's slowly bulging c.o.c.k.

Even though Ray should not be feeling strange about the fact that Nik was given a n.a.k.e.d spiritual-physical onahole, the identity of the said woman was slightly troubling for him.

"If you want to know about the identity of this woman..." Ray began, "She is the reason I decided to enter the [Transmigration Paradise] in the first place...

She is my elder sister. The person who was supposed to inherit Lady Mirage's lineage before she disappeared."

The news came as quite a surprise for Nik and instantly, he dispelled the woman's image.

"Apologies." Nik whispered with a sigh.

"You didn't know. So, don't worry. Now that you have cleared your first inquiry... how are you feeling? Relieved?"

"More like depressed. Man, why didn't you tell us that you are trying to find your sister?"

"And risk letting you lay your hands on her? No, thank you." Ray smiled.

"Well... she was on my lap just recently..."

Nik shrugged at the obvious glare from Ray and continued, "But yeah, it feels nice to have my thoughts at least, not diverted towards the mystery woman. May I know the name of your sister?"


Ray responded with ease.

"Hmm... next..." Ray closed his eyes for a moment before finalizing his thoughts.

"Did you ever mix your reasons for having s.e.x with someone?" Nik's troubled expression finally allowed Ray to understand that they were finally making some progress.


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