Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 273

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 273 Overpowered Gifts

With a soft groan, Nik stood up and felt the instant difference in the way he was able to observe his surroundings. While his eyesight had been enhanced considerably after the increase in his vitality, there remained a significant difference in the manner his eyes could capture the motion of his surroundings. But, such a change would take some time to get used to and control his enhanced vision to turn it into an asset to his body would definitely take more than just 'some time'.

With Ray taking slightly more than half-an-hour of his time, Nik remained idle before the dawn touched the sky, Exhaling deeply, Nik figured that he might as well start to unload the hefty amount of reward gained by the destruction of the Incubus Lineage. Leaning on the trunk of the tree, Nik opened his inventory.

[Energy Crystal Clay (W)x1, Earth Slasher (W(8))x1, Heal Dumpling (G)x1, Snake Tooth Dagger (G)x1, Acidic Molotov (W)x4, Large Spicy Steak (G)x2, Blood Origin Blood Imp (W), Pearl of Origin (W), Numb Clay (G), Fluorescent Poison (G), Curse House (Dark Purple), Gold Medallion, Diamond Medallion, Lineage Battle Seraphim (Legendary), Smite Token (Legendary), Invitation Holy Society(Unique), Tome of Battle (Legendary), Valkyrie Art (Unique), Miscellaneous Items]


Nik whistled as he gazed at his stash.

White, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Dark Purple, Golden, Dark Golden, Diamond, Legendary and Unique.

This was the classification of items within the [Transmigration Paradise]. Unique level of items, meanwhile, could be extremely strong or extremely weak depending on the situation. For example, Nik's Harem. It could now store any unconscious person if Nik willed to, of course, he would rather not pollute the harem with the male population.

Extending his palm out, a gold medallion materialized in front of him, gently rotating with a soft glow on its surface. Without much hesitation, Nik willed to open the medallion, causing it to shine brightly for a moment before a crystal blue flute gently landed on Nik's palm.

[Siren's Call (Golden):

Known for their enchanting melody, the Sirens have built their reputation only to fall under the hands of the enraged divinities of the multiverse who lost too many of their offsprings. The legend exists that the divinity of Lightning, Sea, and Spirit still hosts these creatures. Siren's Call can be used in three forms

Celestial Call: To bring the listener of the melody into a deep trance of peace and content under the call of celestials. The melody doesn't only affect the mind, but the body and the spirit, too Anyone under the average stat of 80 will fail to resist the effects while anyone above the said stats would have varying effects.

Generative Call: To induce the act of creating another generation under the call of the Entity of Nymphs. This melody fails to affect the spirit but its effect on the body and the mind grows more potent. Anyone under the average stat of 100 will fail to resist the will to mate while the hosts with their Spirits activated will have less effect.

Purificatory Call: To purify the listeners from their emotions. The use of this call depends on the situation and the divines of the underworld breed Sirens for this particular call. This call has more potent effects on the mind and the Spirit and even the awakened spirit of the hosts is affected by this call. Anyone under the average stat of 100 points will fail to resist the effects.]

With a sigh of satisfaction, Nik placed the [Siren's Call (Golden)] into his inventory before another medallion that seemed to have been formed of diamond of unknown sources.

A piercing white light illuminated the entire forest before a crystal black oval landed on his palm.

[World Key (Unique):

An unused, blank key to store the coordinates of the world that the host would like to travel again into.]

With a sigh, Nik placed the key into his inventory before looking at the items he received from the mission.

[Lineage Battle Seraphim (Legendary):

Being the strongest bloodline under the [Holy Paradise], the battle seraphim excel in battle unlike their counterparts, who revel in luxuries and other enjoyments of life. Born to fight, the bloodline has a unique twist to the mind of the host to grow aware of the battles and gain more experience and insights after each battle. Vicious and bloodthirsty, Battle Seraphims are known to be avoided in the multiverse by other kinds.

Integration: 99%

Next Evolution: ???]

[Smite Token (Legendary):

Favored by the Supreme Seraphim, the user of the token can invoke the will of the planet the token currently resides in to mobilize the entire strength of the planet to smite the target.

Uses Left: 3]

[Invitation Holy Society(Unique):

An invitation to the fabled Holy Society of the multiverse. The host can enter the society once certain conditions are met.

Conditions: Lived for more than 100 years as a Battle Seraphim.]

[Tome of Battle (Legendary):

A manual that describes the art of battle in every single manner possible. This manual is personally compiled by the Supreme Seraphim and his legendary disciples after millions of years of research. It is known that once, a rumored copy of this very manual caused the destruction of an entire Galaxy.

Note: It is recommended that the host does not copy the entire content to his consciousness to not overload your mind.]

[Valkyrie Art (Unique):

A supreme method created by the Holy Mother of the Holy Society. Although the whereabouts of the Holy Mother still remain unknown, her method to empower the women of the multiverse is still highly sought after. The user of the art can only be females and each female user can create a mark unique to themselves before sharing it with others so that they can combine their might in face of abysmal threats.]

{A/N: The Valkyrie ar is something picked from another novel- Profane Prince of Domination. And yes, I asked for Devil Paragon's permission before taking one of his ideas and putting it in my fanfiction.}

Astonished, Happy, Confused... these were one of the many emotions that Nik felt flooding within himself. If his skill [Battle Arts] was already overpowered enough, then the arrival of the [Tome of Battle] made it sure that Nik could not underutilize his skill. Meanwhile, the [Valkyrie Art] seemed to be tailor-made for the harem of women and the [Smite Token]... it was an unreasonable existence that made sure to give Nik the right to exterminate someone or something for a total of three times.

The only thing Nik couldn't wrap his head around was the condition mentioned in the invitation. Why wait a hundred years? Either way, Nik didn't ponder too deeply for he wasn't going to join the [Holy Association] in the foreseeable future.

With all his gains recognized, Nik stood straight and let his elemental energy course within his body. This was a routine workout for Nik. He would control various elements at least once in a day to not lose even the basic proficiency in the way of elements.

But now, the clear feeling of absolute... control...


The feeling Nik experienced wasn't that of control, but surety. The surety that the energy within his body wouldn't rampage. Instantly, Nezuko's existence enlightened Nik and he finally understood that it was Nezuko's innate talent- Balance, that allowed her body to accommodate the Negative and the Positive Hamon, at the same time.

With slight anticipation and cautious trust towards the description provided by the system, instead of converting his energy into a single trait of elemental energy, Nik clasped his hands together and focused his attention towards the center of both of his palms and actively changed the trait of his energy from the Earth Element to Wind and Water.

His body felt quite pressurized but the moment the two energies contacted in the tiny gap between his palms, instead of a backlash, that Nik had faced once in a failed experiment induced out of curiosity, the dual-energy interacted with each other before Nik felt an entirely foreign feedback.

He had succeeded. This form of an element was new to Nik and the usual approach to science suggesting that this element would be related to ice was incorrect. At least, that's what the puffy cloud covering Nik's arm suggested.

But, alongside elation, a tiny part of Nik lamented over the fact that he had inadvertently added more training to his schedule.