Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 274

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 274 Departure

Nik's solitary training lasted for two hours. For the first half-an-hour, he controlled multiple strands of the gravitational force around his body. Unlike his usual attempts, Nik felt at ease when he tried o increase his range of control for the pressure on his mind was minimized by more than a slight margin. But with more and more energy expended, Nik felt the traits of partial weakening once again, forcing him to discontinue his practice of controlling more than 17 strands of gravitational force to a meager count of 4 while he mentally willed the [Tome of Battle] to appear in his palm as he sat down.

Boasting the recorded knowledge of the method of battles and myriad skills, the [Tome of Battle] physically appeared to be a single sheet with dark-gold border and unreadable imprints on its surface. It was only after a total of seven minutes that Nik figured out to explore the contents of the tome using his consciousness.

While he had expected a literal trove of skills and methods to annihilate one's opponents, the tome opened up with philosophies on the concept of the word- battle- itself.

According to the Supreme Seraphim, a battle, in its nature, is one of the many arrows in the quiver of resolving one's issues in life. This was a sentiment that Nik shared instantly but deep down, Nik felt that the Supreme Seraphim might have etched this philosophy before his life spiraled downwards with a glossy green hat on top of his head.

And as much as Nik had started to mock the very existence of such an empowered being, the words of wisdom left behind in the tome made Nik realize that he was far too weak and inexperienced to even humor the idea of mocking the Supreme Seraphim's life.

Maybe Nirdai had the capital to offend the Supreme Seraphim in such a humiliating manner, but Nik did not.

With the clouds of contempt cleared out of his mind, Nik could finally focus on the philosophies and absorb their core values. Alas, as Nik grew engrossed, the breaking o dawn finally tore his mind apart from the tome. With a refreshed expression, Nik silently stood and made his way towards the village.


As usual, before leaving his hut, Nik made sure to clean every corner of his current residency alongside the nubile guests present. The break of dawn usually determined the awakening of Shigure, Elizabeth, Kanao, Shinobu and Nezuko.

Encountering Nik after their special night, Shinobu, Elizabeth, and Shigure remained casual and slightly lazy, after all, they had just woken up. Alas, the same couldn't be said for Kanao and Nezuko, who had their consciousness exposed to another side of the world.

"Nik... come!" How Nezuko could remain so pure looking and beautiful right after waking up was a mystery to Nik, even Shinobu had to tidy her appearance a bit. nezuko, on the other hand, sat down with her knees knelt and pushed together, her left palm patting her exposed thighs as her pubic region reached up from the gaps of the base of her thighs.

Instead of lying down on Nezuko's thighs as per the little demoness' suggestion, Nik took off his shoes and walked towards Nezuko and sat down beside her before pulling the wide-eyed demoness over to a seat on his lap and wrapping her in a blanket, leaving her face exposed as she blinked cutely.

"I am sure you have questions," Nik smiled towards Kanao. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Shigure, and Shinobu stood up. They were also used to waking up clean, in return, saving their time to get dressed. While Shinobu dressed to commence her daily patrol till breakfast, Shigure put on her clothes to go back to her forge to complete a consignment for the village. Elizabeth, meanwhile, dressed loosely before making her way towards the small part of the hut holding Nik's private stash of assorted snacks and some rather exotic tea bags.

Kanao, meanwhile, kept he hold on the thin sheet over her healthy bosom while keeping her vision focused on Nik. Nik, too, gazed into Kanao's eyes. With the former incubus finally understanding Kanao's true talent, he realized the objective behind Kanao's gaze. She was trying to carefully observe his body in its casual state before she questioned so as to detect any lies. This feat was, of course, not possible for the current Nik but he was not going to stop Kanao or expose her methods just yet. She had every right to know whether he bore any ill will towards her.

"I don't know... what to ask," Kanao finally spoke up, and this time, out of her free volition.

"Is your real name Nik?" She inquired softly with her tone much less hesitant than before.

"It is." Nik nodded and rubbed his right palm over Nezuko's head, who, unconsciously rocked her body up and down on Nik's lap slightly. With a crimson tinge touching her cheeks, Kanao continued.

"What plans do you have? Are you going to take us?"

"I plan to find a way to let everyone continue their lives in a safer world with improved facilities and a higher standard of living."

Nik spoke honestly. He didn't have plans of grandeur or luxury at the level of galaxies. He was an ordinary youth with extraordinary instances, that is all. He may have been an arrogant p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e in the past but all he wished to do now was to engage in s.e.x.u.a.l relationsh.i.p.s with amazing women in his world travel and find a way to live a peaceful life with them.

Why he didn't want them all tied inside a cave for the sole purpose of using them? It was because he had come to realize that he was a single aspect of the lives of his partners just as they were an aspect of his life. They all had passions they wished to pursue and a well-developed civilization was the answer Nik came to. After all, he simply couldn't have his partners craving for himself all day long, even he would grow insane if such a situation occurred.

In essence, Nik was a simple man. If he finds a welcoming snatch, he will definitely smash it!

In Kanao's vision, she could easily see past Nik's skin and observe the minuscule movements in Nik's muscles and his heartbeat. Either Nik happened to be an amazing liar, or he was being completely honest.

"I... will need some time."

Kanao stammered, standing up while pulling the thin sheet alongside.

"Sure," Nik grinned, "Be sure to meet me after breakfast. I will be leaving with Elizabeth for a few days and I wouldn't want to miss out on the training today."

Kanao almost staggered down! They just... they had just committed an unholy act and Nik was acting too shamelessly!


The breakfast was quite ordinary. Instead of sharing a huge meal with everyone, Nik sat down with Shinobu, Elizabeth, and Saeko. Mitsuri also had to commence her daily schedule once again. After all, she was the main pillar in the cooking department for the entire demon-slayer force. Instead of sharing a modern meal, Nik happily chewed on bread and drank tea.

"So, JoJo is your son, that's a surprise!"

Saeko mumbled after finishing her bite. She had met the muscular comedian when he trained under Elizabeth's method and his nature was impactful enough to leave a deep impression on her.

"Wait, how old is your son?" Shinobu tilted her head and inquired with a smile.

Not caring to answer the questions of her 'fellow devourer', Elizabeth placed the cup down and looked towards Nik.

"When should we leave?"

"How does two hours sound?" Nik inquired with a smile.

Elizabeth nodded and stood up before gazing at Shinobu with a slight smile, "I am old enough to be your grandmother and still beautiful enough to pass as your elder sister. Does this suffice?"

Exchanging a smile of her own, Shinobu narrowed her eyes. Elizabeth lasted longer than her last night and she is capable of making equivalent retorts. Nik's choice didn't disappoint her.

"Yes, elder sister."

Observing the situation from sidelines, Saeko and Nik exchanged gazes before shrugging. Saeko didn't plan to cause any troubles for others as long as she got her usual lovin' while Nik never planned to stop himself from giving his care and attention to the girls.

Later, Nik finally managed to get all the remaining girls together. Alongside Elizabeth, Nik had planned to bring Nezuko with himself. The training with his girls itself was hard and exhausting. Instead of making any insensitive comments, Nik genuinely guided their training. As he had already observed, Rei was on the verge of breaking through to finally being able to achieve Continuous Focus Breathing Technique while Aoi and Saya were still making slow and gradual progress to get a hang of Breath of Water and Fire respectively.

This time, his spar with Kanao was more enlightening. With a staggering difference in the power of observation of his eyes alongside the tempering of his body and muscle memory based on his skill [Battle Arts], Nik's movements were more fluid. But his basic experience and skill in swordsmanship remained a far cry from Kanao's.

With his daily training completed, Nik left with Elizabeth and Nezuko under the hesitant gazes of the recently deflowered maiden.