Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 275

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 275 Mount Fujikasane

With Mount Fujikasane as the intended destination, the trio left the village silently. Their departure was informed only to a few select individuals within the Swordsmith Village. While Elizabeth did feel reserved towards Nezuko's presence, she couldn't raise her voice to object against Nik based on a single fact Nezuko was a delightful and innocent girl with no personal motives.

The little demoness simply enjoyed Nik's company. This was a fact that Nezuko had claimed in between her sweet m.o.a.ns in the last night's activities.

"Nik... look," Nezuko was a head shorter than Nik, just like Kanao. With a twirl on her toes, Nezuko revealed her pointy fangs and raised her left palm as a crimson-pink flame exploded out, "Fire!"

Elizabeth, of course, determined the source of the skill as Nezuko's blood art while Nik already knew of this skill. But, the strangest thing was, Nezuko should have an outlet to expose her blood to utilize her blood arts. Frowning, Nik used his [Life Vision] to detect the surroundings and failing to identify any source of trouble, Nik gently grasped Nezuko's raised palm.

Instinctively deactivating the skill, Nezuko curiously blinked as Nik focused on the slight scratch on Nezuko's palm.

The trio was already quite a long distance away from the village and based on their speed, reaching Mount Fujikasane was merely a matter of few hours Not including the time to rest in between. With nothing but sparse trees surrounding the trio, Nik turned his attention towards the path they took to try and identify the tree that possessed the bark strong enough to scr.a.p.ed Nezuko's skin.

Unlike Humans, the Blood Fiend Variations had tough exterior with mundane substance unable to injure them even in the slightest. So, it wasn't hard to say that whatever Shinobu actually touched in her journey would be at least worth identifying.

Sharing his thoughts with Elizabeth and Nezuko, Nik and the girls traced their steps back. The entire tangent to their journey may not have been worthwhile if Elizabeth hadn't pointed towards a slightly frailer tree with patched bark and thin branches.

"This is Wisteria Thorn... the swordsmith uses this particular tree to form the concoction to condense the Nichirin Blade."

Of course, the identification of the tree made Nik sigh. This wasn't what he had in mind. From a few fictions placed in the bookstore, Nik had gone through multiple adventures where some legendary herb or some sort of mythical drug would be planted out in the open. Of course, Nik had allowed his imaginations to run wild for a moment.

Finally getting back on the track, Nik decided to play around with the gravitational force around him. This time, however, he was casually able to chat and also attach two strands of gravitational force onto Nezuko and Elizabeth.

While the happily skipping demoness failed to notice the minute difference in her steps, Elizabeth recognized the change and turned her gaze towards Nik.

"I can even add more gravity around you," Nik replied the unasked question with a grin.

"I was under the impression that it would still take some time to extend this physical training towards us."

Elizabeth carefully observed the strange sensation of feeling slightly heavier without any actual change in weight and was pleasantly surprised to note the changes to the contraction and extension of her muscles.

"Keep on adding the pressure," Elizabeth commented and Nik obliged, increasing the control to ten strands around Elizabeth while decreasing the number of strands around himself by 3.

Feeling the obvious difference, Elizabeth nodded in satisfaction. The increase in Gravitational pull around her body wasn't as extreme as double the natural pull of the planet, but with ten strands, Elizabeth's body did exert slightly to keep up with the current pace. This, in return, allowed Nik's control over the strands of gravity to make gradual progress.

"Have you thought of what you are going to say to him... JoJo, I mean."

Nik inquired as he kept a casual glance over at Nezuko, ho was intently observing her reflection from the calm surface of the pond as she opened her mouth wide while poking at her fangs.

"Every conversation in my mind ends up leading to exposing Jojo to our relationship... and every time, it ends up an awkward chat."

"You are enjoying sleepless nights with a youth presumably half your age... no doubt it is going to be awkward."

Nik snickered while hugging Elizabeth from the back as his arms enjoyed the willow waist that extended out to wide h.i.p.s and juicy buttocks. Of course, Elizabeth only snorted at the black truth Nik spouted with her fingers tracing over his veiny forearms.

"Your body has grown even bigger."

Elizabeth observed. The trio had already decided to rest for some time since the surroundings were peaceful and worth enjoying. Aside from the lake and the occasional domestic fauna arriving to quench their thirst whilst startling the engrossed Nezuko, the land was covered with lush, green grass alongside wild orchids blossoming in groups.

"I am not that old, you know..." Elizabeth finally mumbled while leaning her head against Nik's lowered face.

"Age is not off-putting to me," Nik whispered, "Although I am not a heavy drinker, even I know that the best wine is an aged one. I am willing to believe that you will only get more delicious."

"Hmmm, it's good that you understand."

Elizabeth cooed softly, inducing Nik to promptly take Elizabeth's plump red lips into an ardent kiss.

After a few minutes, Nezuko couldn't help but catch a peculiar scent through and the moment she turned around, she was faced with the debauched scene of Elizabeth's pants pulled down with her soaking wet snatch spread right in front of her. If it was the Nezuko with her consciousness and spirit damaged, she might have gone off to bring other animals to gaze upon the scene.

But now she couldn't!

Her petite body was more reactive to Nik's scent and with his l.u.s.t practically flooding in on the peaceful environment, Nezuko couldn't help but gulp.


With her thighs spread apart as she nuzzled her cushy rear against Nik's crotch, Elizabeth m.o.a.ned into Nik's mouth while passionately holding the back of Nik's head while her chest was left undefended to be played as Nik saw fit

Of course, eager at the prospect of her body to be played with, Nezuko tip-toed towards the duo as she let Elizabeth's and Nik's overlapping scent rile her body further. Taking a seat on the lower half of Nik's legs, Nezuko smiled happily while placing her palms over at the inner side of Elizabeth's thighs while licking her lips shortly before lowering her head to flick her tongue against the hole she had pleased last night while her dark hair covered the entire scene.

As Elizabeth's body shivered at the sight of the very existence of purity defiling her snatch, Nik's body had an opposite reaction and his c.o.c.k almost tore past his pants as the thick shaft embedded itself deep within Elizabeth's buttcrack.

Shuffling around and failing to completely pull Elizabeth's panties off, Nezuko made a conscious decision to tear the fabric apart and finally stretched the fleshy entrance to the point she could remember Nik's c.o.c.k stretching it. With juices overflowing and heavy, musky scent assaulting her heightened senses, Nezuko lowered her drying lips to cover the snatch with her tongue stretching deep into Elizabeth's cunt.



With her eyes narrowed down and a large c.o.c.k deep into her p.u.s.s.y, Nezuko squealed in delight as she faced and held Elizabeth's hands while Elizabeth's cunt now got enjoyed by Nik as he dragged his tongue within Elizabeth's snatch.

With an obvious bump right above Nezuko's crotch each time the little demoness pushed her body down, the bulging c.o.c.k within her demonic cunt seemed to be growing more intense. Sealing Nezuko's lips, Elizabeth enjoyed the sensation of her butthole being stretched by Nik as she consciously rocked her ass above Nik's face while he used [Adonis' Touch] through his tongue.

With a soft groan, Nik felt all the stored energy within his c.o.c.k retreating back into the rest of his body as he released a copious amount of thick c.u.m that filled Nezuko before abruptly leaking through the gaps of her snatch, thus, concluding the rest the trio had planned.


With hours passed in their travel, the sun had finally descended to the other side of the hemisphere as the trio found themselves only a few kilometers away from their destination.

Nik was also quite familiar to this place, after all, he had passed his exam to become an official demon slayer Mount Fujikasane!