Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 277

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 277 The Impending Apocalypse

"You are going to say You have to believe me! right?"

"You have to believe me!"

Jojo smirked as he spread his arms while Elizabeth's expression grew darker. Jojo once again predicted what she was going to say!

Jojo and Elizabeth were seated at the entrance of the wisteria belt covering the middle region of the mountain. She had already described how she was adopted by JoJo's grandmother while she was pregnant with JoJo's father, how she grew up under the care of JoJo's uncle before she chanced upon the breathing techniques, leading her to become the creator of the Breath of War.

As Elizabeth glossed over the death of her husband JoJo's father she made sure to point out that had it not been for the dangers surrounding her life, she would have never left JoJo.

Alas, JoJo was never raised to be conventional. His eyes seriously observed Elizabeth before he uttered out.

"Why are you telling me all of this now? You had so many chances to tell me during my apprenticeship."

While JoJo did think that the sudden confession may be induced by the impending doom that had already caused panic across the state, but Elizabeth's words made him frown.

"It is because this is that last chance I have to make things right with you," Elizabeth admitted, turning her gaze towards the beautiful violet blossoms of poison, "Things are complicated... I am with someone"

"You will say I am with someone I care about right?"

JoJo suddenly spoke up, attracting Elizabeth's fury.

"Stop doing that."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Sighing deeply, Elizabeth fell into a complicated mood. Did she really want to leave JoJo? Of course, not. Not after the death of her stepmother JoJo's grandmother. To leave her only child was something her heart wasn't ready to. And yet, the only option to keep her son close to herself was through the palms of a poisonous boy who would take not a second longer to corrupt her child.


[Hidden Quest

Passion of Champions

You can kill the champions of the world or place a green hat over them. But this time, you decided to corrupt them with your passion? Commendable.

Progress: 3%


Nik gazed at another addition to the list of his hidden quests. Executioner of Champions, Champion's Netori, and now, Passion of Champions.

Each of them had mysterious rewards, but one thing was sure to Nik that Nezuko's role in this world was quite important and his appearance did literally screw this world. Oh, well, he wasn't going to care for any of that. Nik smiled as he felt his consciousness getting poked by Nezuko's.

[This place is wonderful!]

Nezuko cheered in excitement as she found herself in a wonderland with Nik all to herself. Instead of her robes, she wore a thin, pink skirt while her hair was tied back with a band. Her wide eyes carefully observed the entirety of the wonder castle Nik been building.

Instead of a usual sky, what Nezuko gazed upon was a starry sky with clear and relatively large stars with impractical twinkling and while Nezuko couldn't move around in the courtyard, the vision itself was enough to ignite her curiosity.

This was Nik's very first try in creating his Consciousness Pool. Just like he proclaimed, he wished to make a place that could accommodate every single one of his girls' passions. So, of course, his consciousness pool had to be large and while he hadn't connected any of his girls in this place, he decided to bring Nezuko alongside just for the sake of keeping boredom at bay from Nezuko.

And as he predicted, Nezuko's company was much appreciated and her squeals of delight were a pleasure that only a few could ever enjoy Nik being one of them.

[How about this?]

Nik inquired as he imagined the entire courtyard to be covered with rose petals and as his feet felt the sudden change in texture and his vision of the cobblestoned courtyard being covered by a thick layer of bright red rose petals, he still failed to produce the same scent as the petals.


Nezuko jumped onto the bed of petals, rubbing her face against the petals while moving her arms and legs sideways with her limbs spread apart.

Nik smiled before gazing at the corner of the courtyard with his expression turning gloomy. Even though this was Nik's personal consciousness world to be shared by other members of his harem, he still couldn't create what he wished due to his inexperience in many things. Architecture and botany being one of them.

With a sigh, Nik left the Consciousness Pool and Nezuko instantly jumped up from his laps. The two had already returned after their meeting with Sakonji and even if the cultivator of water had been more than pleased to meet with Nik and Nezuko, he did not take off his tengu mask to expose his happy expression.

With a twirl of her h.i.p.s, Nezuko started stretching strangely in front of Nik before turning her head to match her gaze with Nik, "I... don't like... this."

Though quite talkative in the consciousness pool, Nezuko still struggled to speak fluently in the real world. Pointing at her sleeves, Nezuko gazed at Nik with her wide eyes filled with expectation.

"I want... different clothes."

She proclaimed and then sat in front of Nik, protesting against Nik's right to make her sit on his laps until she gets that cute top and frilly skirt with more than space and comfort to move around.

It was Nik's turn to be speechless. Lingerie of various sizes, he had plenty. S.e.x toys for various occasions, he had plenty.

But cute tops and skirts fabricated from his imagination in his Consciousness pool was something he didn't have in hand.



Akin to a lion tasting blood, the taste of those clothes was something Nezuko shan't give up! With her arms crossed beneath her supple bosom, Nezuko gazed at Nik with all her focus while a deep 'hummmmm' sound echoed from her throat.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, Nik instantly called for the only person who might have such articles of clothing.


[Tell me that you have a pink top and yellow skirt!]

Seeing the time of night, Nik did fear that Ray might have been busy in his various parties but fortunately, he got through and received a reply in a few short moments.

[Designer ones or cute ones?] The question was outside Nik's pool of expertise and he instantly explained the situation.

[Oh, alright. I got plenty of it. Listen, you can get it from me tomorrow, right now, I am busy. So please, don't contact me, Capiche?]

Nik's expression eased and he replied, [Capiche.]


"Wait, wait, wait! You and Nik?!"

JoJo exclaimed in a stupor. He had a knack of predicting what the others might say or do, but never did he predict that his recently confessed mother did Nik and said that she cared for him.

"Look, Lisa Lisa, I know that you are feeling slightly panicked by your age catching up to you... but to think that you would sleep with someone almost my"

Elizabeth did not let JoJo complete his statement and for the first time, showed that she really was his mother by throwing a smack on top of his head.

"I did not hear you. Care to repeat it?"

Elizabeth inquired coolly. Of course, JoJo did not Care to repeat it. Before he was a demon slayer, he was a smart youth who avoided fights using his intellect and provoking someone more than strong to beat him with a single strike, much less someone who claimed to be his mother, was something that JoJo wouldn't commit.

"This al very hard to take in, I understand," Elizabeth began, "But I needed to tell you this. Joseph Joestar, I am your mother."

"And even though mom isn't alive to prove it, I am sure that Uncle Speedwagon will claim the same."

"He is overseas."

JoJo replied before looking at Elizabeth, "Anyway, we should get back to the camping area..."


In a cave that used to hold the three monuments that were absorbed by Muzan in attempts to break the shackles on his power, a tremor passed through the area before a sturdy, grey-skinned arm with bloody patches suddenly erupted from the ground.