Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 284

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 284 Conversion

Nik counted a total of seven zombies targeting him. How the zombies could locate him other than their visual senses was still elusive to Nik. But what he knew was that he only needs to stay in this world for nineteen more days and he will be eligible to leave once this mission is completed.

Yesterday, Nik had concluded that his pheromones and mind manipulation had no effects on these barely sentient beings. So, instead of sending these zombies off with a happy smile on their faces as they rode the other dead, Nik had to take another approach.

Just like he informed the girls, this was a good training opportunity. So, instead of brutally smashing the zombies, Nik decided to use his gravity manipulation for the first target.

Now, aside from the obvious effect on his physique by the increase of the gravity during the various instances in the day, Nik observed that what limited the extension of the said gravitational force on himself wasn't his muscles and bones, it was his internal organs. Even with all the enhancement in his vitality, his internal organs could barely endure a total of twenty strands of gravitational force.

Now, if this limit is increased, then the result would obviously be fatal.

With a snap of his fingers, Nik converged ten strands of gravitational force and concentrated it over the head of the targetted Zombie.


Instead of pressuring the head of the zombie in a unilateral direction, Nik adjusted the strands in a circular pattern. With the force of gravity focused on the center of the zombie's face, Nik rotated the strands of gravity and instantly, the pressure on the target's face increased due to the spiral motion.

End Result The Zombie fell on the ground headless, attracting the attention of other Zombies as the rotten stench filled the area.

Silently, Nik closed in on the converging group of Zombies with their fallen ally as the center and waited for them to tear and devour it, only to find several pairs of hands slowly clawing out of the ground.

Not willing to take any sort of chance even when the opponents were weak, Nik instantly mobilized the strands of gravity over the six Zombies that were practically upon each other, vying for a part of the fallen zombie and crushed their bodies into a gory mess. With their blood splattering around from the impact, corroding the grass and polluting the land by a slight margin.


The sound of grass being stepped over rang around Nik as he observed a total of five zombies surrounding him. Taking care of them, too, was easy. Still, Nik left one of the Zombies intact and closed in on him as he relished the meat of his fallen brethren.

After his breakthrough in the breath of gravity, Nik found his insights into the breathing technique as a whole leaping extraordinarily. Especially, The Breath of War God.

He could devour negative Hamon to corrupt into its positive counterpart and reinforce is physique. The main concept behind the Breath of War God was its concept of conversion. Nik did not have the slightest inkling on its operation until he finally managed to create the very first form of his Breath of Gravity.

As the oblivious zombie chewed on the rotten meat, Nik gazed at the back of his head with a dispassionate gaze and let his neutral energy flood out, covering the zombie as a tangible, white barrier formed over the body of the Zombie.

The basis of conversion of the Breath of War God was the Positive Hamon. In essence, he could apply a similar operation to the rotten energy seeping within the body of the zombies. Ordinarily, this plan would have been stumped with no way of identifying and acquiring the opposite of the energy that resembled death in such a literal manner.

Fortunately, this obstacle may be conquered by the use of his neutral energy.

And so he did.

Pure white neutral energy invaded the zombie's body to extract the slight amount of death energy present and started working on corrupting the rotten grey energy through the sheer volume of his neutral energy as the zombie soon fell on the floor powerless while a healthy and refreshing energy seeped into Nik's body, reinvigorating him while also subsiding the effects of his natural conversion of energy towards his c.o.c.k as a requisite of his evolution.

The result, of course, was more than Nik could have imagined.

He succeeded in the first try, found another method to deal with Zombies and even found a type of energy that could shoulder the burden of his Evolution!

Nik was more than pleased!

He was exhilarated!

As he gazed at the fallen Zombies, his soft chuckles soon morphed into a burst of loud laughter while he started corrupting the rotten energy slowly declining within the bodies of the zombies. With each stream of pure energy, Nik felt the hunger emerging from his needs to evolve subside while he also found himself step closer to at least gain the ability to manipulate the energy.

With all the zombies 'devoured' Nik activated his [Life Vision] and paired with his [Perfect Insight], Nik could easily identify multiple sources of the rotten energy spread around the village sparsely. Sadly, no new enforcements emerged from the ground and Nik could only choose the group of Zombies far away from the atrocious Life force signals that marked the rank of Pillars and a few slayers close to attaining the said rank.

Marking a group of three Zombies as his target, Nik sped past the trees silently, only to confirm his suspicion that the Zombies had some another method to detect their targets as the three Zombies were already moving towards his direction with their heads tilted to gaze at him with their barely sentient gaze.

As the group of Zombies unknowingly walked in a triangular formation, Nik could have simply manipulated a sphere of strands of gravity in between them to pull the three zombies together with just the right force to incapacitate them, alas, every single zombie cost Nik a total of 2 points of energy to extract and corrupt their rotten energy. Utilizing his gravity would only deplete the source of his energy.

If Nik had the affinity with the pure energy flowing through his veins to temporarily fulfill the needs of his evolution, Nik's cost would have been cut by more than a half. Alas, he did not have a natural affinity with this energy. But the thought did not dampen Nik's spirit as the pure difference in the physical abilities allowed him to simply grab a zombie through both of his arms and tea of his limbs swiftly and grotesquely to only grab them by their neck and pulling them away from the group of Zombies to devour him.

Due to most of their skin rotten and face mummified, Nik could not differentiate between the male or female, so to appease his own mentality, Nik identified all the zombies as males while killing them.

Similarly handling another five zombies, Nik happily joined the fray of massacring the Zombies until his energy refilled naturally once again.

All in all, Nik found the entirety of the needs of his physique to mate and gorge suppress completely. As long as the thin stream of pure energy coursed within his body, Nik could sigh in ease.

Due to the strange conditions of his evolution, Nik was forced to fall in between the road time and again only to get blowjobed back to his feet.

He did not want that any more. He wished to have his special time with women out of his free volition and not the need to evolve desperately, it simply took out all the fun from s.e.x. After all, even he needed to be in a relaxed state of mind to truly enjoy the experience.

Finally, in the morning, during the provisional meeting to come up with methods to increase the efficiency of the battle, Nik nailed down all of his partners with a refreshed grin that expressed better than speeches of a war chieftain and simultaneously motivated all the partners for their own impeding provisional meeting.

Of course, this time, not out of desperation to fulfill certain conditions but out of debauched desires