Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 285

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 285 Aspirations

After the meeting, Ray and Obanai took their departure and left Nik alongside his partners.

"Phew~ Those things are scary!" Mitsuri whistled as she nestled her chin and spread her arms over the table with an exhausted expression. Even her hair was slightly disheveled.

"I hate them..." Shinobu hissed in dissatisfaction, "Wisteria poison doesn't work and even the recent concoctions only have slight effects. What do you think Shizuka? Can't we use their own blood to find something useful?"

Shizuka placed her index over her lips as her forearm squished her left b.r.e.a.s.t, "We could... ah! Why don't we try to counter the zombie's blood with a demon's? It's worth a try and Yuriko doesn't have anything else going on."

"You two do that, Shigure, Saeko, with me," Elizabeth proclaimed and matched her students' gaze, "It is time that your experience benefit me in my training."

Instantly, all the girls had their plans except for Mitsuri. Nik's eyes widened in surprise and he instantly spoke up, "Hey, wait, I have a surprise."

Nik spoke up hastily. He was happy and he wanted to 'share' his happiness with all of them.

"I found a way to convert the energy of the zombies into a type of energy beneficial to the human body... so... I am completely energized, want to have some fun?"

He grinned happily, alas, his happiness was met with the exhaustion of everyone present.

"Nik, we have less than sixteen hours until the next wave, if we utilize more than three of these hours for personal satisfaction then we won't be any different from the foes who underestimate one's enemies."

Elizabeth words pulled approving nods from others while Mitsuri tip-toed towards Nik and gently pecked his cheeks with an apologetic expression, "I- I am sorry, Nik. But I usually cook for more than half of the villagers present... I wish I wasn't such a great cook."

Seeing the look of exhaustion flash on Mitsuri's face, it was all too clear that he wouldn't get the desired rewards... and to think he was happily skipping around, slaughtering zombies with anticipation bubbling in his heart.

"No need to be sorry, sweetheart," Nik smiled and hugged Mitsuri tightly, using his [Adonis' Touch] alongside to relieve her body from half of its exhaustion and tension as the pinkette let out a content and relieved sigh, "We can have fun after all of this is settled."

Nik then looked at the remaining girls and smiled wolfishly, "Of course, it won't be just three hours then."

But that wasn't all. Now that Nik had come to know about the fact that the girls were acc.u.mulating a lot of frustration and tension, Nik made an improvised decision to only cater to their needs. As for his own needs, Nik had a great idea for that.

"After your cooking duties are over, give me a message. I have a surprise for you."

Nik stroked Mitsuri's back gently as Mitsuri nodded and nuzzled her face against Nik's chest one last time before getting up swiftly, "All charged up!"

As the girls dispersed for their tasks, Nik contacted Yuriko and the others only to find that they were sleeping due to exhaustion, all except Nezuko. While Nik had plans to relieve himself that did not include Nezuko, he still made a beeline towards the little demoness that was accompanying Tanjiro in the patrols towards the edge of the village.

"Nik... is here."

Nezuko and Tanjiro were jogging past the perimeter of the village when the little demoness suddenly stopped and tilted her head towards the village while she sniffed the air heavily.

"Nik-san? The meeting is already concluded? Does that mean that Ray and Obanai-san are free?"

Tanjiro's crimson pupils lit up slightly, but his nose also picked up Nik's scent and he decided to wait for Nik to greet him. The siblings leaned on the tree trunk waited patiently.


Nezuko's whisper attracted Tanjiro, "What was... mother like?"

Tanjiro had already known that Nik had specifically made Nezuko forget much about her past that could link her memories to the violent incident with Muzan. And he appreciated Nik for that.

"Mom... she was just like you," Tanjiro smiled warmly and gently stroked the top of Nezuko's head, "Always gentle and caring. I am sure, you will grow to become just as warm and kind as our mother."

Nezuko nodded silently and closed her eyes. She only enjoyed head pats from Nik, Tanjiro, and Mitsuri. Their head pats were warm and full of affection. She liked this feeling.

"Did you guys wait long?"

Nik's shout was followed by his swift emergence as he grinned and waved towards Tanjiro. Unlike others, the Kamado siblings were in high spirits as Tanjiro stood straight and waved his hands.

"No, we had just stopped for a moment!"

In a few moments, Nik reached near Tanjiro and shook his hand, "How did it go with you guys last night?"

"Nezuko and I easily took care of them. In fact, it was Zenitsu who took out the most of the Zombies."

"Zen... was fast."

Nezuko nodded seriously as she recalled the events of last night. At one moment Zenitsu was running around and screaming and in the other, he zapped past five zombies and cutting their heads with a single sword slash with his eyes closed.

Nik nodded and rubbed Nezuko's head with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Nik's waist and hugged him tightly with her left cheek squishing against his chest.

"Nik-san, how did it go with you? I could smell you nearby last night."

Tanjiro inquired. If previously he still had some hard time accepting the fact that his little sister could hug a man other than himself, then Ray's appearance in his life made him understand that the events of him and Muzan spending a night together wasn't even a fragment of a deranged imagination.

"It went well," Nik thought for a moment before looking around, "Where are Zenitsu and that pretty pig?"

If Inosuke couldn't call Nik's name correctly, then the l.u.s.t apostle also couldn't care about his name.

"Well... they are on a special break after last night's event. Inosuke did not like Zenitsu killing all of the Zombies and now, he is chasing him."


Nik had no comments to grace the situation. Smiling apologetically, Nik gently held Nezuko's palm, "I'll be accompanying Nezuko, now..."

"it's alright," Tanjiro smiled and politely bowed, "Once again, thank you for taking care of Nezuko in my stead."

Nik would have usually nodded, but this time, he decided to follow the customs of this world and bowed politely as well, "The pleasure is all mine. I do hope that Nezuko and you can get together and accompany us in other world travel as well."

Hearing Nik, Tanjiro smiled happily before turning on his heels and making his way towards the remaining border of the village to ascertain that there wasn't any sentient zombie smart enough to hide during the daytime.

"Let's... go."

Nezuko tugged on Nik's arm and looked back towards the village.

"Sure. You are not hungry, are you?"

Nezuko shook her head at Nik's inquiry. Every night before the battle began, Nik would let Yuriko and Nezuko drink a slight amount his blood diluted with a volume of water and other spices. It was like a protein shake for the duo to allow them to eat other varieties of food, too.

"Nik... do you think I... will be a kind mother?"

Nezuko tilted her head up and matched Nik's slightly astounded gaze while blinking innocently. Had Nik not known Nezuko for a long time, he would have thought that she had learned some great tips to bring a man to his bed.

"Why do you ask this?"

Nik enquired while using his [Perfect Eyesight] to observe Nezuko. Now Nik knew how Kanao could be so great at reading and predicting her opponents, it would be strange if she couldn't even do what she did with such a monstrous power of observation. As Nik focused his gaze on Nezuko, he could slowly extrapolate a vision of her internal organs based on the slightest of tremor passing throughout her body.

"Oni said that... I will become just like my mom...

What do you think?"

Nezuko pursued as her large, round, innocent eyes nailed Nik's gaze.

"Well... I think so," Nik nodded, "Want to try and find it out?" Nik simply couldn't control his inner monster when he gazed at such a pure girl asking about motherhood. Of course, he had to give it a try and make it a reality. And even though his s.p.e.r.m was now not as fertile as before, the fact was that Nik couldn't control pregnancy anymore.


Nezuko nodded with a hum as they made their way towards Nik's house only to find out that there wasn't any familiar girl around Nik, but a voluptuous pink-haired lady with supple white skin and the ability to appear in the room occupied by others without any clothes