Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 286

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 286 Skill Onahole

Legends state that Lady Mirage's true form until now is a mystery that couldn't be solved since multiple eras. Lady Mirage had innumerable forms. Each form boasts tailored skills and tweaks to the physique to satisfy a particular race. In essence, Lady Mirage was a well-renowned nymph at a level of multiverse. So, it wasn't an overstatement when Nik thought that the beautiful pink-haired woman pushing Nik down while squeezing his c.o.c.k through the fabric of his pants was merely a single form in the collection of uncountable forms.

The silent figure burning with l.u.s.t wore her pink hair in loose curves while her malleable b.r.e.a.s.ts and hard n.i.p.p.l.es sent a wonderful feeling through his torso. The small pair of leathery pink wings sprouting from the base of her h.i.p.s attracted Nezuko's attention as the curious demoness softly rubbed the top of bat-like wings.


For the first time, the figure Nik dubbed as the Onahole Mirage, m.o.a.ned loudly, revealing her e.r.o.t.i.c mouth as a long tongue longer than average human's rolled out while the Onahjole Mirage locked her lips with Nik. Her tongue coiled around Nik's tongue and her crotch bucked against Nik's hard c.o.c.k wildly.

As if her enthusiasm was contagious, even Nezuko's expression grew brighter and she scratched the soft membrane of her wings, making the Onahole Mistress tremble while her n.a.k.e.d s.e.x grew wetter by the second. A sweet scent, far more impactful than Nik's, spread in the room as Nezuko's saliva started dripping in anticipation.

Even Nik's hand descended towards the figure's wings and gently squeezed them with his innate skill Adonis' Touch activated. "Hmmmgh~" The figure m.o.a.ned sweetly as her bucking h.i.p.s finally trembled wildly with an impactful squirt leaking to mar the floor with a translucent and sensational fountain. The Onahole Mistress had kept her eyes closed, but her lack of vision did not dampen her skills as her right hand slipped into Nik's pants and grabbed his searing c.o.c.k from the middle, stroking it gently as a liquid of unknown sources began to acc.u.mulate on her palm while she lathered Nik's c.o.c.k.

Meanwhile, one of her wings transformed into a pink leathery rope that shot towards the curiously inching Nezuko. The living rope slipped into her clothes and ran across the surface of her petite body before coiling around her nether region and her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Ah!" Nzuko yelped as the Onahole Mistress pulled the little demoness towards her back and pressed her little body against her cushy and perky rear wet with sweat and p.u.s.s.y juice.

Onahole Mistress's other hand slipped into Nik's shirt and stroked his hard pecs as the surface of her palms once again secreted juices that she used to lather Nik's pecs and abs with. Even Nik started to feel hot as the onahole sucked Nik's mouth dry while her juices covering his c.o.c.k seemed to have the effect of heightened sensitivity, ensuring Nik's inability to last long and milk him dry.

Nezuko, on the other hand, had her eyes rolled up as her entire body was soaked in the mysterious liquid while the tip of the rope-shaped wings rubbed against her crotch and occasionally brushed her swollen clit. The stimulus made Nezuko m.o.a.n loudly in wild abandon as she couldn't do anything else. Her arms and legs were bound after all.

Even Nik's calves trembled and his toes curled within his boot as he felt close to his limit, Of course, the action of the other wing turning into a rope and slipping into his pants was the straw that broke the camel's back and Nik shot thick jets of c.u.m. Finally, the onahole mistress opened her eyes as she felt the searing c.u.m filling Nik's pants, in turn, covering her palms.

Mysteriously, a hazy pink light shone within Nik's pants and the entire volume of his c.u.m disappeared in a moment's notice alongside the Onahole.

Nik fell on his knees as he panted. Although his spunk had disappeared, it did not mean that mysterious liquid covering his body did, too. The same was true for Nezuko as the untied demoness placed her palms on the heavily panting and spent Nik and squished his cheeks to pout his lips and locked her own pink lips with Nik.

If Nik was feeling strangely spent, the opposite was true for Nezuko. She couldn't have felt in need of something big and hot to fill her empty cunt as urgent as at this particular moment.

A system dialogue box had popped in front of Nik, but now was not the time to humor the emotionless system.


Nezuko and Nik groaned in pleasure as the heightened sensitivity ensured high pleasure to the duo.

While Nezuko hugged Nik's neck tightly, the L.u.s.t Apostle grabbed Nezuko's perky ass with a tight squeeze while pulling her h.i.p.s to strike against her soaking cunt. The action was, of course, needless. After all, Nezuko was already bucking her h.i.p.s over Nik's erect c.o.c.k even without any initiative.

And she was feeling particularly wild this time as she broke the kiss and tilted her face down before slightly parting her lips and sinking her canines into Nik's neck, marring his neck with a thin trail of blood and filling her mouth with the highest quality of aphrodisiac available on this planet.

Instantly, Nezuko's eyes widened and she let out a guttural growl. Her h.i.p.s were striking against Nik's c.o.c.k hared and hared and her face was slowly twisting from that of a pure girl hoping to be a gentle and kind and mother into a vicious woman that needed a proper man to experience the best night of her life, or in this case, the best day of her life.

Nik flipped up Nezuko's yukata and spread her ass cheeks while nezuko had approached to a more feral manner of unclothing Nik


Nik's shirt was ripped apart, exposing his lathered body that glistened upon the contact with light while Nezuko leaned her face even lower, turning into a ball of l.u.s.t and viciousness as she licked Nik's chest before sinking her canines once again. Drinking her favorite protein shake with the absence of any dilution and preservatives.

Nik, on the other hand, countered Nezuko's wild passion by unbuttoning his pants and putting strength to his back to sit up and push Nezuko down, after all, he couldn't afford a similar bite on his c.o.c.k. So, it was better to take the initiative now rather than later.

With one hand, Nik grasped Nezuko's slender neck as she growled with a flush face while the other was used to align his c.o.c.k against Nezuko's moist and welcoming snatch. All this time, Nezuko kept her legs locked to Nik's waist. so, when his figure dr.a.p.ed Nezuko's, her butt was raised due to the difference in height.


Nezuko's tongue lolled out as Nik's c.o.c.k finally pierced past her snatch and bulldozed its way into Nezuko's cunt. Her palms gripped tightly on Nik's biceps as her gripping walls parted while the sloppiness of her cunt pleased Nik more than ever.

Even Nezuko's butt hole gaped slightly as Nik's c.o.c.k finally pushed past her cervix and filled the deepest corners of Nezuko's cunt. Alas, there was still a slight amount of c.o.c.k left outside that needed to be hugged by Nezuko's snatch and so he f.u.c.k.i.e.d!

Nik f.u.c.k.i.e.d deeper and harder than he had ever done anytime, Heightened sensitivity ensured that Nik and Nezuko came multiple times, ruining the floor as the duo continued without rest. Nik draping Nezuko was only one of the many positions as soon, Nik pressed Nezuko against a wall with her legs split. The right one rested on his shoulder as Nik shoved his c.o.c.k into Nezuko's creamy cunt. Each thrust pushed out a copious volume of c.u.m while Nezuko's crotch seemed unusually inflated.

Next, Nik let Nezuko rid him while he lied down. The mother-aspiring demoness also filled the role of rutting lover that couldn't get enough of Nik's c.o.c.k as she let Nik's s.e.m.e.n drip down while getting her ass filled with his c.o.c.k; Mouth unsealed and m.o.a.ns abounded.


[Due to the addition of material requirement, Adonis' Touch has been changed to Mirage Touch.]

[Mirage Touch:

A famed skill once possessed by Lady Mirage during her late travels. This skill has brought down myriad creatures with a single concept Sensitivity. A living existences senses are its treasure and bane. This skill allows you to tweak with the senses of the person in immediate contact for a temporary period. This skill absorbs certain minerals and nutrition from the target's body, so, caution is advisable.]

Nik gazed at the dialogue box silently with Nezuko in his arms as the demoness slept with soft snores escaping her lips. The scars of 'battle' had faded from Nik's body and his house was almost destroyed. But that wasn't all. He found out that the three figures gifted by Lady Mirage each contained a skill.

Ordinarily, he would need to go through with the other two figures, but a confrontation with Ray about the situation enlightened Nik that the first-ever session with the onahole would only provide Nik with a single opportunity of ejaculation before the figure would lock itself for 24 hours.

As Ray proclaimed, Nik couldn't summon the buxom figure but he could summon the trap and the youthful girl with ease. This led Nik to another question

[Why did you not tell me all this beforehand?]

[Did it matter? It was only a matter of time], Ray responded.

With a deep sigh, Nik thanked the succubus to answer his inquiries and then stoked Nezuko's back with a soft smile on his face. With today's session, he did not doubt that Nezuko would be a great mother.

Cleaning Nezuko and then covering her with a blanket, Nik took out a spare uniform and clothed himself. It was already night, he was hungry and it was the time for battle.

As Nik walked out, he found a rather calm Shigure stationed outside his house. Of course, Nik won't be Nik if his first question wasn't Why didn't you join?

Staring Nik with a look silent annoyance, Shigure would never admit that she was slightly scared due to the viciousness hidden behind the shouts and groans.

Everyone was!!

"Is she... conscious?"

Shigure inquired and Nik shook his head, "She is sleeping."

Shigure nodded and then stretched her toes to land a soft peck on his lips before mumbling softly.

"I'll stand guard... for her... Master has approved..."


Nik grinned and hugged Shigure before observing the empty streets.

"I should get going. But hey, you won't be participating in battle today, that means you won't be tired tomorrow."

Nik grinned and quickly left before Shigure could oppose.