Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 288

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 288 The Holy Scene

'You are shameless!'

"Am I still shameless?"

Yuriko cooed as she hugged Saya's b.r.e.a.s.ts while twirling her n.i.p.p.l.es. The wet, licentious 'sloshing' sound filled the room with Saya's m.o.a.n erupting in full throttle with wild abandon. Unlike a few minutes ago, now, Saya was in no position to scold her mother for inviting Nik so illicitly as the pinkette held Nik's hand tightly while he dragged his c.o.c.k into her moist snatch, spreading her sweet cunt right in front of her own and her mother's gaze.

'You are dirty!'

"Am I still dirty?"

Yuriko panted as her lips nibbled on Saya's earlobes. Being a gentle mother, aside from the teasing, Yuriko did support Saya's pose to let her enjoy the c.o.c.k so that her daughter could understand that plight of a middle-aged woman turned into a demon with no man to satisfy her needs.

Yuriko rebutted Saya with finality as she let go of her daughter's e.r.o.t.i.c b.r.e.a.s.ts and pulled her face into a gentle kiss. The mother-daughter pair locked their lips as Yuriko sighed hotly and inquired.

"Am I still unqualified to be your mother?"

"Nooo!!!!" Saya groaned loudly with her eyes hitting the roof of her eyes as her head rolled up. Her thighs trembled as her walls contracted wildly, impeding Nik's movement with slight resistance.

"Harder!!" She screeched and bucked her h.i.p.s up for Nik to drive his c.o.c.k with fervent passion as the L.u.s.t Apostle's heart bubbled with pride and joy. S.e.x has been known as a tool for destruction and malevolence. But could anyone else claim to such a pure scene?

The scene of a mother and daughter setting their differences aside and dancing in the tune of l.u.s.t with wild abandon?

None could.

Only he could. Only Nik.

A tear of joy escaped Nik's eye as he gently utilized his recently gained [Mirage Touch] and increased Yuriko's sensitivity as the surface of his c.o.c.k secreted a strange stimulant that made Saya m.o.a.n even louder!


*Pak* *Pak*

No matter what happens in this room, one thing was a surety Saya would never blame Yuriko for her needs.

The session concluded for another two hours as Yuriko's cunt soon found itself plowed while Yuriko made conscious effort to eat her unconscious daughter's c.u.m-soaked cunt. No drop shall go wasted!

With a deep sigh, Nik lied down as Yuriko encroached up to his chest and snuggled with a mewling sigh.

"I thought you wouldn't have the time to come this time."

Yuriko admitted that with the addition of the girls, Nik had found himself quite stretched. Alas, her fears emerged from incomplete information about Nik.

"How could I not? Either way, how can you even think that my c.o.c.k can ever go scarce? This is a resource that shall remain inextinguishable."

Nik smiled and poked Yuriko's forehead as the magenta headed woman frowned before pecking Nik's cheek.

"Always treating me like a kid~ Let me enjoy the experience of pampering you, too!" Yuriko grinned like a kid and ruffled Nik's disheveled head.

"Hey!" Nik protested with an expression of mock embarrassment, eliciting a giggle from Yuriko.

"So cute~ I could just gobble you up, darling," Yuriko's cheek squished against Nik as she hugged his chest.


A soft cough attracted the pair's attention as they looked down only to witness a blushing Saya adjusting her glasses. Understanding Saya's plight and not willing to push her daughter to another embarrassing road, Yuriko smiled and let Nik loose. She moved towards Saya, who averted her gaze from her mother with shame burning her cheeks only to be pulled into a loving embrace.

"It's all right, Saya..."

Yuriko lovingly stroked her daughter's light pink hair and pecked her forehead.

"Yeah, sorry... mom..."

Saya mumbled as her muffled words emerged from her mother's cleavage.

"Hush, there is nothing to feel sorry for," Yuriko smiled as she felt Saya reciprocating her embrace. The scene was quite beautiful but Nik regretfully had some earlier commitments. With a deep breath, he stood up and transmitted his departure to the hugging duo. Fortunately, his clothes weren't soiled and destroyed in today's endeavor, allowing him to dress swiftly and depart for his training.

Aside from Saya, the other girls were still sleeping. Due to the night battles, this has become a schedule for most of the demon slayers except for pillars and cultivators. Even Shizuka had to forego her sleep to assist Shinobu with creating a brand new poison that could affect the zombies with more potency.

The zombie's fluid already had a corrosive effect on the living things, which made the demon slayers consciously avoid the blood spatters when they fight. Of course, this will become an issue once the number of zombies is high in number. With that thought in mind, Elizabeth also asked for Shinobu and Shizuka to divert their attention towards a potion of sorts to tackles the situation.

With sun reaching its peak and announcing the beginning of noon, Nik made a beeline towards the forest. There was still some time before his appointment with Mitsuri came to fruition, so, he decided to spend a major part of his free time in the stretching technique under the effects of the 50% increase, or, in other words, 0.5 times the gravity. After all, his stats had grown once again.

[Name: Nik Faran

Age: 20

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle

Talent: Exotic Escort

STR: 20--> 21

AGL: 20

VIT: 22--> 24

ENG: 26

CHM: 10-->12

LUK: 2]

Nik touched his chin and gazed at the increment of his charm with interest. Aside from the obvious quickening of evolution due to his body being stacked by the pure energy leading to a swift increase in his stats, Nik couldn't help but ponder on the increase of his charm... just for a moment, of course.

Breaking the current train of thought, Nik started stretching under the constraints of gravity. The progress was swift, as expected. The strain on his tendons and muscles made it easy for him to grow accustomed to the increase of strength. And internally, Nik could 'feel' that his evolution would soon conclude. After his stretching regimen, Nik only felt slightly exhausted. Focusing on the [Tome of Battle], Nik took a basic boxing stance. With the author's thought regarding battles and its causes concluded, Nik finally touched the basic fist arts. It wasn't any sort of strengthening technique, no, it was pure technical knowledge about the first art and its effect on the body alongside an extensive description of the basic anatomy suitable to follow the art.

Much to his fortune, Nik had already read a segment that described that the humanoid anatomy boasts a major affinity with a lot of techniques of destruction, hence, eliciting myriad species to enhance their bodies in such a manner that they keep their specific racial trait while also crafting a humanoid physique.

{A/N: In essence, furry.}

Nik followed the basic fist art and practiced the moves multiple times. These moves were the basics of basics and it was already said that this particular set was taught to the Supreme Seraphim by his father in his early days and the technique's addition to the Tome was purely sentimental. Nik now believed it as he easily grew proficient in the basic technique and failed to find any inherent qualities that might set it aside from the mortal techniques.

So, Nik followed the Tome and started the introduction of the second fist technique.

With hours passing, the evening soon graced the village and Nik was finally called by Mitsuri.

With a smile, Nik waterbended the sweat away and swiped his slightly longer hair back and made his way towards Mitsuri while checking the obvious development in his skill [Battle Arts]

[Battle Arts (Lvl 1):

From martial arts to swordplay, and from spear arts to archery. You can learn it all. Are you a scholar who wishes to defend himself? Are you an entity much superior to others that you don't need to practice a particular art before learning it and letting your body accept it? Or, are you simply a lazy narcissistic knowledge freak? Then this skill is for you. The following are the effects of the skill.

Extrapolation of Battle Arts.

Combination of Battle Arts.

Infusion of Battle Arts into muscle memory.

Note: This skill needs its extrapolation bar to be filled before it can be leveled up.

EXT: 138/100

Nxt Lvl: 7 Sp]

All he needed to do now was to stack on his extrapolation bar and successfully complete this trave to assign the necessary skill points to upgrade this technique.

A smile touched his lips as he gazed at his progress.