Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 289

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 289 Escape

[Affinity with Life Energy gained. The current value of life energy is

1 Energy= 3 Life Energy]

Nik did not have the time to celebrate the achievement as he swung his blade to decapitate a seemingly armored Zombie probably a warrior in his lifetime and gripped another Zombie's head and flung his body in a spiral to push the rapidly enclosing number of Zombies! Although still boasting a slight increment in strength even after a total number of 12 days, the number was too much! In the forest, the zombies had outnumbered the trees themselves. Whatever advantage the trees held was only reduced when Nik eyes a dark figure leaping towards him from the top of tree only to be cut down by Nik.


It was a four-limbed animal with enlarged canines but the animal was itself hard to identify. What Shizuka could confirm, however, was that the animals with such large canines were supposed to be extinct! As Nik hurriedly gripped the maws of a zombie more than willing to take a bite out of him, Nik closed his fist to smash the grotesque face.

Right now, the situation of the village had changed entirely, Instead of sparse houses, they had started to camp in the center of the village while all the houses were stationed with a small number of elite demon slayers that would focus on trapping and reducing the number of Zombies able to invade into the perimeters. Not only that, but the villagers also had to take their weapons and assist the slayers with the reduction of the number of zombies.

The past 12 days haven't been uneventful. A careless demon slayer got himself bit and instead of turning into a zombie himself as Ray and Nik believed, he died shortly in a matter of seconds. This was just one of many deaths that soon graced the team of slayers and while Nik had thought that the control of the pure energy known as Life Energy could counter the problem, he had just gained access to the particular form of energy and wasn't in any shape to try out on other slayers.

What was worst was that Ray had taken a sudden leave for Mount Fujikasane to assist his other harem members. This left Nik wit a large dent to cover himself and even if he did consider escaping the place while mobilizing his harem members inside his [Harem], the notion was instantly rejected by the ladies, who instead, expressed their concerns for those with lesser skill than them and lower strength than Nik,

Finally, after a week had passed, even with continuous opposition, Nik made Rei, Saya, Kanao, Aoi, Yuriko, and Nezuko enter his [Harem]. That day was more dreadful than the night that followed. But, this action did reduce the tension on the other members of his [Harem]. The next day, Elizabeth further reduced the burden by knocking JoJo out and asking Nik to temporarily place him in his [Harem].

[Stay close to me, I might have a solution to the venom of these Zombies.]

Nik only left a statement before sweeping the surroundings with his [Life Vision] for one second to locate Shigure, Shizuka, Mitsuri, Shinobu, Saeko, and Elizabeth.

'Breath of Gravity: Second Form

Calamity Slash!'

Nik's blade flashed deep violet that rippled with tremendous energy. Swinging his blade with a wide arc in the direction opposite to his girls, a deep violent crescent blade of sorts that was more than 20 meters long shot forwards. The strangest thing was that the moment the blade came close to any object, it would cleanly separate in two halves. In essence, the Calamity slash boasted the diversion of gravity with the edge of the slash as its center.

Simply put, anything that comes into contact with the energized slash would have its body pushed upwards and downwards, or sidewards Depending on whether the slash was horizontal or vertical. In the scenario with a horde of zombies practically sprouting from the ground, a wide horizontal slash was quite a good option.

Exhaling deeply, Nik let out multiple slashes and cleaved the entire are clean when the entire group was suddenly greeted with a deep tremor.


Nik's neck snapped towards the direction of the roar as he almost soiled his pants! No matter how strong he had gotten after his evolution was completed, Nik still hadn't trained enough to take an opponent of such a caliber shooting straight towards him.

A f.u.c.k.i.n.g, grotesque T-Rex!!!

'Calamity Slash!'

Nik roared and instead of flooding his nichirin blade, Nik formed a blade pulsating with the energy of gravity and sent a long vertical slash towards the charging lizard of the past.

Even when a deep gash marred the ground due to the sheer size of the slash, but unlike the mindless zombies and the visually impaired t-rexes Nik had read about, this particular beast actually jumped sideways!

His whole life had been a lie!

T-Rex jumping sidewards? Shouldn't they be unimaginably rigid? And to distract Nik further, Ray's message graced Nik with more bad news.

[The Zombie arrival was just a distraction! The entire undead faction of the Monster Paradise has already occupied most of the land. Just get out of this world!]

Nik visibly panicked at the strangeness of the situation and when his gaze met the Zombie dinosaur, he now found traces of mocking.

"That means you are 'alive' and conscious, huh..."

Nik muttered.

Instantly, the [L.u.s.t Domain] that barely had any effect on Undead spread out and Nik fused his Hamon infused Pheromones, seizing control of the host of a T-rex for a moment and produced a crystal blue flute in his hands. He wasn't going to use [Siren's Cal] just yet. He only wrestled against the t-rex's consciousness while moving towards his Harem. not willing to waste time on usual chats, Nik transmitted the entire situation while scoffing at the death mission issued by the system.

[War Quest:

Defeat all the members of Monster Paradise.

Rewards: Dark Purple Medallion, 15 Stat Points, 7 Skill Points, 52000 SO.

Penalty: Death]

Not minding the mission, Nik had to cut short his farewell with his group and just flee the scene as he materialized a scroll in his hand that was tied with a red ribbon.

With a mere will, Nik activated the item in his hand.

[Do you wish to activate Pardon and leave this world without completing your main quest and the necessary war quest?



Nik screamed as he ducked down, only to avoid a giant war-ax flying towards him. From the corner of his eye, he observed a giant grinning towards him, his dark sclera filled with cold malice.

At this time, another notification graced him as the pardon in his hand dematerialized.

[Commencing transportation in 9... 8...]

One thing was a fact, the figures slowly appearing out of the portals surrounding him surely weren't just a rank 1 creature. Nik knew that he could at least trade blows with rank 1 hosts. His stats were proof of it.

As if admitting that this world had long been forced to break its limits to welcome its new master, in a bright rainbow of purple, green, and red, a dark finger dr.a.p.ed with pitch-black wings made its entrance.

[Rank 7 Undead Lucifer has claimed the world will.]

A red-marked notification emerged in front of Nik's screen as he was about to disappear only to find the grotesque, black-faced being to gaze back at him and mouthing something while a clear, melodious voice connected to his mind.

"Found you K"


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