Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 291

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 291 Extinguished Returns

[Name: Nik Faran

Rank: 1 (0/100)

Age: 20

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle

Talent: Exotic Escort

STR: 23

AGL: 21

VIT: 26

ENG: 26

CHM: 12

LUK: 2]

Nik silently gazed at his stats with gloom covering his face. Just when he thought that he was done with the disputes of Infernal, an extremely strong Undead identifies him...

[Are you fine?]

Ray's message assaulted Nik's vision, making his exhale deeply.

[I am fine... I am going to sleep. I will meet you tomorrow at the Supernova Bucks.]

Nik sent a similar note to Brian while also explaining the entire situation and then went to sleep with exhaustion washing over him.

Everything was for naught. His main quest had gone down the drain and so did his incoming stats, skill points, and system origins. He could only place his expectations on the side quest. But he will look at everything later.


Sleep did not come easy to Nik, not after knowing the loss to his possible income by the incompletion of his main quest. But once Nik spent hours in sleep and then a few minutes to freshen up, he finally felt calm and easy. The loss of his Spirit origin, stats and skill points did taste quite sour, but his gains were still plenty.

[Side Mission Stability

As a newly appointed Pillar, you shall travel the lands and save as many humans as possible from the demonic clutches.

Objective: Save 11567/?? humans.

Note: There is no upper limit to the mission.

Rewards: Performance-Based 28917 SO, 11 Stats, 8 SP]

But the addition of this side quest was just the beginning of his gains.

[Total World Root calculated 81.45%]

[Total System Origin gained 44599

Total Stat Points Gained 13

Total Skill Points Gained 12

Total Experience 81.45/100]

A wry smile touched Nik's lips as he couldn't help but think of the wealth he would have received from the completion of the main quest. Anyway, the total wealth he had amassed in this journey was still greater than his first journey.

[Completion Rate S

Bonus Calculated:

System Origin 36325

Stat Points 10

Skill Points 9]

In essence, with his previous balance included, he had a total of 81337 System Origin, 23 Stat Points and 25 Skill Points. All things considered, a hefty gain. Much to Nik's surprise, the rewards did not end.

[S-Rank Chest gained.]

The simple notification burned Nik's curiosity, eliciting him to instantly materialize a brown chest on the furnished floor of the room provided by the system.

Nik had no idea that he would receive a treasure chest for accomplishing a certain rank in the adventures. Had he known that Nik would have made sure to kill all the officials, good or bad, to achieve a 100% world root. With anticipation bubbling in his heart.


Nik grinned as he was forced to close his eyes due to the sudden glare from the creak of the treasure. It is always a good sign if the treasure is always so shiny. But as the treasure box dematerialized, Nik found himself in possession of a vague skill instead of a powerful tool at his disposal to counter the world-defying beings such as Undead Lucifer.

[Skill Palace gained.]



"Hooo~ This is a good blade mister! How much for it?"

A lion-headed girl looked at the Earth Slasher's blade and commented with a whistle. Determining the gender of the buyer, Nik smiled warmly and replied with a soft chuckle.

"You won't have to pay, Miss."

Nik picked the earth slasher and instantly activated the request to transfer. Earth Slasher was a sword that he had gained from the world of Element Benders. If anyone was interested in such a low-quality blade, then surely, they are a newbie. And if that newbie is a female, manipulating them to excavate a high price is just a matter of sweet-talking.

"Ah! What?"

The lion-headed girl took a step back in suspicion, eliciting an innocent stare from Nik before he broke into a peal of laughter, attracting the surrounding vendors in the main street of the paradise.

"There is nothing wrong with the item, Miss. I just thought that it would be a shame to make such a woman pay for this item."

He placed the sword back and sat on his stool once again.

"What do you mean by that?"

The woman curiously twirled her whiskers as her thin pupils gazed at Nik. Honestly, Nik wasn't even sure if the lion-headed woman's beauty standards were similar to other humanoid girls. But he was willing to bet, after all, what could he possibly lose?

"Ah! You are going to make me say it, aren't you, doll.

You are beautiful and I would hate to make you pay for this sword. Although, I must commend your good observation to pick this sword."

Nik grinned and pointed at a middle-aged bald warrior garbed in nothing but metal panties. Of course, that was a disguise, but that did not stop Nik from commenting, "I would rather make that fellow pay me ten times for this item."

Seeing that the lion-headed girl had expressed her disgust through the flaring of her nostrils and an awkward scratch on her furry chin, Nik smiled. She was hooked.

"Please... I don't like free items."

The girl raised her eyes and matched Nik's gaze, "B-but, I wouldn't mind if you have something else to offer me."

Hosts like them would bet on their own life during each transfer. The fact Nik now knew. So it wasn't strange for others to be open and suggestive about their needs.

Honestly, a little part of himself was also curious as to what her snatch would present like. Alas, Nik would be damned to enter into another's room with the thought of s.e.x. Every host was dangerous in their own way.

"Something else?" Nik raised his eyebrow before smiling suggestively as he picked the sword and let the hilt pass through the circle made by joining the tip of his index and thumb, "I wonder what should I present... Ah, I get it!" Nik grinned and gazed towards the service sector of the paradise that held all sorts of cafs for various guilds.

"Maybe a little chat in Croc's Tub?"

The lion-headed girl averted her gaze as her smooth hand played with the whisker while a coy growl escaped her mouth.

"All right... how much for the blade."

"3300 System Origins."

Nik spoke a fair price. It was simple. If he had said the same price previously, the woman would have tried to bargain. But now she was in no position to bargain. After all, how would she look in front of Nik if she tried to bargain when they both know that the price is a fair one.

With a feral grin that might express her joy, the girl accepted the trade and Nik received a total of 3300 SO. This alongside the other sales, including his NIchirin Blade, Nik now had a total of 109092 SO.

[Lineage Blood Imp (W), Pearl of Origin (W), War Gauntlets (Purple), Numb Clay (G), Fluorescent Poison (G), Curse House (Dark Purple), Lineage Battle Seraphim (Legendary), Smite Token (Legendary), Invitation Holy Society(Unique), Tome of Battle (Legendary), Valkyrie Art (Unique), Siren's Call (Gold), World Key (Unique), Miscellaneous Items]

Nik had unloaded a lot of items that weren't used during his second journey and now he was experienced enough to know what was needed. But first, he stored the contact information of the lion-headed doll and packed his things to finally buy the items he might need.

With his Hamon and recently gained Life energy, most of his requirements for heal-type items had vanished. Not to mention the addition of war gauntlets took care of his choice of weapon and he was already equipped with a helmet. The first item that Nik wished to buy was A Pardon. This particular item was the final life-saving tool and Nik really had been fortunate enough to get it at a discount from Brian.

[Pardon] was a guild exclusive item and to purchase it, one must venture into the guildhall and access the guild shop. The Heroes' Guild Hall was just as spectacularly built as the Hall of Glory the place where Nik could upgrade his stats. Entering the Heroes' Guild Hall and identifying himself as the member of the guild Extinction, Nik entered the member-only area created for transactions between the hosts and the system itself.

The strangest thing about the guild system was that the Transmigration Paradise did not rate the guilds and all the benefits to the guilds were equal. It was simply a place of gathering of Hosts to tackle world travels in a group. The strongest of guilds were built on yeara of reputation.

Although Nik hadn't seen the members for himself, it is said that the strongest guild of Transmigration Paradise Might only consists of seven members with the weakest member being a Rank 7 expert.

Rank 7!

Just like the Undead Lucifer!

Nik still trembled slightly when he imagined the bone-chilling gaze of that ruthless monster.

He f.u.c.k.i.n.g conquered the world's will just like that!

As Nik suppressed the feeling of dread slowly filling his veins, he finally entered a door only to be transported in front of a strange screen inside a plain room. A desk was placed in front of Nik with a small circular stand placed on top of it.

This was the system shops prepared for the guild and their members. Most of the items were exclusive for Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master, leaving the ordinary members to fight and struggle for the position. Of course, many opted to create a guild themselves, but the quota of guilds was already set and the aspiring Guild Master would have to battle the guild master of the weakest guild recognized by the system based on the rank and the number of guild members.

Apparently, Brian was able to defeat his foe and create a brand-new guild Extinction.

The screen in front of Nik projected various items. A few of them too expensive to even look at. Most of them allowed Nik to utilize certain functions of the [Transmigration Paradise] even when he wasn't in this place. Within a few moments of scrolling, Nik found the item he was looking for.

[Scroll of Pardon 70000 SO.

Do you wish to utilize 70000 SO and purchase the selected item?]

Nik sighed, 'Sure, I would love to use almost all my money to secure my life you bloodsucking monster... at least I provide lip service to those I rob, unlike you.'

With a groan, his inventory was increased by a single [Scroll of Pardon] and his stash of currency was decreased by 70000 SO.

With all things said and done, Nik purchased a few items to stock up his needs and was left with a total of 711 SO in his pockets.

With pockets lighter than ever, Nik went towards the Hall of Glory to update his stats and lighten his pockets further by a total of 500 SO leaving him with 211 SO.


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