Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 293

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 293 Skill Palace

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[Skill Palace: This is a unique skill that allows the host to manage various talents and aspects of the hosts in the form of skills.]

The description was quite vague for Nik to understand the true use of the skill but when he checked his skill section in his status, he narrowed his eyes, unwilling to break into tears of happiness. His luck had been too great and he felt that aside from the rewards from ht multiverse mission, this skill was his greatest gain.



Spiritual Connection:

No longer will the l.u.s.t shared be physical. Spirit is the door guarding the soul. With continuous sessions with partners, the host and the partner will get connected at a spiritual level. This connection can only be wielded by the host.

L.u.s.t's Recruitment:

The person not known to the wonders of l.u.s.t will feel their entire thoughts and concepts upturned once the host has exposed the benefits of l.u.s.t. The host has the option to recruit every being he has ever grown intimate with. Only beings ranked higher than the host can resist such recruitment. Once recruited, the confidants are subject to following benefits at the host's discretion-

System's Access.

Stats Pool.

Talent Pool.

Skill Pool.

Consciousness Pool.

Sense Manipulation:

Extreme pain results in unnatural pleasure. As a follower of l.u.s.t, you are an existence encouraged to explore your options while keeping your partner satisfied. The host can manipulate the multiple senses of beings around him. This skill is not limited to the l.u.s.t recruits. This skill will fail to activate against those with a higher Vitality (VIT).

Charm Supreme:

Always at the tip of your charm, the usual limitation of the settlement time of stats won't be limiting the host's Charm (CHM) Stat.

Pheromone Illusion (Lvl 2):

A skill that utilizes the pheromones of the mutated being from the lineage of a fiend, incubus and succubus elude the consciousness of the beings that are affected by the skill. This skill has the following effects:

Mind Control: Lvl 2

Carnal Desires: Lvl 2

Illusion: Lvl 2

Nxt Lvl: 4 Sp

L.u.s.t Domain (Lvl 1):

Being an activist spreader of l.u.s.t and its unending glory, a domain specialized to evoke such emotions is within the grasp of the host. Any being under the effective range of the domain shall be affected to varying degrees based on their capabilities. The host can also integrate similar skills into the domain, making it more effective.

Range: 5 meters.

Next Lvl: 3 Sp

Mirage Touch:

A famed skill once possessed by Lady Mirage during her late travels. This skill has brought down myriad creatures with a single concept Sensitivity. A living existences senses are its treasure and bane. This skill allows you to tweak with the senses of the person in immediate contact for a temporary period. This skill absorbs certain minerals and nutrition from the target's body, so, caution is advisable.


Cure (Lvl 1):

A bad tummy? Cure is your option! Got poisoned in your adventures, cure can limit the effects! STDs? At a certain point, they are simply comparable to common virals. Cancer? Better make sure that the skill is at a high level before trying your luck. This skill can also be used on others.

Note: Curses are resistant to this skill.

Nxt Lvl: 2 Sp

Battle Arts (Lvl 1):

From martial arts to swordplay, and from spear arts to archery. You can learn it all. Are you a scholar who wishes to defend himself? Are you an entity much superior to others that you don't need to practice a particular art before learning it and letting your body accept it? Or, are you simply a lazy narcissistic knowledge freak? Then this skill is for you. The following are the effects of the skill.

Extrapolation of Battle Arts.

Combination of Battle Arts.

Infusion of Battle Arts into muscle memory.

Note: This skill needs its extrapolation bar to be filled before it can be leveled up.

EXT: 138/100

Nxt Lvl: 7 Sp

Life Vision (Lvl 1):

It allows the user to visualize the life force or lingering life force from a certain distance.

Current Distance 20 meters.

1 Energy/second

Next Lvl 2 SP

Elemental Manipulation (Lvl 2):

This skill allows the user to manipulate multiple elements. The following are the manipulatable elements.

Lightning Nature Lightning, Purity Lightning (Lvl 2)

Fire (Lvl 2)

Water (Lvl 2)

Earth (Lvl 2)

Wind (Lvl 2)

Light (Lvl 2)

Next Lvl: 13 SP

Gravitation Manipulation (Lvl 4):

This skill allows the user to manipulate the gravity of the natural environment and also utilize the user's gravity-affinity energy to achieve similar results.

Next Lvl: 8 SP

Hamon Manipulation (Lvl 7):

This skill allows the user to manipulate the energy of Hamon that is polluted by the UV radiation of the stars. This type of energy has minimal restorative effects and high reinforcement effects on the physical body and is extremely malleable. This type of energy can be fused with compatible forms of energy to bring out greater results.

Next Lvl: 18 SP

Life Energy Manipulation (Lvl 1):

This skill allows the user to manipulate the purest energy of life. This form of energy has high restorative effects on the physical body.

Next Lvl: 3 SP

Energy Fusion (Lvl 1):

This skill grants the user the ability to fuse the various forms of energy. The level of skill determines the success percentage and the number of energy fusible at once.

Next Lvl: 5 SP

Energy Conversion (Lvl 4):

This skill allows the user to convert a particular form of energy into its counterpart through the use of system-neutral energy.

Next Lvl: 10 SP

Note: Physical skills Swordsmanship (Lvl 5) and Martial Arts (Lvl 7) have been fused with a similar and higher-tier skill Battle Arts (Lvl 1).]

Nik silently gazed at the skills. The bout of happiness was fulfilling and short. To truly digest his gains, he needed to calmly assess his options. Even though the [Skill Palace] has brought him quite a great surprise, the overall plan did not change for Nik.

The [Skill Palace], in essence, granted Nik rights that almost rivaled an admin's regarding the management of his abilities. He could form several skills based on his activities and then use his skill points to further his understanding of these skills. In a way, this allowed Nik to opt for a shortcut for many of his future endeavors. For instance Energy Fusion. If he had to grow proficient in his ability to fuse various energies, he would have to practice the technique multiple times.

Even now, he would be practicing the technique multiple times, but now, Nik had the option to bypass the rigorous training if he had an appropriate amount of Skill Points. This was similar to his situation with his stats.

Certain energies and training methods, for example, Hamon and the Breathing Techniques, allowed Nik's physical stats to grow automatically. Now, he could utilize his stat points gained through his missions to boost his stats further or trade his stat points for items.

All in all, Nik now had a similar option with his skills. He could either practice his skills multiple times to increase their level or use his skill points. Unlike before the [Skill Palace], where he could only level up certain innate skills using his skill points.

Further observation also allowed Nik to understand that the [Skill Palace] would come in handy in his world travels. He could fuse compatible skills, level them up based on his practice but there was one thing he still couldn't truly understand.

The effect of [Skill Palace] on [Battle Arts]. If Nik wasn't wrong, [Skill Palace] and [Battle Arts] were similar in the manner that they could alter his own understanding of various concepts based on the number of skill points he invests. So, was there a chance that Nik could level up [Battle Arts] even without skill points as the [Skill Palace] dictates?

The experiment made Nik sigh as [Battle Arts] kept its right to be leveled up only using the skill points. Truly, this skill was a pricey mistress worthy of its cost.

Understanding the situation, the first skill Nik leveled up was [Battle Arts]. Knowing that the skill had an obvious reaction to his body, Nik waited until his body finally calmed down and decided to test the effects of level up. Just like previously, it seemed like all he had learned alongside much more knowledge of battle techniques and muscle memory was forcibly imprinted onto his body. Though it took some time, Nik found his motions getting more fluid and impactful.

Although not too great, there was a definite change in Nik's martial arts. Not to mention the obvious strain on his body when his muscles were forcibly worked up to match the training of multiple martial techniques in a span of few moments, leaving his body exhausted.


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