Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 294

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 294 Return

A total of 24 Skill Points were used to level up [Battle Arts, Pheromone Illusion, L.u.s.t Domain, and, Energy Fusion] by one level and [Cure] by two levels. The leveling up of each skill brought a wave of knowledge that forced Nik to digest the information for quite some time. When he was done, Nik was left with a grand total of 1 skill point. Of course, with all his gains digested, Nik slumped on the mercilessly hard bed provided by the system and tried to fall asleep.

Hours passed and Nik was left with 18 hours within the Transmigration Paradise. This time, however, Nik had nothing to spend, so he could only sightsee. In its own sense, the Transmigration Paradise resembled a Fantasy town. Expansive clear sky while the cobblestoned pavements stretched across the market street leading to the various themed service centers. A cafe here and a colosseum there. Even the variety of species moving around him made Nik...

Suddenly, Nik's positive thoughts came crashing down as he saw an ant-like humanoid creature puking out a slimy green fluid alongside whole eyeballs whose pupils still shifted. Nik's stomach churned at the sight and he placed his palm over his mouth, unwilling to puke.

Within a moment, Nik decided that his dark and empty room was far more zen than the scene of an evil species puking evil things in daylight and teleported back to his room.

Knowing that he had hours in his hand, Nik decided to once again start working on his Consciousness Pool. If Nik's train of thought was moving on the right rails then the consciousness pool might be the solution to his inability to make contact with his harem placed within the [Harem]. Or at least, this could be a temporary solution.

Unfortunately, no matter how motivated Nik was in the matter of constructing a place that could mirror the real world, his insights in architecture failed him terribly and the girls he had in his harem were not of the type to place the study of architecture high in value. But disheartened Nik wasn't for her constructed myriad objects in his consciousness. Brian farting fire for real while jumping with a grim expression, an extremely obese version of Ray with true-blue man b.o.o.b.s. Needless to say, Nik's only regret was his inability to share his creativity with the world.

But as they say, time passes quickly during the good times. Indeed, before Nik could comprehend the time he used up to create the atrocities that would haunt Ray and Brian for weeks, the sudden appearance of the System's dialogue box within his consciousness marked the end of today's session alongside Nik's stay within the Transmigration Paradise.

The moment Nik opened his eyes, his gaze nailed the owner of a buxom body, long pink hair and parted lips with illicit fingers still digging deep into her cunt. The figure Kyouko aka Okusan was most definitely stunned. Stunned enough to halt her masturbation abruptly as her juices still graced Nik's bed.

A smile finally touched Nik's lips and he naturally disrobed himself. With such a faithful and hardworking woman predicting his arrival and preparing her cunt for his harder than ever c.o.c.k, how could Nik not greet her in a similarly debauched manner?

The sharp rise in Okusan's m.o.a.ns in the middle of night awoke the entire Souma Family in wild spree. Even the pregnant Mitsuko.

Nik was back!

The simple thought made the girls lick their lips in anticipation as they kept themselves within their bed, waiting for their secret Santa to chance upon their bed and teach their naughty cunts a few lessons.

After all, Christmas was just a few days away!


"Ha! Now that's what I call riding the reindeer!"

Souko touched her beer can with Nik's and gulped her first drink of the day. She was refreshed! And what a better way to enjoy her refreshed state of mind than drinking herself back to staleness?

"This is a treat."

Nik couldn't helo but feel completely relaxed as he saw Kyouko and Mitsuko in a heart shaped red aprons covering their fronts while their exposed butts jiggled while the duo whipped a meal for Nik. Usually, Mitsuko would just laze around with such a helpful Okusan caring for this apartment. She did not feel shameless, of course. Her borders of shamefulness had long since stretched far beyond the norms of mortal men and women.

Maybe, only Mitsuko could ever dream to compete Nik on the basis of their shamelessness.

"So? What was this journey about?"

Dressed in a loose top and dotted panties, Kurumi sipped on her cup of milk while she observed Nik's changes with a curious eye. Not only did Nim grow bigger, but even his face also looked slightly mature. Nobody could even think that Nik could grow this much bulky and hot in a matter of six days.

'Maybe... I can join him and grow, too...'

Kurumi noticed the sizes of b.r.e.a.s.ts in the house with dismay. Heck! Even Megumi boasted a pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts that rivaled her elder sisters and mother.

Kurumi's word ignited Sayako's passion, too. In the matters regarding Fantasy worlds, only Souko could keep her disinterest while Nik's stories also held appeal to Kaya, Mitsuko, and Kyouko. Of course, trying to work hard for the position of the district manager in an orthodox manner this time, Souko's interest in schemes to grow better and popular in a non-souma style grew greater than the stories of swords and demons.

"Well, this time, I got to meet an emperor," Nik began and instantly, Souko paid full attention to Nik. Just a single can of beer wasn't enough to even mar her observation skill by the slightest.

'An emperor? Did Nik learn some tips from him?'

Nik smiled and transmitted the lesser part of his journey to them. Of course, his memories did include all the girls he grew intimate with but they did not contain his massacre. Although Mitsuko and the others repeatedly claimed that they will be fine with whatever Nik did, there remained a certainty within Nik's heart that some things cannot be changed due to a difference in upbringing.

In this world ruled by laws and regulations, the majority of the citizens did not have the stomach to gaze at the scene of their animals getting butchered for the sake of their plates much less experiencing killing someone.

To take a person's life away changes the murderer at a fundamental level. No matter the reason, a murderer can never claim to be ordinary, for he knows the feeling of claiming someone's demise.

Now, if that feeling is of Joy or Guilt it depended solely on the person.