Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 295

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 295 Return 2

Nik was happy to return. He had a job here and he missed it. Not because of Yuuko Megumi's mother... well, she was partly the cause of Nik's adoration to the job as a book salesman. Nik's hair was shortened by Sayako. Apparently, the fashion-savvy blonde had her way with hairstyles, too. Souko was the first to don her business suit and leave in a hurried frenzy as Kyouko packed the redhead's lunch box.

"Sigh~ When will she learn to divide her time? I worry for her," Mitsuko adopted a pitiful expression as she nuzzled against Nik with her theatrical experience coming handy. Her palm rested on his shoulders while her legs on his thighs.

"Kids, ah! I remember when Souko was just"

"Can we not do this now and leave? I am going to get late for school!"

Kurumi yelled while slipping into her shoes as Nik and Mitsuko sighed simultaneously and shook their head.

"Dear, I'll be off then. Take good care of yourself."

Nik leaned down and pecked Mitsuko's lips gently as the bespectacled mother smiled, "Be sure to earn lots of commission. And if you could, also earn a mother-in-law!"

"I'll try too."

Nik smiled. His thoughts were already clear and he did not feel messed up when it came to Yuuko. Did he not already patch things with Yuriko and Saya with his c.u.m-glue? Who said that the sams couldn't be done with Megumi and Yuuko?

Before he left, however, Nik did not forget to give attention to the woman who deserved it.

"Bye, sweetheart," Nik grinned and pulled the n.a.k.e.d Kyouko covered by aprons into his arms and pecked her forehead, "I'll be back soon."

He whispered and squeezed her soft and plump butt cheek, making the lightheaded pinkette let out a slightly aroused sigh.

"Then go... the quicker you go, the quicker you will return."

Kyouko whispered and nudged Nik's shoulder as he nodded and left with Kurumi. The duo made their way out of the corridor and finally hit the street. On their way, Kurumi couldn't help but grow curious as she recalled Nik's suggestion of learning the method to cultivate Hamon.

"Was Elizabeth really... old?" Kurumi inquired as she waved her school bag in her hand idly. Her gaze drifted to Nik's body, still unable to get enough of the sight of his body. Not to mention his biceps were still easy enough to observe even if Nik's body was covered in a jacket. He was in a severed need to buy more clothes.

"It won't be easy," Nik mused as he presented, "I will make you all work hard, that goes without saying. You all will need to hit the gym."

Nik grinned as Kurumi's shoulders slumped. Great! Workout! Just the thing she needed.

The twin-tailed ball of youthfulness and mischief scowled internally.

"So? Did anything cool happen while I was gone?"

Nik's inquiry brought a sudden yelp to Kurumi as she giggled while taking out her cellphone, leading Nik to realize that he also needed a cellphone.

"Look! This is so cute!"

And there it was, on the screen of Kurumi's cellphone, a fluffy white-furred dog riding a skateboard in a straight line with a punk cap on its head as the people surrounding it cheered. Even Nik's eyes widened as he gulped softly and gently nudged the cellphone out of Kurumi's hands. Rewinding the video continuously, Nik accompanied Kurumi all the way to the school, oblivious to Kurumi's pout and the stares from the aunties opening their shops and other students making their way towards the school.

It was only after the duo reached the school that Nik looked up and smiled brightly.

"Ha! That made my day!"

His grin was only to be countered by Kurumi's indignant pout!


She snatched her cellphone only after Nik was done with it and turned on her heels, giving Nik her cold back while waiting for him to appease her. Even she needed such a loving gaze with which Nik graced that stupid pomeranian in the video!

Since the duo stood near the corner of the gate leading to the school premises, they did not block any crowd. But Nik's appearance did bring back waves of memories to the students who have already heard of the god of high school who conquered Rick. Most of them who were aware of Nik's exploits were already in their third year and preparing for the college examinations. So, knowing that Kurumi and Megumi were long out of their reach, the male population moved quietly while keeping an unfazed expression as they heard the lower classmen's whispers of astonishment.

Before Nik could shower his cute Kurumi with praises and make her aware that her status was most definitely higher than a stranger's pet, a loud voice broke the moment.


His other step-son Gunta, aka, the Golduck who got his ass handed down to him by Kurumi and Rick made their appearance. Still, unkempt based on the rules and regulations of the school, the third year delinquents bowed their heads in reverence while another tanned-skinned blonde who followed Gunta sighed in shame. Aside from Sakura, who else could she be? Unlike Kaya, her daughter and son had applied the modern fashion of bleaching their hair and tanning their skin through spray tans. Needless to say, even though Sakura looked great, the thick-skulled step-son of Nik's did not deserve such high praises.

Before Nik could greet them, he saw Rick's and Gunta's expression stiffen as cold sweat leaked through the pores of their faces while Sakura snickered and waved at Nik before pointing behind him.

Turning his head, Nik saw Kurumi silently staring at Rick and Gunta with her honey-gold hues infused with long-lost malice and impatience that turned him for the better.


Kurumi whispered, her head tilting sideways as the twin-tailed lady was most definitely pissed at the two blockheads that interrupted Nik from praising her!


By now, even the dumbest would be able to understand that this was the countdown of destruction. And if Rick could go along with Kurumi out of his respect for Nik, Gunta, on the other hand genuinely feared Kurumi and no longer thought of her like a defenseless lady.

Without waiting for Rick, Gunta turned on his heels and made a beeline towards his classroom while Rick nodded one last time and calmly took his leave. He would look for another opportunity to approach his master.

"Hi!" Sakura, on the other hand, grinned and waved while ignoring Kurumi. She had just entered high school this year.

"Nik, Machio-san said that he knew you and wanted to invite you for the Christmas party he will hold in the gym."

"Thank you," Nik smiled and nodded. Just like how he was clear about his feelings for Yuuko, he also found himself particularly clear when chatting with Sakura.

She was a minor.

While age was just a number to Nik and the threat of prison was less than a fact to Nik, he simply wished to keep Sakura at a certain distance. If she is still interested in pursuing a man who pursues women for a living, the sure, he would be more than happy to create a similar relationship with Kaya and Sakura.

"I will try to reach the party. Can I bring others in my known, too?" Already aware of the party from Kyouko, Nik had long since planned to buy some clothes for the event. But he wasn't willing to burst Sakura's bubble.


Sakura grinned brightly while Kurumi sighed and knocked on Nik's back lightly.

"I'll meet you back in the home... be sure to make up to me then."

Kurumi mumbled and stretched her foot to peck on Nik's chin... this was the only spot she could reach with her height, making Kurumi more determined with the notion of joining Nik with his travels.

Alas, Nik failed to run into Megumi or Manabu the whole time he waited near the school gates. With a depressed sigh, he walked towards the bus stop that led to the cycle stands close to Megumi's home. Meanwhile, a certain bespectacled mother quickly whipped up lunch for Nik and wore her trustee denim that would certainly get ripped in two parts.