Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 297

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 297 Assassination Classroom

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"Four books for traveling to Osaka!" A brunette in her uniform spoke with stars in her eyes while she slammed the money on the counter. Though on a chubbier side, the girl was cute as she spoke with her nostrils flared.

"Er... Miss, we only have three of them left."

Nik spoke with a difficult expression on his face while internally, he cackled in glee! It was too easy!

Just spreading the rumor that he was into travel made the families flock over the traveling books en masse! All that was left were the guides to basic travel in Osaka and...

"Fine! Give me three of them! I love to travel! I will teach others, too!" The girl shouted cutely and spent her entire month's worth of pocket money on the three guidebooks to Osaka.


Nik grinned and jotted down the receipt. The customers came in batches. In the afternoon, the shopping district is filled with high school students. From what Nik could observe, the brunette in front of him was likely to be in the second semester.

"Um..." The girl finally hesitated and lowered her head while looking around. For a brief moment, she could see Nik's expression turning slightly strange... are his cheeks flushing?

She shook her head and spoke up, "What's... your name?"

"Oh!" Nik exclaimed softly as his gaze drifted down for a moment before smiling, "I am Nik. Nice to meet you..."

"Kaya! Miyoshi Kaya!"

For a moment, Nik's mouth parted in surprise and his gaze lingered below his cash counter once again.

"It is a nice name, Kaya. I hope that you would consider this bookshop for further needs."

His warm smiled made Kaya Miyoshi flush as she hurriedly nodded and shot out of the entrance of the shop while Nik gulped and exhaled loudly. His hands finally grabbed a fistful of the other Kaya's hair as her deep brown eyes hidden by the counter matched Nik's violet orbs while feeling Nik's overly enlarged c.o.c.k swelling in her throat.

Full of ecstasy, Kaya drained Nik's c.o.c.k before dragging her lips up on his shaft and warmly kissing the tip of his c.o.c.k before opening her mouth and revealing her mouth which was painted in white.

With a narrowed gaze, Nik held Kaya's chin in between his index and thumb as he smiled and nodded, finally giving his assent to Kaya to gulp down his c.u.m-shake.

"Hah~ Now that is called a cream tea!"

Kaya m.o.a.ned before standing up with Nik's help as Nik snickered, "It's like eating cereals and drinking milk separately before dancing t mix them inside."

"Well, to be honest, actual cream would neer go with green tea," Kaya adjusted her glasses while looking past the front of the shop, "But it was a surprise... to think that you would meet another Kaya while the first one is blowing you," She turned towards Nik and smiled, "Maybe all the Kaya-s are supposed to meet you?"

"Who knows," Nik shrugged and pulled a chair near him, "So? How was your week?"

"How cruel~ Only recalling to ask my days after I service you? You have grown naughtier, Nik."

Kaya sniffled in theatrics while Nik shook his head and refused to counter her. After all, they both knew that the moment Yuuko left, Kaya jumped onto him wildly. The plug embedded in her cunt that stopped Nik's c.u.m to leak out with easily vouch for Nik if it could speak of course.

"Anyway, you should come to the Silverman gym tomorrow. I will be personally coaching Kyouko and the others to help them get used to a few gifts I plan to share."

"Sure," Kaya nodded readily. She wanted to spend more time with Nik. But in between her shop and daily routine as a mother, she hardly had free time other than the afternoon.

Finally, before kaya left, she made sure to have a short chat with Yuuko. Over the week, both of the mothers had gotten closer due to a single familiarity Their daughters being too hardcore about physical sports. And while they shared their versions of 'heart-breaking' stories, the two gradually hit it off and Kaya also admitted to introducing Yuuko to Mitsuko and Kyouko while Nik was gone. If Kaya had done it before Nik adventured into the second world, he would have objected to Kaya's decision, but now he wasn't the same.

It was only later in the evening that Megumi got better enough to actually shout while pointing her index at Nik and interrogating loudly to identify himself.

'Do I really look that different?'

Nik sighed as the disheveled Megumi finally flushed as she realized something important, "Ah... Nik, the stuff that I said... I didn't"

With Yuuko's absence as she had left to purchase medicines for Megumi, Nik instantly brought her closer and sealed her lips.

'I am not going to forgive you easily.'

Nik's voice boomed within Megumi's consciousness as Megumi tried to struggle out of his hold, 'I am sick, dumbo. Don't kiss me now!'

Her yells only served to increase Nik's debauched forces as she soon fell limp in Nik's arms while her tongue exchanged her fluids even when she knew it was wrong.'

'Relax, you are fine. I made sure of that.'

Megumi once again presented a sweaty body and a familiar musky scent invaded his nostrils. It was just like the first time he met Megumi. She was alone and hot.

'Let's get you to a bath.'

Nik whispered into her consciousness while spreading his pheromones within the entire shop, alerting him of any arrival if any person does want to buy any book and pulled Megumi into a princess carry. Finally allowed to speak with her mouth, Megumi just averted her gaze and mumbled out a curse with a loveable pout.


But as Nik said, she was feeling better and that was good. She didn't want to accidentally sneeze while they were making out.

As Nik dragged the door to the Amano Household's bathroom open, Nik did not have any need to wait to make the bath warm. His bending abilities were all that he needed. What took effort and gave Nik enjoyment was the process of bathing the cutely pouting Megumi. The bath was purely out of the motive to spoil Megumi and make up for his time away on his adventure. Aside from a few involuntary squeezes and kisses, Nik did not force Megumi for she had already vowed to focus on her studies and her kendo practice to the best of her abilities and focus.

"There you go."

Bathed and dried, Megumi was once again tucked into her bed. Nik took a moment before deciding to massage her head since there was no customer out in the front.

"Thank... you..."

"Hush," Nik couldn't help but smile as he looked at Megumi's cute face turning crimson entirely and continued massaging her forehead, "No need to thank me. I love pampering you."

His words only served to make Megumi's heart and stomach flutter alike while she finally closed her face. She was unable to bear the sheer warmth projected by Nik, not to mention that he looked slightly older and mature, fully igniting the small part of daddy's girl that was still within the brunette with the desire to get spoiled by someone like this.

It was only after she fell asleep that Nik finally made his way towards the shop and sat on the chair behind the counter. Although, selling books did not pose a challenge to him, the entire situation would have been extremely boring and unpleasant if not for Yuuko being the owner and Nik being able to peruse through interesting books and other pieces of written media.

With his gaze twinkling, Nik now read through a book regarding a human turned yellow tentacle monster with atrocious physical attributes who decided to teach a bunch of failures.

If not for Koro-sensei, who else?

This manga had been published 4 days ago and had attracted a large pool of potential readers, finally bringing the chronicles of the yellow tentacle teacher who created the stretching technique to Nik's attention.

"Well... that's definitely Koro-sensei..."

Nik read through the book and finally grew interested himself. Alas, a single chapter barely scratched through the surface regarding the strange teacher's past.

Putting that aside, Nik took a look at the nearby dictionary and started going through them. If Nik had guessed correctly, Ray emerged from a planet extremely similar to his homeworld if not the same and maybe... he will be able to find the meaning of the word touch and also understand other words that Ray might use. Of course, Nik did not have high hopes. Even if the planets are similar in development, it does not equate to the languages being the same, too.

Still, Nik had nothing else to do.


Kaya Miyoshi