Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 298

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 298 Travel

"Nik... I swear to god... one of these days, I will kill you..."

Souko grumbled with an audible distressed groan. Her frustration was shared by everyone within Kyouko's apartment Except for Mitsuko and Nik. But grumble as frequently they could, none dared to raise their voices. Although experienced in giving births, Mitsuko was still prone to mood swings and even if Mitsuko has been nothing but a delight, the Souma daughters and Kyouko knew how much Mitsuko's mood varied.

She would sniffle while watching the parting of a dog with his master in the cinema, she would throw her slipper at Souko the moment she even tried to drink beer in front of her, she would doll-up Kurumi, and even go as far as to give long bathes to Kyouko.

Fortunately, Sayako was able to avoid all that by being at her best behavior. But not today.

With eye bags under her eyes and a thin trail of saliva leaking through the corner of her lips, Sayako's sky-blue hues calmly regarded Nik, "Nik... a week... it only took a week for you to turn into an annoying mother."

As it turns out, the four of them still weren't used to getting up early and hit the gym while knowing that Mitsuko got a free pass just because of her talent of getting knocked up quicker than others. They were now aware that Nik's evolution had reduced the fertility rate of his s.p.e.r.m, so no matter how hard they tried to get away with the morning regimen, they couldn' escape Nik's palms.

He was a training devil!

"Hnnngh... lemme sleep today," Kyouko m.o.a.ned and twisted her body around, "It's Christmas!"

Alas, Nik was not inclined to believe or celebrate old men climbing down the chimneys of young women during winters. This was an act best left under the supervision of handsome hunks like Nik... now he thought about it, he did rent out a Santa Costume after Rick's and Machio's incessant persuasion.

That was a surprise for his girls.

Finally, Nik dragged everyone to the Silverman Gym and started their workouts. In this hour of the morning, there were barely any patrons and even Machio decided to open the gym once he was assured that there won't only be a single person in the gym.

"Master! How coincidental to meet you here!"

Rick accompanied a dazed Gunta, a cheerful Kaya, another dazed Sakura and greeted loudly.

"Rick..." Nik mumbled before shifting his gaze on Kaya, who shook her head and explained the situation to Nik. As it turns out, Gunta let it slip in front of Rick that his mother has been accompanying her friend to train with Nik.

Her friend being...

"Hello, Nik."

Yuuko waved her hand while Megumi acted more reserved in her mother's presence and averted her gaze. Nik had planned to train all the girls, so, of course, Nik had sweet-talked Yuuko to not only send Megumi but accompany her to the training.

"Finally, everyone is present!"

Machio clapped his hand slightly while the ones who knew Machio's habit to keep three pairs of spare tracksuits knew what was coming.


Machio's muscles tightened and bulged as he tore out of his tracksuit. A piece of tracksuit would have slapped right onto Nik's face had he not avoided it swiftly.

"Let us train!"

The bulky trainer smiled happily.


A month swiftly passed by Nik's life as he was preparing for his journey once again. And even though he had a certain notion of reluctance to depart, he did not have a choice. While Megumi had also joined in to bid her farewell, there was a single person who was more than indignant with Nik.

"I am telling you once again... I know a lot about history and I watch a lot of animated shows... the a.d.u.l.t ones included. I can benefit you if you take me."

Kurumi tried her hand once again, unwilling to remain here while Nik adventures once again. If she wasn't willing to accompany Nik, why would she force herself to learn Hamon so quickly?

She knew all too well the dangers Nik's adventure posed, but isn't the danger the eternal romance of adventure?

She admits that her thoughts had been slightly skewed with all the literature, but she was sure that she wanted to experience another world herself.

"You haven't even graduated.. take it easy, Kurumi."

Nik sighed and looked around the room.

"You are slightly less than two years older than me..."

"I graduated from my whorehouse with flying colors," Nik lied through his teeth and smiled as he felt the familiar tug.

"All right, everyone, I will return within a week..."

Nik waved and disappeared from the room.

"Sniff... sniff..."

"Ugh... Stop crying, Mom! He is only gone for a week!" Kurumi groaned and glared at Mitsuko's direction before walking out of Nik's room.

Since Megumi was supposed to be having a sleepover with Kurumi, she too, followed Kurumi with a sigh. Even Megumi wanted to adventure with Nik, but she was far more aware than the dangers of Nik's life. Being a practitioner of Kendo, Nik had taken upon himself to spar with Megumi for half-an-hour whilst sharing his experience in killing the zombies.

Even the weakest of the Zombies that Nik butchered could easily overpower any of them, so she refrained from making the notion to travel even if her heart had been all too clear in front of Nik.

Meanwhile, Nik opened his eyes and found himself back into the room within paradise.

Teleporting out of his room, Nik contacted Ray. As he had explained to Kurumi, every adventure posed a certain threat and having an ally as resourceful as Ray was definitely a boon to Nik.

With the last succubus replying to Nik's inquiry of his whereabouts, the duo got together and planned the basic direction in which they will escape the moment they arrive at the destination.

With the basics planned out, the two waited until the duo, alongside others, got transported to the next world.


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