Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 299

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 299 Open Ranked Plane

Once again, alongside a burst of white light, Nik found himself observing a lush forest. Ray was standing beside him as Nik calmly regarded the seven other members. A few of them had distinctive features which made it easy for Nik to memorize their description.

The other did not move. All of them had to select an identity in this world before the restriction of the system on their body can be lifted.

[Welcome to the Open-ranked plane of Divine Soul Masters.]

The opening statement spread grimace to the entire group. They all were first rankers and being summoned into an open-ranked plane was definitely quite a threat from the very beginning.

[Would you like to learn the language?

Price 80 SO

Form your identity

Low-class Citizen 10 SO

Low-Level Aristocrat 50 SO

Middle-Level Aristocrat 100 SO

High Nobles 200 SO]

Only having 211 SO in balance, Nik opted for the middle-level aristocracy while digesting the language spoken in this plane.

Just like before, Nik and Ray had entered into a party that allowed them to share the success of the main mission whilst allowing them to collect their world root independently.

They both looked at each other as the restrictions of the [Transmigration Paradise] started to loosen. It was at this time when the crystal-haired woman with a thin physique and dressed in a sea-green battle tunic spoke up.

"I am from the guild The Absolute. If anyone wishes to party-up and form a temporary alliance, I and my partner," The caramel-skinned, diamond-headed girl gestured towards the black-haired old man with extremely short stature, "will be waiting for your decision. Bear in mind that this is a recruitment and not assistance.

If any of you impress us, we will initiate you into our guild."

To emphasize her words, the girl took out a scroll and noted the changes in the expression of others, "This is the recruitment contract. Those who join us in this world will be able to gain the full support of the guild before he will be asked to take the test constructed by the guild back in the paradise."

After saying this, the girl and the dwarf elder took their leave from the group and settled on the ground about five meters from the group.

Nik, of course, recalled the guild and thought back at the blonde youth who said something similar at the beginning of his journey into the land of elementals.

[What do you think?]

The initial tension between the group of the first ranker estranged in an open-ranked world had diminished by a slight margin. Ray looked around and inquired Nik.

Thinking for a moment, Nik decided to look at the factions available this time.

[Main Quest 1


Join one of these factions in Glory City-

Holy Orchid Institute City Lord's Mansion Saint Judgement Hall Alchemy Association Spirit Master Association Aristocratic Families Dark Guild

Time: 2 days

Reward: 500 SO

Penalty: Death


The information from the quest panel had already revealed quite a lot of things to Nik. This was due to his intensive focus on studying various literature and case studies aside from the obvious dabble in hentai, mangas, and comics.

First, Nik and Ray had to identify the city named Glory City. This place is expected to be quite developed judging from the number of institutions having the capacity to recruit hosts like Nik. Not to mention the obvious political issues hidden behind the tab describing the aristocratic families alongside the implications behind the existence of a dark guild.

If Nik had some more information, he would also have been capable of hypothesizing the living conditions of the commoners. The most fascinating was the Spirit Master Association. Probably, there were methods to cultivate one's spirit in this world?

[We need to find Glory City,] Nik mused and then carefully observed the surroundings. His power of observations was forcibly enhanced due to him acquiring [Perfect Eyesight] and the past month had given him the much needed time to grow more comfortable with his eyesight.

The trees were of unknown origins. The branches and the shrubs surrounding them were undisturbed, providing Nik with the fact that this spot may not be popular amongst the denizens of this world and the possible animals within the forest. Nik even activated his [Life Vision] and with the increased range of the skill due to the past upgrade, he did find a source of weak life source.

[There is a dying animal.]

Nik identified the direction and replied, [But it is still a mystery as to what or who killed it. I think that the two of them there are essentially confident that they won't be injured... I suggest that we take the risk and leave this group.]

Nik thought for a moment and lightly tapped his foot on the ground while closing his eyes. Instantly, the earth elemental energy was spread out from his feet and Nik started to sense his surroundings based on the feedback from the vibration of his earth element energy.

He had learned his trick from Toph and although he wasn't proficient in this manner of gathering information, he did find a slight, elongated clearing.

It was an unpaved pathway!

[Found something, let's leave in this direction.]

Nik made Ray follow him in the opposite direction. The duo's departure attracted a lot of attention and a few of them finally decided to join the two recruiters from the Guild The Absolute. Meanwhile, the only obese man out of the group decided to travel alone.

Nik and Ray, on the other hand, made a beeline towards the unpaved pathway and when they got closer to the path, Nik found traces of footsteps.

Following those footsteps, the two found an impressive city right in front of them only after a few minute's travels.


"*Yawn* Man, can the guards get some good action, too?"

An armored youth yawned loudly before lamenting the life decisions that led him to become a weak guard with no chance of fighting the demons in the Star Dou forset. Glory City had also been quite peaceful for the past few years, so, the budget to train the guards and increasing their spirit rings have been cut in more than a half.

" I know, right? This job looks sooo boring~"

A sweet voice replied to the young guard as he nodded. But before he could say anything else, his expression froze. Why would there be a girl's voice when he has already been a single guard for one year already?

"Sleep," Ray commanded as the sweet scent spread and covered the guardsman and brought him to Ray's command. The silver-haired youth then looked back and matched Nik's gaze, "We should be able to get the basic details from him, right?"

Nik nodded as the duo got to work.

It was only after a total of 15 minutes that they got all they needed and then used the guardsman as the reference to enter the faction they thought was the laxest in its policies.