Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 300

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 300 Glory City

From what Nik had gathered this city resembles a mix of ancient Chinese culture back from his homeworld and medieval Indian culture. In essence, if Nik and Ray look even the slightest bit different or strange, they both fill face discrimination at the level unseen in the current society of both of their homeworlds.

{A/N: Look, all my thoughts regarding ancient china are only gathered from the cn novels I have read so far. And, I am an Indian, so I know that we used to discriminate against a lot of castes and whatnot.}

"Well, I am always prepared for this."

Ray smiled and took out a pair of beautiful pink-colored robe-tunic prevailing in this city and undressed in front of Nik. Since they were already within the city walls, Ray did not need to fear any peaker and from what he had gathered from Nik's past questions regarding the skill-dolls made by Lady Mirage, Nik might already know how he looks without any clothes.

"What should I wear then?"

Nik wondered out loud, not bothered by Ray's antics. His gaze then shifted onto the unconscious guard. The notions of stripping the guard off of his armor and then his clothes were instantly rejected. Nik might have the potential of taking a man's beloved... but taking used undergarments? Never! He only strips the females and will never break the tradition!

With a sigh, Nik rummaged through his wardrobe. Picking out a soft jacket, Nik tore the sleeves of the jacket which he bought from the commission of selling 6 books World's most beautiful animal with much reluctance.

Finally, Nik placed took out his old sweatpants and tidied himself to be a bare-chested brawler. Much to Nik's relief, even though this world followed strict traditions, the fashion sense of the world was quite skewed. There were multiple a.d.u.l.ts both, men and women who wore revealing and tight outfits.

"Phew~" Ray whistled as Nik decided to take his outfit up a notch and tied a headband, "Now that's what you call a brute."

Ray wasn't wrong. Nik's skin wasn't as white as before. His slightly tanned skin alongside his bulging frame that seemed to ignite the desires of the woman who are originally interested in lean and feminine males packed a punch with his high vascularity.

Even the slightest movement led to multiple movements of his muscles that were completely exposed and even then, Ray had to admit that every form of female could only admire such a physique.

"All set, I guess."

Nik traced his chin while the feeling of the jacket's fabric on his bare chest was definitely weird. He sighed and then looked at the ring on the guardsman index finger.

"If he stated correctly, such an item has an adequate supply, right?"

According to the guardsman, this was a spatial ring. This item worked as an inventory provided by the system but far more limited in its capacity. The youth proclaimed that the space within his spatial ring was barely 1.5 cubic meters.

"Do we loot him?" Nik turned to Ray and inquired. This youth was Ray's target and whatever happened to him depended on Ray's sole discretion.

"Well, taking a slight wealth from him as seed money won't be a bad idea. This world does not restrict the use of energies that I can control and the method of attaining power in this world seems strange..." Ray mused as his hazy pink hues locked onto the unconscious body of the youth.

"Maybe we keep him along until he leads us to a better target? If his description of the aristocracy is indeed adequate, then we can just target the younger generation of the wealthier families. They might just be easier to control."

Ray's words were not unfounded. Unlike the previous two worlds that Nik had traveled, this was an open-ranked plane. Staying cautious would not be counterproductive. And if the duo can get a better footing in the city, completing the first of their many main missions might become easier. The good news, however, was that this city stranded in between a dangerous forest did not have any sort of identifications to point out the outsiders.

Finally painting the details of their further course of action, Ray woke the poor youth and took half of his wealth present. Of course, his honest description of the true value of wealth the duo received made them sigh and they finally entered the Glory City.

Criss-crossed with paved streets and a strange sense of liveliness, the Glory City presented Nik and Ray with a surprise. The infrastructure of the city itself contained a hint of 'modern beauty' according to the duo's standards. The myriad buildings, aside from the tiled roofs, boasted sturdiness and the duo's curiosity was further ignited whence their gazes were attracted to multiple people wielding strange weapons or animals from their bodies!

Nik instantly activated his [Life Vision] and the feedback made him frown. Unlike everything he had seen until now, the strange objects or figures contained two energies. One unknown yet constant in every single one of the objects while the other force was a variable. Some boasted elemental energy of various kinds while the other ones boasted an energy signature similar to the Hamon but on a higher scale in terms of quality.

"What are these?"

Ray inquired the armored youth as the duo attracted every bit of attention as their's were attracted to the people of this world.

"These are spirits," The youth replied in a whisper and continued explaining, "The spirits have been available to us the moment we reach six years old."

The youth did not delve into a further explanation as he gestured towards a red-bricked home, "This is my home. Please come in."

As the duo entered into the room, the people on the streets still stunned by the duo's appearance couldn't help but discuss vividly.

Meanwhile, within the house, Ray finally had the time to execute a proper form of mind control over the youth. Not only that, but Ray also shared the experience of his 'modern world' and its views to make the armored youth draw a clear and concise comparison between the two worlds and understand the triggers that might harm them in this world. Ray had not planned to demolish the mind of the youth in such a manner, but the appearance of the so-called 'spirits' did serve to spook him.

It took less than half-an-hour and when Ray was done, the youth had a dazed expression while he spoke in whispers, "I am an uneducated guardsman, so, my knowledge regarding the existence of spirits is quite limited. I only know that the spirits 'exist'. They always have.

The spirits come in a number of sizes and shapes. From a blade of grass to mightiest swords. But, not all spirits are suitable for helping us survive. So, citizens with potential spirits are recruited by various organizations to perform various activities.

I am a part of the City Lord's Mansion. But that is basic information. You can get it everywhere. What you need to beware is that unlike your modern world, this society holds women and beauty at an extremely high and low pedestal simultaneously.

Your beauty can be your undoing. Even though there are laws, nobody follows them as strictly as in your world."

The youth continued blankly, "What I meant to express is that the laws and regulations are not the decision-makers in this city. It is the people. Powerful ones.

Fortunately, the City Lord is a just one and more often than not, takes measures in the interest of the city and its people instead of his own clan and family."

It only took a moment for Nik and Ray to digest the words. The strong ones ruled. While Nik easily adapted, Ray also followed quickly since he already knew that in his world, the richest made the rules.

It seemed legit enough.

"If you wish to join the Holy Orchid Institute, you will have to have a minimum Rank 20 Spirit Master Cultivation."

The youth finally spoke the words that simply couldn't register themselves to the duo's minds. Nik and Ray looked at each other blankly before Ray sighed softly. Understanding the whole situation would require her to dismantle the youth's memories.

"I am sorry... I will make sure that you aren't hurt in the harem," Ray spoke up and finally, after another half-an-hour, the situation was slightly clearer to the duo.

Spirits! The same thing as Asmodeus, Lilith and the unnamed one within his spiritual world.

As Ray concluded the explanation, Nik nodded and asked a few minutes of break. They both needed it. If the explanations were true, then this world might as well be a treasure trove.