Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 302

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 302 Triple Baby

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A/N: In the manhua, there are supposed to be three major families The snow wind, divine, and sacred family. Then there are seven noble families and then there are twenty aristocrats. So, in my version, to keep some consistency, I have made the lower twenty aristocrats into Low-Level Aristocrats, the seven noble families into mid-level aristocrats and finally, the three major families are high-level aristocrats. But, they are also called high nobles.

Every five years, the Saint Judgement Hall aka the only institute that provides modern-day services such as patents and accounting will review the financials of each of the families and decide the rankings of the families once again. The families that have a turn-over less than a million demon spirit coins but more than 500,000 will be categorized as a low-level aristocrat. Families with more than a million and less than 5 million demon spirit coins in turnover will be categorized as mid-level aristocrats.

The families with income higher than 5 million are categorized as high-level aristocrats aka high nobles.

The currency of this world is Demon Spirit Coins and the annual expense of a common family with no ties to the martial concepts of this world range from 2000-3000 demon spirit coins.

In the original TDG, the power system was categorized into two ranks Demon Fighters and Demon Spiritualists. Now, there are no such categories. There are only various types of spirits. I came to this decision because I did not like the mc of TDG and his cheats but I also don't hate him enough to make Nik cuck the mc's father.

This is the end of the note and basic world-building concepts you should be aware of. Most of the other things will be clear once the plot is continued.



Ray toyed with a fist-sized crystal. The crystal's surface was hazy and streams of blue revolved within the crystal. This was supposed to be a spirit crystal, a high-level one at that worth 2500 Demon Spirit Coins. It was brought to Ray's and Nik's attention that the value of the currency in this world was quite extreme. The families could buy helpful drugs, items and even slaves with enough demon spirit coins. And to paint a proper picture of how poor the commoners of the city were, the crystal in Ray's hand could probably feed a family of three for an entire year.

"Say, Hong, is there another easy target as you in your family? Preferably a female for my partner here."

The Snow Wind Family was one of the top three families with sky-high income and the highest prestige out of the three high noble families. Based on Ray's modus operandi, Ye Hong was forced to adapt to the changes that followed Ray's appearance so he wasn't the least bit conflicted when he threw his own lovable cousin out.

"Yes, there is my cousin, Ye Ziyun. She is richer than me and her father is the City Lord. What's more, she has an Ice Phoenix as her spirit and she even has a rare talent of being the only person with an Innate Full Spirit Power."

"Innate what?"

Nik couldn't care less about a girl whom he hadn't met. But the strange term attracted his attention.

Ye Hong caressed Ray's head while the succubus mewled and continued, "The legend states that the person with such talents can achieve the full potential of their spiritual energy."

"I see... so, can you tell us if you have any contacts in the Holy Orchid Institute?"

"How about the principal?" Ye Hong inquired as he recalled the debauched principal who was interested in refreshing the memories of his daughter with young-looking girls while stumbling upon Ye Hong, who was recalling his mother in the arms of a buxom household wife... in essence, the principal was with that poor farmer's daughter and Ye Hong with his wife...

Needless to say, the farmer remains uninformed of his house's activities.

"Ho~ Aren't you my lucky star?"

Ray smiled hotly and blew into Ye Hong's ears before jumping up from his laps, eliciting a sad expression from Ye Hong, "So, let's get our spirits awakened! I really wanna see if I get something... s.e.xy."

Ray grinned and did as Ye Hong informed. The Succubus produced a vial of his blood and poured it onto the Spirit Crystal. Why Ray had vials of his blood stored into his inventory, Nik did not ask. But he observed carefully.

Nik and Ray had already shifted to one of Ye Hong's many hideouts within the city. Even though this place is named Glory City, the area covered by the officials could easily mark this place as a kingdom!

As Ray's blood came into contact with the spirit crystal. The surface of the crystal started to dissolve and the bluish streams of energy flooded into Ray's blood, making his blood on the disappearing crystal glow and float with the help of a mysterious presence. Finally, under the guidance of the strange energy, Ray's blood condensed into a blob and gently floated towards Ray. With a look of anticipation, Ray held his hand out and came into contact with his on blood.


The blob of blood plopped onto Ray's palm and got itself absorbed into his skin. Instantly, Ray felt a current of warm energy traveling past his arms into the center of his chest and then


A wave of energy spread across the well-lit, luxurious room, knocking a few decorations onto the ground as Ray's body was covered in a deep pink glow. A slender serpent, deep purple in color slowly emerged with a soft hiss before coiling around Ray's body. Much to Ye Hong's astonishment, this was merely the beginning. As the pink haze receded and the slender serpent slowly coiled around Ray's neck while observing the surroundings with a dazed look in its eyes, in a bout of violet, a bat-winged pink-furred and fist-sized manticore jumped out of Ray's body and flew up to sit on top of Ray's head with a regal snort.

Nik was sold! They both were cute!!

Meanwhile, with a spirit meter analyzer in his hands, Ye Hong's lips trembled as he muttered out, "Twin spirits... Innate Full Spirit Power!"

Ray opened his eyes and grinned, "Guess I'm a great talent, huh... but what's about this twin spirits?"

Ray inquired as he felt something jumping from his head and instinctively, Ray reached out only to have a cute little pink-furred manticore in his arms while Ray's attention was attracted by the snake on his neck.

"These two are my spirits? What are your names?"

Ray tilted his head and inquired as Ye Hong spoke up, "The spirits don't have names. We are the ones who give them one... if I may suggest, the serpent is meant for great things and is attached to you. It is certainly a divine being so why don't we name it the Heavenly Devou"

"Then, your Hissy and you are Kitty!"

Ray proclaimed and gave a toothy grin while Nik nodded his head. The names certainly fit into the profiles of his spirits and even the spirits seemed to be pleased with Ray's names. Of course, before disappearing, the serpent gazed at ye Hing with deep contempt.

Even if there was a Heavenly Devouring something, it would have to bow its head to Ray. This Hissy will make sure of that.

It was at this point, Ray felt a throb in his head and felt waves of information regarding his spiritual world flooding into his consciousness.

"Nik, I will have to sit on a few minutes of meditation, so, hurry up! I want to look at your spirits, too!"

"Sure..." Nik shrugged and used a sharp fruit knife in the room to slice his thumb slightly and let a few drops of his blood to dissolve the high-level Spirit Crystal in his hands.

Once again, the moment the spiritually energized blood entered Nik's body and made way into Nik's already unsealed spiritual world and in a flash of crimson, a demonic broadsword pulsating with eldritch forces emerged from the center of Nik's bare chest. Black skull and bones decorated the hilt and the crimson, thick blade gleamed frightful glow.

Just like before, Nik's body flashed violet and a strange violet blob emerged from the center of his chest. The blob was fist-sized and it instantly latched onto Nik's jacket. Once again, Ye Hong's eyes popped out. Alas, the black flash from Nik's body now even attracted Ray's barely concealed shock