Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 303

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 303 Lilith Asmodeus Sky

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"Lilith," The broadsword in Nik's grasp let out a soft chime, "Asmodeus," the blob on Nik's jacket jumped onto his shoulders and bobbed up and down. Nik then finally looked at his third spirit. It was a small, palm-sized bat. It's leathery wings glimmering black akin to a starry sky while its bright eyes observed the surroundings before disappearing into a haze of darkness. Rudimentary information on the spirit's abilities filled Nik's consciousness as he smiled and spoke and let his voice ring within his spiritual world, "I will call you Sky until I find out your name."

Once again, with the little amount of spiritual energy exposed to Nik and no prior affinity with the energy, Nik couldn't sustain Lilith's and Asmodeus' existence for long as they, too, vanished into Nik's spiritual world.

"Am... azing..." Ye Hong stammered. Three sprits! What anomaly!

Twin Spirits were so rare that even in the annals of history, only a few named figures had such unique talent. Not to mention the existence of an individual with three spirits!

Nik finally digested the information and shifted his gaze towards Ray and smiled, "A great talent? You were saying something?"

Nik mocked while Ray pouted and closed his eyes.

"I want to interact with Hissy and Kitty."

Ray snorted closed his eyes while Ye Hong sifted on his seat uncomfortably. Nik looked at him for a moment before deciding to experience the city for himself. If he stayed with Ray, Nik would be forced to act like a pathetic brute who cannot even get a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e to service him.

He did not want that.

"I am going out, do you want me to bring you something as a consolation prize?"

Nik smiled as Ray's frown only grew deeper without saying anything. Apparently, even Ray wanted to host three sprits. With a soft sigh, Nik left the room. Ye Hong's hideout was in an inn. The name was quite strange, too The Dragon's Foundation.

Who even names a building like that? Not to mention, a business.

Nik was also aware that leaving a frustrated Ray with his harem members a locked room would entail a defilement of the room at a sub-atomic level. Oh, well, Nik wasn't planning to sleep in the same room as Ray either way.

He shifted his gaze and observed the street. This was one of the many districts comprising Glory City. Of course, this district did not come under the managing eyes of the Snow Wind Family. Ye Hong would be a fool to have set-up a hideout to escape his own family within the family's domain.

This district's business was owned by the Divine Family. This family was mostly renowned for their business practices and astonishing wealth that surpassed both The Snow Wind Family and the Sacred Family. There was nothing much to explore for Nik.

Most of the shops displayed weapons while there were only a handful of shops that catered to the needs of the commoners. In fact, the street was filled with the combined smell of scorched metal and medicines. The most interesting thing to Nik was the low level of narcotics present in the City. With strange herbs that could increase a person's total capacity of energy or temper with the constitutions, Nik was willing to believe that there would have been many suitors of the otherwordly narcotics that could give the users a ride to heaven in slight dozes.

Alas, even after inquiring myriad businesses, Nik found none. Nik wasn't primarily interested in the medicines because of his sudden interest in getting high. No. A narcotic plant was one of the many requirements of Asmodeus.

When his search proved fruitless, his eyes were attracted to a couple of armored a.d.u.l.ts staring at his direction. They were far away, of course. But Nik could easily identify them targetting him and the cause of such attention was instantly blamed upon Ye Hong's head.

Ray had already shared his findings that higher the spirit energy within the target, the tougher it is to gain control over the target. The armored youth and Ye Hong were both Rank 16 and 18 Spirit Masters. They both boasted a single spirit ring white and yellow respectively.

'This is trouble...' Nik thought silently. There was a chance that he would be left alone after being questioned, but something within their expression made Nik believe that he would get into trouble even if their interrogation proved useless.

Two hours had already passed since Nik left Ray alone and he really hoped that Ray's and Ye Hong's escapade had come to a satisfactory conclusion.

[I have someone tailing me. Is Ye Hong decent?]

Nik inquired as he turned on his heel and started making his way towards the inn without tipping the two armored a.d.u.l.ts who failed spectacularly to hide their presence.

[He is. We were eating at a restaurant. I am sending you the details.]

Ray worked quick and Nik finally walked towards the restaurant named Vanishing Pavilion. Why the owner couldn't name his restaurant Spicy Joint was out of Nik's capacity of deduction. In a few minutes, Nik found the green-colored construct and walked past it. He just wanted to lead the two guys tailing him here while it was Ray's job to handle the rest.

"Young Master Hong! We were looking for you!"

The moment Ray and Ye Hong emerged, the two following Nik focused their attention on Ye Hong and instantly grabbed onto the purple-headed philanderer of the Snow Wind Family.

"And who is she?"

The other man spoke up. They have been taking care of Ye Hing's disappearance for the past few years from the moment their young master was addicted to s.e.x. Assuming Ye Hong to be one of Ray's casual hook-ups, they treated Ray with scorn and contempt.

Internally, Ray wanted to smack Ye Hong's guard due to their discrimination against s.e.x. But, they were probably stronger than Ray.

It was Ye Hong, on the other hand, who was tasked with the final act. Ensuring Ray's admission into the Holy Orchid Institute as a student.

"You idiots! I am trying to help the family and this is what I get?"

Ye Hong roared, partly, to impress Ray with his manliness and also to complete his task.

Flinching at their young master's sudden change of demeanor, the two held their tongues as Ye Hong's voice quietened down and he leaned closer to the older guard out of the two and whispered, "Quickly inform Uncle. This girl has twin spirits."


Within the hour of Ray being taken into the City Lord's Mansion, Nik received a notification stating that the main mission was already completed. He received a total of 500 SO and finally, his main quest was updated. Alas, since he still hadn't actually joined the Holy Orchid Institute, his mission panel did not show any description.

This made Nik realize that there was no way to cheat the system. If he wished to get more quests, he would have to reach the same stage as Ray in the line of quests. Sighing, Nik drained the contents of his glass. He was in a restaurant closer to the academy. Since it was already evening, the recruitment drives of the academy were halted.

Over the past few hours, Nik had observed many examinations. The most obvious o Nik was the examination of measuring the spiritual rank of the examinee. Within these few hours, his spiritual world has been infusing Nik's body wit streams of spiritual energy. Since he had an innate full spirit body, Nik's body was forced to adapt to the energy. But still, from the measurements Nik could read, even the a.d.u.l.ts with two spirit rings did not get the chance to enter the academy.

But, in some cases, Nik had also seen a few commoners getting a job into the academy. Finally, when Nik observed closely, he found his window of opportunity.