Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 306

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 306 No Master Cliche Here

"I am Ye Sheng, the Vice Principal of this Institute."

The old man with his hair tied up introduced himself before gesturing towards the brown-haired middle-aged man accompanying him, "And this is Lu Ye, the professor who teaches the Genius Class of the Institute."

"And this gentleman" Ye Sheng was cut in by the open-haired old man and introduced himself calmly, "I am Ye Shuo. I believe that I did meet you during the fifth birthday of our Yun'er."

Nik had too many questions. He already knew that 'er' is added to the end of the names of relatives, especially the younger ones, but what he did not know was why this old man would remember little boys from long-forgotten events. Maybe his memory was just that good... or maybe...

Anyway, caution was advisable.

"Yes, of course," Nik nodded. Ye Hong had already made it clear that many members of the Snow Wind Family held important positions in multiple institutions situated within the city. Seeing two members of the Snow Divine Family dominating the recruitment process brought no surprise to Nik.

After all, the other families won't just like their offsprings under the care of the Snow Wind Family, so Nik anticipated that there might be members of the Sacred Family and the Divine Family within the Holy Orchid Institute.

The other examinees were asked to leave aside from Nik. Most of them barely reached the peak of Spirit Master Rank, much less entering the Spirit Grandmaster Rank squarely. It was only Nik with his rank 10 spirit energy that piqued the interest of the decision-makers. After all, they would not have attributed Nik to have a Full Spirit Innate Power since it was a common knowledge that every citizen's spirit is awakened when they turn six.

"You wished to teach the Art of Combat to the students. We can make that happen."

Ye Shou cut to the chase and replied while brushing his hair through his wavy beard.

"It is the matter of the level of art you can teach and your method of teaching that concern us. For that, we would like to meet with the person who taught you this art."

Ye Shou was under the impression that without any backing or a master, the runaway kid of the Gin Family would not have been able to attain such a martial path. And to think that Nik did not have a single spirit painted a picture that the person behind Nik was financially tight. This was the leverage Ye Shou was hoping to pull on to bring the mysterious master into the Snow Wind Family.

The Snow Wind Family has a history of adopting external experts into their family. Even Lord Ye Mo, the previous city lord of the Glory City and the top talent that could rival the past founders of the Glory City was once an orphaned youth married into the family.

But far from what Ye Shou had expected, Nik had decided to push his own genius and brashness to an unbelievable level. His eyes narrowed down while his lips puckered up displeasingly.

"Are you insulting me?"

Nik inquired as the frail bodies of the three men were subjected to an increase of gravity by 50%.

"Why would someone else teach me my own technique? Do you think I stole it?"

Nik inquired with a furious expression. His violet orbs nailed the three elderly and with a malevolent expression, he continued, "Is this what the teachers are subjected to in this institute humiliation? If that is so, then the shapers of the future will never commit themselves to the responsibility they have taken upon themselves!"

Raising his index, Nik pointed at Ye Shou and snarled, "It is because of people like you that the teachers are belittled! It isn't necessary that techniques are always passed down! They can be created!

Got that, old man?"

The surroundings quietened down and the examinees who were right around the corner were attracted to Nik's shout. Once again, the people returned. The Vice-Principal was, of course, panicking. On one hand, the elder of the Snow Wind Family was yelled at and on the other, Nik's words might cause the rumors of the treatment of teachers in the Hoky Orchid Institute to create trouble for himself. After all, according to the rules, Ye Shou should not be present in the academy grounds without a prior notice to the principal.

Just as Ye Sheng felt the pressure on his body reduce, he let out a relieved sigh and he could even hear Ye Shou's breath getting lighter.

"I am not a Spirit Master like you guys," Nik continued somberly, "But I am a warrior. I have fought to live and from my experience, created things that you can never imagine. You can mock my attire, my facial structure, and my background.

But slighting my experience and hard work is something I do not tolerate."

The irony was... there was nothing on his clothes or face to mock Nik with. Even his background was exemplary.

Ye Shou eyed Nik calmly. There wasn't a ripple on his expression. He was the elder with the task to collect information that would benefit the family and more often than he wished to, he has offended multiple eccentric spirit masters due to his own logical reasoning. Nik was a genius, his actions, his demeanor, and the shift in his attitude regarding his combat mastery made that clear to him. What Ye Shou now wished to confirm was that if there was a way to salvage the situation.

Instantly apologizing for his own logical deductions was a fool's errand. He had to entice Nik somehow. Many people like to believe that experts enjoy wealth and women but Ye Shou did not. Each one of them has a peculiar interest and finding these interests is where Ye Shou's true expertise lied.

"Let's say we believe that you have created this technique. The training regime for this technique would need to be properly evaluated and the institute would need to discuss the remuneration of your expertise in great lengths.

What I mean is, that a potential discussion awaits with you and the Holy Orchid Institute.

I am not a part of this institute and I have my personal interest in recruiting you as a member of our family. If you wish to contact me, you can talk with Ye Sheng."

Ye Shou spoke calmly. Everything had a time and place. This wasn't the time and place to appease Nik. So he nodded and took his leave while Ye Sheng let out a relieved sigh. He was merely a peak Spirit Grandmaster. There was no way he would want to offend Five Spirit Rings holders such as Ye Shou and the principal.

"Just like that old man said. Let's discuss how much are you willing to pay for my genius."

Nik grinned impudently while itching his ear and then blowing on top of his pinky finger.

He was sure to set up a stage for the achievement of his next quest.


The fatty that appeared alongside Nik into this world was running for his life! River of sweats glistened his wrinkly face while his humongous stomach rippled with every step he took.

'F.u.c.k! F.u.c.k! F.U.C.K!' F.u.c.k my talent to find the best treasure in a 100-mile radius! That's no treasure!'

He roared internally! This man was a professional in the Transmigration Paradise. In essence, his Missions weren't related to mingling with the society but to find treasures valuable to the Paradise.

A slick thread blood-red in color swished past the fatty and in an instant, his body was diced into equal parts of meat chunks. The interior of the meat chunks slowly squeezed out the brain matter while the fatty's eyes bobbed grotesquely!

That was no treasure!

It was a sadistic demon!