Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 309

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 309 Show Of Respect

"Oh... my... god!"

Nik groaned. He had nothing to do. He had already trained, meditated, explored and eaten his fill. He could f.u.c.k one of the Onaholes but Nik had little doubt that such a traditional world may not be able to handle the mindless m.o.a.ns and groans. It was already night and Nik was having trouble sleeping. The reason for his insomnia the continuous chatter within his head!

"Like I said! The Crimson Dolphin's cove is where Nik should go first!"

Lilith demanded with a snarl while Asmodeus mocked, "And get torn into shreds. My spiritual form can protect his body. He obviously needs to find the Purple Poison!"

The Crimson Dolphin and the Purple Poison were called Heavenly Blood Devourer and Purple Gold Emperor Grass in this world. Nik admitted that this world had a strange knack of naming all the items overpowered. If that was the case, then marijuana might be called Dream Emperor Illusion grass?

Nik could only distract himself with such thoughts. When the conversation finally heated up to the fact that who was shoved into Nik's spiritual world to prove their superiority, Nik finally picked Sky's suggestion to hunt for a particularly popular creature within the Star Dou Forest Carnal Bats.

Once again, these creatures were known as Bloodthirsty Crimson Eyes.

The whole time from the start of argument till the end when Nik came to a decision Sky remained silent... maybe that was her game? To entice Nik by saying nothing...

But even if the chatter was resolved, sleep never kissed Nik's troubled existence and he finally sat up and decided to train and recall the multiple fist techniques and other supporting martial arts techniques he had acc.u.mulated in the past months.

It was legit that even the beings with stronger spiritual power had bodies weaker than him. This was a card Nik felt safe to pull during tomorrow's demonstration... well, today's demonstration. From basic boxing and evading techniques to enhanced kickboxing techniques that pulled the strength behind every single fiber of his body. Of course, he did not go all out, or else, his room would have been turned into a mess. And this room was comfortable enough to refrain Nik from doing so.

After all, Nik now understood that attached bathrooms were in their manner a gift that should be cherished.

Nik's muscles were a hub of practiced memory that integrated each and every technique he had learned over the past month. In essence, he could not differentiate between a particular technique. Every single one of the techniques had become a part of something whole known as Battle Arts. These techniques were, of course, performed under the effects of two times the gravity.

Finally, the sun decided to grace the Glory City and Nik got up quickly. The conditions for his employment did not state his eating facilities, a hindsight Nik now knew. Enter the arrangements of food every single time.

Washing up and dressing quickly, Nik quickly combed his hair and went out of the teacher's block. This was only one restaurant that operated so early in the morning right next to the Holy Orchid Institute. It was something with the names of Heaven and star or something. The names of most of the restaurants were quite similar that Nik did not even make a conscious effort of learning them. Moreover, the cooking techniques of the chef were quite subpar and if it wasn't due to the material itself, Nik would not have patronized their business.

Instead of the staple meat Horned Sheep, Nik selected a platter that filled his stomach with a spirit beast's meat. Once again, Nik did not keep the name of the beast in his memory. Why would he? Nik was eating the poor guy for god's sake!

His meal did not last long. True to his size, Nik inhaled his food and zoomed out of the establishment to make his way towards the Institute. Getting late on the first demonstration of his day was something he did not want to happen.

Instead of the right training field that hosted the recruitment drive, the demonstration was supposed to be hosted on the left one. A couple of experienced teachers were invited and once again, Ye Sheng and Lu Ye would be joining on the presentation. Nik did note the emphasis on how the Principal hardly shows himself.

The institute was as deserted as ever, not a strange thing since Nik had only left for an hour. His return, however, brought a wave of surprise to many present on the scene to test Nik's might.

"Is he that snobbish boy?"

A red-haired woman in dark-blue qipao with b.r.e.a.s.t cutout and thigh slits raised her eyebrow and inquired with a slight pause.

"Apparently he is a martial arts hotshot. Didn't you read his parchment?"

A black-haired woman inquired as another male teacher chimed in. He was the teacher emerging from the Divine Family to keep tabs on the kids of their family. At the same time, each teacher who had the backing of the families needed to keep tabs on the younger generation of other families' kids, too.

"He was quite brash back then... but look at his clothes now. They are not torn or muddied. I'd say he has a bearing of an expert."

Hearing his words, the red-haired woman hissed, "Do you see our clothes torn or dirtied? If no, then do we also qualify to become a martial expert?"

The male teacher turned his head, "Well... your clothes aren't dirtied..."

He left the obvious unmentioned. The dark-haired teacher turned her head and chuckled under her breath.


"Let's not turn this into a scene, Shen Xiu... we know your predicament."

The dark-haired teacher advised with good intentions while Shen Xiu huffed in frustration. No self-respecting woman would openly wear clothes that exposed her thighs and almost her n.i.p.p.l.es without a shred of shame! Even she, Shen Xiu, felt shame! But she would be damned if she let such an obvious sign of weakness disrupt her plans!

"Whatever! It's not like clothed bitches can understand what I am going through."

Shen Xiu spat and directed her words towards both, the female and the male teacher from the Chu Family and the one from Divine Family. The two could only shake their heads. It's not like they can go to war with each other just because of a few insults flinging about... not to mention, the one from Chu Family had known Shen Xiu for ages. Everyone would be pissed if their family suddenly demands them to wear exposing clothes just to attract male suitors from the other High Nobles... the part that made the dark-haired teacher sick was that many men actually filled the doors of the Sacred Family once Shen Xiu paraded in the better half of the Glory City in such atrocious attire.

"So? Who would like to volunteer for Nik's demonstration?"

Lu Ye inquired after he had introduced Nik to his future colleagues. Some of the females stood out while Nik was forced to ignore the kind stares from other men.

"I'll beat him up; If that is what you are asking."

A slightly annoyed voice spoke up and the owner of the voice soon presented itself. Instantly, a wave of murmur spread amongst the teachers. Like Ye Sheng had explained previously. Most of the teachers in the institute, including him, were intellectuals. They had no hands-on experience in fighting except for a few. The voluptuous woman in a rather ravishing and exposing qipao was one of the part-time teachers who was also the member of the Spirit Master Association and an actual Spirit Grandmaster Rank expert with two spirit rings.

Of course, Nik's eyes had to shine. He had to respect the 'expert' who had the guts to fight against his... well, she was hot, so his eyes shone and his salivary glands secreted lots of salivae that he gulped down.

"If it isn't Nik... did you forget about the time when I beat you up for teasing Yue'er."

Nik frowned. If he wasn't wrong... Ye Hong also called his niece Yun'er... maybe this Yue'er is supposed to be a cute girl, too? As expected of the fabricated Nik, teasing girls since his childhood!

Nik thought with glee as he shrugged, "Well... if memory serves right, she was looking cute that day."

Nik had no memory of that particular day. He wasn't there after all. It was at this moment, the surrounding teachers chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt while Shen Xiu's narrowed eyes snapped wide with a furious snarl. In a mere instant, a red aura blazed around her and a yellow ring appeared beneath her foot.

"How dare you call my nephew a girl?! Blaze Claws!"

Crimson fur encompassed both of Shen Xiu's forearms and she threw caution to the wind and shot towards Nik. Her speed, of course, was slow. So it gave Nik the well-deserved time to understand what he had done.

'Wait a minute? Did I maybe... bully this Yue'er... it must because he has a girl's name?'

Nik thought with a frown.

{A/N: Shen Xiu was referring to her nephew Shen Yue.}

Alas, Shen Xiu was already upon him... in seriously violent yet, unfortunately, platonic manner with her right hand-claw swiping towards his face.

The attack was easy to read and with Shen Xiu jumping up to land a square blow, Nik had multiple ways to kill her in single blows, much less defeat her. As Nik rotated his right foot back and took a step aside, he grabbed Shen Xiu's flaming claw, a slight mistake on Nik's end, while Nik's other palm grasped the back of Shen Xiu's neck, restricting her from moving further.

Of course, such a brutish and unskilled opponent should be considered as an insult to the genius Nik and he kept up the role appropriately.

"Teacher Ye. Is this the best this Institute has to offer?"

Nik growled while tightening his hold on Shen Xiu's neck, making her grunt slightly.

"Let me go! Now!"

Shen Xiu roared and Nik did as she asked. Letting go of her neck, Nik tightened his hold on her arm even when the slight feeling of the burn was getting more and more annoying. With her neck finally free, Shen Xiu turned back and glared.

"If this is what you have, then you are an insult. I am here to demonstrate my techniques and benefit Glory City as a whole. If you are going to stand in my path with personal spite fueling you, then you can never defeat me."

Nik replied sagely and let go of the stunned Shen Xiu's arm. Taking a few steps back, Nik looked around and continued somberly.

"This is how you show your opponents the respect they deserve."

Nik's words attracted the interest of everyone present.

Aside from the modern charm in the traditional clothes of this world, Nik loved the fact that a person can easily slip out of these of the clothing.

And slip he did.

In front of everyone, Nik pulled the upper robe down and since he did not wear any inner tunic, his bare torso was presented to everyone. Of course, none raised their eyebrow at his body. Most of them had seen a hunk or two in their lives. What surprised them, however, was his words prior to this act.

Nik undressed his upper body to pay his respects to Shen Xiu.

The eyes of every teacher lingered on the ashamed Shen Xiu as the red-haired woman had trouble breathing.

"I... will... kill... YOU!!"

She roared. Rage for her nephew faded and a more primal source of raw, berserk anger was unintentionally tapped into.

Two yellow rings formed beneath her foot this time. Her arms were encompassed by flaming red claws while a tail materialized right above her h.i.p.s. The tail, too, was burning.

However, before Nik could respond to Shen Xiu's charge, she flicked her long and thick fox tail down on the ground and propelled herself. Flipping through the air, Nik severely wished not to get distracted by her panties as she extended her leg to slam her calf on top of Nik's head. This move would seriously injure her own ankle, but Nik's eyes focused on the tilt of her ankle alongside her panties.

'Purple... just like my eyes...'

Nik thought internally. He had enough space to dodge again. But that would be a mistake. The moment she hits the ground, a cloud of dust will be raised, slighting his [Perfect Eyesight] by a significant impact. Was this move was a calculated one or adopted out of pure rage, Nik did not know. But he would be damned if he got his ass handed to him by such a tactic.

There was one thing that made his martial arts slightly different from others.

Raising his leg, Nik struck his own calf against Shen Xiu. This move was slightly surprising to the spectators. This wasn't a move a genius would adopt.

But they simply couldn't fathom Nik's genius in theatrics.

Accompanied by a strong gust of wind rising up without prior notice alongside a sudden cyclone of dust, Shen Xiu's body was forced to propel upwards once again. Not to mention, for a moment, her full ass and h.i.p.s were exposed to Nik's artistic gaze.


Nik's [Battle Arts] also incorporated his bending arts. In its most primal form, the bending arts of elements was a martial method to wield elements. Nik just demonstrated that swords aren't the most lethal of all weapons. A physical body is.

"I showed you my respect."

Nik began as the dust settled. His gaze stern as his gentlemanly self wielded a slight gust of wind to flip the lower part of Shen Xiu's qipao to cover her ass. It wasn't a sight that anyone besides Nik should enjoy.

"I am not embarrassed with my flesh exposed. You wore these clothes and nobody could force you to wear these if you truly feel them unacceptable.


Nik suddenly kicked outwards towards the group of teachers while sneakily controlling the ground beneath them to make them slip.

*Thud* *Thud*

The group fell with alarm ringing on their expression as Nik spoke calmly, "I am finished with my demonstrations."

He slowly pulled on his sleeves and covered his body before passing his palm through his hair to adjust it slightly.


Shen Xiu