Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 311

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 311 The Class

[You should marry someone from the main family, too. It opens up a bunch of side quests.]

Nik mulled over Ray's words. He had immediately contacted the succubus after he was delivered the luxurious card and unable to understand Ray's thinking, he decided to contact him.

In the end, Ray's decision to marry Ye Hong was due to him hiding his true gender. It was honestly a mystery to Nik as to how the 'experts' of the family couldn't even determine Ray's gender.

Well... to be honest, even Nik was tempted by Ray the first time they met.

'But marriage can give us side quests?'

This was something Nik did not know of.

Still, he had no plans to lose his bachelor's life just yet. And not so suddenly at that. He had to set up an awesome bachelor's party before marrying someone. Suppressing his thoughts of marriage, Nik adjusted his mental state and looked out of his room through the window.


Since it was mandatory for the kids from the age of six to fifteen to attend the basic education, most of the mundane classes were already filled. It was a good thing that Nik was a teacher of the apprentice class or he might have gone made by teaching commonsense to a bunch of six-year-old kids.

"Honestly... what was he thinking... Ye Ray sounds so strange... like a rapper."

Nik mumbled. He couldn't think of Ray rapping... maybe... just maybe...

Nik shook his head. That scene looked too divine to even imagine.

Revising most of the basics one last time, just to impress his former students, Nik looked himself in the mirror and took a deep breath before smiling, "You got this!"

At 9:30 sharp, Nik got out of his room and walked down the stairs. The upper floor of the teacher's block was a dormitory and aside from Nik, only the teachers that catered to the education of the kids below the age of fifteen stayed. Needless to say, Nik could barely interact with them due to their reservations against his current pursuit of interest Shen Xiu.

Making a beeline to the section of the apprentice class he is supposed to attend with Shen Xiu, Nik waited outside the door. The kids were still running late. Nik's presence attracted mild attention while Nik could observe Ray from the corner of his eyes whispering into a purple-haired girl's ear while smirking towards him.

"Why are you waiting outside?"

Shen Xiu's voice broke Nik out of his thoughts as he shrugged, "I was waiting for you."

Snorting softly, Shen Xiu took the lead. Like usual, a long glove covered her arms and the first knot of her middle fingers just like her boots covered her calves. A plum-colored qipao that separated itself from her thighs covered the better half of her olive-skinned body while a part of her flaming-red hair was pulled up by a long pin that did not match a single component of her attire.

The hubbub was instantly placated as the bunch of fifteen-years-old silently gazed at the two beings that forced the onlookers to set their beauty standards way too high. The females were instantly attracted to Nik and his exposed muscles. He wore a sleeveless tunic with deliberate intentions. Meanwhile, the boys were already a fan of Shen Xiu's beauty.

"Silence!" Shen Xiu smacked her palm on the podium placed above the raised platform that would be Nik's and Shen Xiu's place to stand and instruct the kids.

"Open your textbooks. We will start with the history of..."

Shen Xiu began while Nik's expression froze. Isn't it basic to introduce each other at the beginning of the session? Was he missing something?

Since there was no way to interrupt an already ongoing class and then awkwardly introduce himself, Nik sat on one of the two chairs with a soft sigh. He really wanted to start with the introductions. It may not look like much, but being a teacher was quite different from the things he had been till now a murderer and a whore.

The job of a teacher was the one filled with responsibilities. And he really wished to take his job seriously. He did not plan to marry his way out of this job like Ray... no, Ye Ray.

"Meng Min was the genius researcher who divided the spirits into Tool Spirits, Beast Spirits and Body Spirits. But it was only in the Dusk Breaking Era that the Spirits were also classified into various systems Attack, defense, speed, and support."

Shen Xiu spoke fluently. Nik, on the other hand, observed the blue-haired youth that has been gazing at Ye Ray and the Purple-haired girl beside him for the longest time. Nik knew him, at least, a little about him. Shen Xiu had described her little nephew as a genius. In her words he is a phoenix whose rise can never be extinguished!

Honestly, Nik only saw a horny teenager in him. But that did not make him any more resenting. Since the blue-haired Shen Yue was extremely close to Shen Xiu, Nik decided to make him the entry that would lead Nik to Shen Xiu's pantie heart!

As Shen Xiu reached the part that described the major personalities who brought significant changes to the traditions of Glory City, Nik felt a slight shift in the state of gravity around him. It was a tiny shift, really. But the method of displacement felt forced even when compared to his own standards of manipulation. Ye Ray did not seem to have felt the same thing as he continued listening to Shen Xiu with rapt attention.

Nik focused on the point which induced the displacement and was quite surprised to see that the source was right where the orange-haired guy with his head down was sitting on.

Nik did not know the name of the orange-haired boy and now felt quite depressed that he simply couldn't call him out. And since there weren't any visible changes aside from the boy standing up suddenly while looking around like a strange animal, Nik rested assured... not!

These were clearly the signs of a deranged freak. That boy just embraced another youth sitting beside him. Furthermore, Shen Xiu said nothing to stop the boy from his habits. This ticked Nik even more.

"I apologize to interrupt such a wonderful lecture," Nik stood up and interrupted Shen Xiu while looking at the orange-haired kid, "But can you act like a civilized youth and sit on your seat?"


Nie Li was alive again! He had died under the despicable methods of his greatest enemy and was reincarnated back into his times of youth!

He was alive!

Even his best friend, Lu Piao, was alive!

He couldn't help but hug the little bastard!

What's more...

Nie Li's heart fluttered as he wished to gaze at a certain direction only to be interrupted

"But can you act like a civilized youth and sit on your seat?"

Although, the owner of the voice did not mention his name, Nie Li was more than aware of his surroundings right after getting reincarnated.

With a frown, he saw a man standing next to Shen Xiu. Even with the past memories of more than 300 years, Nie Li could not recall Nik. But there were some physical indicators that made Nie Li recall the disappeared genius of the Gin Family.

"Yes, I am sorry."

Nie Li responded quickly and sat on his seat.

Shen Xiu, in return, snorted and Nik nodded before sitting in his seat again.

This time, however, instead of Shen Yue gazing at the Purple-haired girl, it was the orange-haired weirdo who kept staring at the back of the head of the girl. Maybe she had a knack or attracting stalkers? Nik did not know but once again, Shen Xiu decided to reveal her tempers and delved into more grey matters of the society when she should be teaching the kids about Chen Ding, the person who revolutionized the trading system of Glory City by introducing a fixed currency and abolishing the barter system of exchange.

"Before we continue, I should inform all of you," Shen Xiu spoke up, "For the next three years, if you all get a passing grade, will be taught under me and Nik. Although in the opening ceremony, the school mentioned that you all are equal.

The truth, however, is cruel"

"What Shen Xiu is trying to say Stay out of trouble and keep your nose clean."

Alright, Nik would be damned if he let Shen Xiu run amok. Don't get him wrong. He was attracted to Shen Xiu's fierce personality that did not give a damn about other's feelings except for her own nephew. She was just the right kind of woman. But dampening the mood of the entire class while bringing his name in, too?


No way.

"What is your problem?"

Shen Xiu turned her head and snarled lowly only to be stunned when she was met with Nik's more than cruel violet hues staring malevolently at her.

"Shen Xiu, please take some rest. Your throat must be parched."

Nik stepped up as his physique never looked this large in Shen Xiu's vision. Once again, strange feelings that she wished to confront with violence erupted within her heart. At least, Shen Xiu now knew, that such feelings should never have appeared in her heart in public.

Nodding meekly, Shen Xiu turned towards one of the chairs and with a slight moment of hesitation, chose the chair that was unattended until now.

With a sigh, Nik looked at all the students. He matched everybody's gaze before opening up.

"Everyone. The classes beneath the apprentice classes are all mandatory and free. We all know this. But to reach this class, some of you had to work hard and score an exemplary grade to receive a scholarship while the others' families paid for the tuition for the next three years.

Don't waste all of that.

Commoner or not. Talented or not. You all can learn something that will be beneficial to you for the rest of your life.

To find this 'something' however, is up to you. You can either waste away the expectations of your parents who have supported you from the beginning of your life, or...

You can make them the proudest couple ever. The choice is up to you."

Nik's words had visible effects. Most of the students visibly nodded with somber expressions while the little nephew only smirked at Nik's words. It looked like the nephew was needed to be taught a few life lessons. While Shen Xiu's temper could be attributed to her past, Shen Yue's couldn't. He was still a little kid and this is the age when a person can be molded into a corrupt bitch or a well-behaved youth with control of his own life.

Nik would only teach the kids the methods to become the latter.

"Now, let us continue the introductory classes. Where were we..."

Nik traced his chin before nodding, "That's right. The seventh city lord Chen Ding. He used his astute observation in business concepts to formulate the creation of the current currency rotating within the city Demon Spirit Coins and Cards. Although Lord Chen Ding was a talented businessman, his talents to administer the city fell short to the eighth city lord Shen Mao."

As Nik spoke till here, Shen Xiu flinched visibly while lowering her head unconsciously while Shen Yue raised his head proudly.

"Shen Mao brought changes to the academic aspect of the city. He was the one who made it mandatory for the kids below the age of fifteen to study a few subjects necessary for the growth of the city. After his successful years as a City Lord, he entered a period of close cultivation only to be never heard from again. Next, Lord Ye Mo controlled the city with an iron fist. He is the only Spirit Sage with seven spirit rings in hundreds of years.

He was the one who rooted out major sites of unlawfulness from the city. Emerging from humble origins, Lord Ye Mo swept the city and its upper echelons with his superior martial spirit Arctic Cleaver. It is only in his later years that he decided to expand the coverage of the city and started venturing into the Star Dou Forest to create an entire map of the forest. Now, the tenth city lord Lord Ye Zong took over. And we all have been living a peaceful and lawful life since.

Nik observed the class for a moment before clearing his throat, "Does anybody have any questions?"

One of the boys in the class raised his arm up. He had neck-long brown har tied up while his clothes were quite worn out.

"Teacher... can you show us your spirit?"

The class immediately nodded with a bright smile save for a few as Nik frowned, "What is your name?"

"Du Ze," The boy replied and stood from his seat.

"Hmm, right. Why do you want to see my spirit?"

Nik inquired once again.

"To know the teachers teaching us better. We ll know that the Sacred Family is famous for its Fox Spirits. But we do not know your spirit."

"Alright," Nik nodded and sighed. The students focused on Nik as he summoned Lilith in her spiritual form. With a blaze of crimson hell covering his body, a baleful broadsword emerged from the center of his chest before floating in front of him. The moment Nik held Lilith's handle, a chime rang out, making the onlookers shiver. The eldritch scene only lasted for a few seconds as Nik hurriedly canceled Lilith's summon.

The kids weren't able to stomach the very sight of Lilith.

[I get the chills every time, teacher~]

Ray's words floated in front of Nik as he turned his head to match Ye Ray's smirk.

[Thank you, Ye Ray.]

Nik's words instantly made Ray sour. Oh, how the turned have tables!

"Was that all, Du Ze?"

Nik inquired as the brown-haired kid was able to keep his calm shortly afterward and sat down.

It was at this time, the weird orange-haired kid spoke up, "Teacher, I have a question, too."

"Sure thing, what's your name?"

"Nie Li, teacher. I wanted to ask that during the times of Lord Shen Mao, there were multiple disappearances of women. I read somewhere that Lord Shen Mao was a s.e.x.u.a.l predator."

Nie Li's words instantly caused an uproar in the class. His actions made Nik frown. It seemed like Nie Li was not sensible enough to match his age. After all, a fifteen-year-old kid should have the slightest bit of common sense by now. Strangely, instead of lashing out, Shen Xiu merely gazed at Nie Li coldly while Shen Yue stood up and yelled.

"How dare you slander our Sacred Family?"

"Enough," Nik raised his voice enough to gather the attention of the students before the scene grew too spicy just because of a few misplaced words and let his Gravitational Domain loose. This was one of the applications that Nik developed after he capped the limit of gravitational pressure on himself. Mobilizing strands of gravitational force, Nik instantly weaved them into a large net and slightly pressurized the entire class.

"Both of you, sit down," Nik ordered before gazing at Nie Li, "Next time you wish to speak such words, I expect you to have shreds of evidence to support the rumors that were never confirmed for more than 200 years. And you," Nik looked towards the grim Shen Yue, "Next time you cause a ruckus, I will make you run around the entire Holy Orchid Institute for an entire day."

Nik snorted and finally settled down as the two trouble kids sat back on their seats.

It was at this moment, Nie Li once again raised his hands, making Nik sigh and slightly annoyed, "What is it now?"

"Teacher, what if I find the evidence?"

"Then you will be considered the best detective in the Glory City. Anything else?"

Nik's words caused a few short laughs while Nie Li stood up and shook his head, "No, teacher. If I find a piece of evidence that supports"

"Please leave the class."

Nik cut in and gazed at Nie Li with a dismissive gaze. Being a teacher was all cool for him but he still wasn't patient enough to deal with delusional kids.


Nie Li stammered as Nik continued, "This is your first class of the year. If you aren't here to learn and to indulge in rumors, then," Nik pointed at the door and spoke coldly, "Leave."

"Or, sit down and only raise queries that may benefit the entire class and also clear out your doubts. Is that clear?"

[You look so hot now! I can actually feel many of the girls getting the hots for you.]

Nik's lips twitched.

Not now, Ye Ray!

"Y-yes... teacher."

Nie Li sighed and sat down... this was the most embarrassing day past 300 years!

And he couldn't blame the teacher for his decision... Nie Li himself was in the wrong.


Ye Mo


Ye Zong


Shen Yue


Nie Li