Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 316

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 316 Wild Apprentice

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A tanned-fist swept past Nik's cheek. The dark-haired woman grinned more ferally than beasts could before ducking down and swiping the back of her left leg only for Nik to raise his foot. It was at this time that the blue-eyed girl supported the weight of her entire body on her left palm and propelled her body up with her feet aiming straight towards Nik's face. The opponent's body was both tough and agile.

"I said meet me after two hours!"

Nik suppressed a chuckle while catching the superkick as Korra named and used her momentum to throw her body in the opposite direction. Finally, Korra, who wore her hair in a medium-length, high ponytail while two sky-blue tubes were used to pull thick locks of hair framing her oval face.

With a childish grin, Korra, a Senior Apprentice Student of the Holy Orchid Institute crossed her arm and mocked the teacher that won the heart of all the senior girls with just a polite smile, "I can't wait that long, teach! You're the one capable of matching my strength without the use of your martial spirit.

So, I'll force you to use your martial spirit after I learn everything from you!

And bring you face-to-face with a crushing defeat."

In the senior apprentice classes, there are a few anomalies who easily qualify for the resources of the Genius Classes but still choose not to accept that opportunity.

Korra was the wildest one out of them!

A yellow ring encircled Korra's foot as a phantom of a berserk, white-furred monster erupted above Korra. The phantom soon dr.a.p.ed Korra's frame as her build grew larger and thicker, stretching the clothes sewn out of beast hides to the extreme. Her arms bulged, her biceps soon reached the size of a commoner's skull and a pair of tusks formed up form her lower jaw!

"Berserk Arctic Bear... you know this, don't ya, teach?"

Korra eyes Nik. She was already pestering Nik to teach her the full technique since yesterday and was seriously considering joining the snobbish young master in the genius class if it meant to learn the entirety of Nik's basic battle technique.

Much to her surprise, Nik just invited her to learn the technique after two hours of the end of the classes.

Two hours!

She can't wait that long...

She wouldn't wait that long!

So, setting up an ambush, Korra waited until Nik finally checked in with the lesson plan and emerged from his room and walked out of the teacher's block.

Nik, of course, knew about Korra's martial spirit Berserk Arctic Bear. Korra's palms had mutated into furry-white paws while the edge of her face also grew patches of white fur.

This was Korra's first spirit skill Arctic Paws. This skill strengthens the body considerably but its main effect was on the soft pads of her paws. Anyone or anything Korra comes into an immediate contact would be frozen solid.

The best use of this skill, however, was the illusion of stagnation her form presents... only that...


Korra's body blurred in an inhumane speed!

More led muscles meant more speed. If anyone thought for a single moment that Korra would have been slowed down, the would be in a world of cold -hard pain. Even if her flexibility was slightly compromised, Korra had enough brains to utilize her current physique to the best of her abilities.

Before Korra's paw could bitch slap Nik, he raised his knee and stopped her forearm from even reaching his face. The simple movement stunned Korra. She couldn't push Nik's knee away as he stood with his hands in his pockets and his usual easygoing smile on his face.

'Shit, he's hot!'

Korra was enlightened in the wrong circ.u.mstances as Nik propelled himself with Korra's bulging forearm as the base and his knees as the push to land a kick on Korra's thick neck.


A dull thud rang as Korra's massive frame knelt on the pavement right in front of the teacher's block.

The defeat was obvious and the realization that her reign of terror that suppressed multiple teachers may not extend to Nik made Korra sigh.

'It's punishment time, I guess.'

She shrugged internally as her body reverted while Nik helped her stand. She was a beautiful woman alongside the fact that she was also old enough to decide for herself. Not to mention...

Her body was hot!

Sky-blue vest with white outline stuck to her carefully chiseled body while Korra hung a Kinetic Lion's hide across her thin and tough waist. What's more, Nik enjoyed the feel of her rough palms.

"As I said, I asked you to meet me here an hour later. I haven't even eaten yet."

Nik chided the lady as Korra dusted off her pants and looked up, "Wait, you were fighting me empty-stomached all this time?"

Once again, the implications only vouched for her weakness.

"Don't worry too much. You could not have defeated me even if I had eaten my lunch."

"That's not the point!" Korra complained and walked a carefree gait with her arms behind her head. She walked alongside Nik, eliciting him to make a few jabs of his own.


Nik called out softly.

"Yeah?" Korra turned her head and matched Nik's gaze with innocent curiosity.

"Your armpits smell..."

Nik bent his back unnaturally and dodged the straight kick towards his face as Korra lowered her arm and walked rigidly.

"You smell... smelly teach!"

She hissed akin to a wild bamboo primate and turned her head to walk at a quicker pace.

Picking up his pace, Nik followed with a smile and nudged Korra's shoulder and smiled impudently, "What was that? Didn't you introduce yourself by saying that you will be stronger than every single man in the city? We don't care about how we smell, you know. You shouldn't either."

"Well, of course, you don't care how you smell. You smell absolutely delicious."

Korra muttered and looked away in hopes that her reluctant compliment did not reach its necessary recipient. Fortunately, Nik heard it all. His smile only grew wider as Korra and Nik made their way towards a restaurant and devour their stock of spirit meats.


"So? Why am I here?" Du Ze complained as he was pulled into the library by Go ken. This was the person from the duo who came to training later.

"Just come here. Nie Li has some amazing stuff and he said he would share it with us."

"Hah? Nie Li? Do you mean the one with Garden Hoe?"

Go Ken nodded as Du Ze's face grew grim.

"I was just going to go and work for the construction of the pavements near the western border... this better be worth the time I am missing."

"You won't believe it! We can earn thousands of demon spirit coins with Nie Li's idea."

Go Ken cackled akin to a maddened Curse Hyena. His words and expression made Du Ze feel even more dubious.

Once Du Ze was led to the second floor of the library filled with the information of rare spirit herbs, Du Ze finally saw Nie Li and a few others huddling around a table.

His curiosity was piqued and this time Du Ze walked without getting pulled.

"Oh, everyone is here."

Nie Li looked up and then picked up the book that described the most common form of grass present in the city.

"Listen up all of you,"

Nie Li spoke softly, "We don't know each other. But I am still willing to bet that you all have the characters befitting gold and your intent is pure when it comes to justice and evil of the world."

"Man, what's with the speech! Tell us how we can make money!"

Lu Piao, Nie Li's best friend, spoke up and started mock-booing Nie Li until he finally revealed his plan.

They were going to hunt for the herds of ten-year-old horned sheep and make some money to seed their next project. Nie Li used his experience that was more than anyone within the city could imagine and even taught a few easy tricks based on the spirit energy before he could gain the assent of the entire group present.

If the past would occur again, then the city would be destroyed a little away after two years passes. Nie Li would be damned if he let his city get destroyed once again.

His heart was soaring with determination to protect a special someone whom he shared his most intimate moments with during his past life Ye Ziyun.





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