Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 319

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 319 Forced Orgasm

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Nik hummed happily. He got to leave the institute without getting ambushed by any potential student an he was grateful for it. However, the reason he was truly happy was that he would be renting a room in the inn for obvious reasons. He wasn't going to have any consensual partners anytime soon and Nik figured Why not appreciate Lady Mirage's gifts and earn a skill at that?

Nik was certain that after two hours, his heart and balls will quite light. Anticipating an awesome f.u.c.k, Nik's legs soon blurred and he quickly moved towards the ill-reputed inn and as Nik expected, the inn was no short of a brothel. Of course, no woman in scandalous clothing stood out, putting herself out to invite the customers but the strong scent surrounding the inn made it all too clear. Entering the inn, Nik located a curvaceous receptionist with her cleavage exposed and the edges of her a.r.e.o.l.as almost slipping out. She was a fair-skinned lady wearing her black hair in a loose braid.

"Customer~ Welcome. Would you like to rent a fully 'equipped' room or just for yourself?"

She inquired with a flirtatious yet distant tone as Nik thought for a moment before deciding against spending a huge amount of money on a stress reliever when he already had one.

"No, a room for one."

Nik smiled and placed fifty demon spirit coins on the desk.

"O-oh... okay."

The lady sighed in disappointment. Everyone knew the reputation of this place and anyone who would book a room for one would always pleasure himself based on his own devices. For such a handsome hunt to become a guy who would be forced to please himself... if she wasn't on duty, she could have even offered her own services.

With a room assigned to Nik, he practically flew into his room and unclothed himself in a mere moment. As a former whore, he was trained to find ways of stripping as quickly as possible. And strip he did!

Jumping onto the fluffy bed, Nik inhaled deeply, assailing his senses to the cheap incense filling the room with a sweet and heavy aroma laced with mildly 'reactive' effects. With a single thought, he summoned the copy of Ray's sister Carla.

Since he had gained a skill from Mirage's onahole, Nik hadn't summoned another one of the onaholes due to him being in the proximity with promiscuous women that couldn't get enough of him.

In a burst of hazy pink mist, a beautiful woman with facial features similar to Ray emerged out. She was tall and petite. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts youthful and perky that could easily fill Nik's palms and her shoulder-length silver hair was wavy.

To onaholes, using the mouth to communicate was unnecessary. Nik had an understanding that each corner of their body was crafted to please their partner. And seeing a n.a.k.e.d target which was her partner, Carla's eyes glazed in a debauched light as she licked her lips and walked closer to Nik. Her gait was wide as she twisted her buttocks each time, as if trying to get a feel of her own body before dropping onto Nik and sealing his lips with her soft plump lips.

Nik's eyes snapped open as a foreign feeling flooded his body. His skin was heating up abnormally and his already erect c.o.c.k was twitching continuously. Meanwhile, instead of a human's tongue, Nik's tongue was coiled with something fleshy and thin. It sucked on his tongue as he felt Carla's palms wrapping around his c.o.c.k.

Instantly, even if Nik was sure that he wasn't even close to c.u.m.m.i.n.g, a wave of uncontrollable urge burned his body as thick ropes of white-hot c.u.m exploded out of the tip of his c.o.c.k. His load was large enough to paint Carla's abdomen as she opened her eyes and matched Nik's gaze before breaking the kiss and smiling...

With amus.e.m.e.nt.

Before Nik could digest the implications, Carla's body disappeared and Nik was left all alone...

Not even two minutes had passed... and he had booked for two hours.

With stunned gaze, Nik looked at the screen in front of him and at least, another mystery was untangled to him.

[Forced Orgasm:

To please every creature in the existence physical or spiritual is now possible. Spread the word of l.u.s.t and fluids of debauchery as anyone in direct contact with you will happily c.u.m as long as you will it.]

"Well... damn..."

Nik wondered out loud. This skill was even stronger than his [Battle Arts]. The true use of [Battle Arts] lied in its ability to instill muscle memory in Nik's boy. But what if Nik could bypass the limitation of fighting and just make his opponent c.u.m continuously? He could virtually disarm anybody!

Nik took a deep breath. This skill was timely as he would be facing a tough opponent presently.

With a thought, Lady Mirage's model of onahole constructed itself out of the hazy pink mist settled onto the floor and her voluptuous figure dropped onto Nik's in a moment's notice. Her face towards Nik's sloppy c.o.c.k and her sloppy butt towards Nik's face. With her pink pupils glazed in l.u.s.t, the onahole's palms secreted some sort of scented liquid while the fleshy entrance of her p.u.s.s.y did the same. Her fingers traced the entirety of Nik's c.o.c.k in a slow pump, letting her sticky liquid work its effect while Nik knowingly snuff her butt before locking his lips with her p.u.s.s.y.

The aphrodisiac liquid was digestible so Nik had no inhibitions before he started eating the onahole's cunt. To counter the effect of the liquid, Nik activated his recently gained skill [Forced Orgasm]

Instantly, the onahole's eyes snapped open while a melodious m.o.a.n rang within the room as her h.i.p.s bucked. Her butt huge ass bobbed up and down on Nik's face as he gripped those ripe buns tightly, filling his palms and letting his fingers sink into her butt. Meanwhile, he drained her sensational liquid as she squirted wildly.

Her efforts to drain Nik's c.o.c.k grew as she opened her hot mouth p.u.s.s.y and gulped Nik's c.o.c.k. Her throat bulged inhumanely as she was able to fit his entire shaft and stuck her lips to Nik's balls, sucking on his c.o.c.k based on inhaling and exhaling through her nose as her throat started to coil around Nik and vibrate softly each time she squirted.

Finally, the sudden deepthroat after an entire month made Nik groan softly as he let loose jets of searing white spunk that filled the onahole's stomach as her cheeks puffed up while she shook her head in efforts to choke herself in fiendish glee.

Just like Nik imagined, he would leave with his balls lighter than before.


"Hey, what's with that female perfume, teach?"

Korra asked as she started her routine. She was the first to arrive out of the four.

"Do you like it?"

Nik inquired instead of replying as he focused on Korra's movements. Though she could practice the technique by breaking it in multiple parts and slowly combine them as her body sees fit, her actions were still far too rigid.

"Of course, I don't," Korra snorted and kicked out before stopping.

"Did you overdo with that kick?"

Nik could observe Korra's right keg trembling as she nodded with a sigh before carefully sitting down.

"Here, let me help."

Nik tool both of Korra's hands as she slowly descended by letting Nik control the weight. Finally, as her butt touched the ground, she kept her right keg straight and slowly placed it on the ground.

"This is the fifth time already, you know."

Nik sighed and sat close to her right leg before placing his palm on it and letting a slight stream of Life Energy seep into Korra's system. A soft breath escaped Korra's lips as she felt the familiar warm energy running through her body while her gaze stole glances of Nik, "Is that a use of your spirit, teach? I heard that you have a sword."

Nik matched Korra's gaze and smiled, "Not from the sword. It is one of the few skills I picked up."

"One of the few?"

Korra raised her eyebrow curiously.

"Yeah," Nik nodded and continued treating Korra's legs for a few moments when he slowly turned his head and smiled, "Xiao Ning'er, you are back."

Nik finally let go of Korra's thighs and remarked, "You should lie down for a few moments. We will continue after that."

Korra nodded and whispered, "You should probably lose that scent from the whorehouse..."

Nik's lips twitched as he couldn't understand why Korra would even act innocent if she already knew.

"Just lie down."

Nik rolled his eyes and stood up.

"Why didn't you come in the morning?"

Nik inquired as Xiao Ning'er averted Nik's gaze with a blush, "I am sorry... teacher. I overslept."

Nik felt heartbroken as this was statistically the most common lie the students report to their teachers. Sighing softly, Nik nodded and smiled, "Don't worry. Just complete your round of jogging and we will begin your training."

As Xiao Ning'er completed her jogging, Korra was already stretching out before standing up straight and starting from the beginning.

"Teach? Where the other two?"

Korra asked as she took her stance and punched out. Xiao Ning'er, meanwhile, stood beside Korra and took a similar stance but waited for a few moments before punching out similarly.

"I don't know."

Nik shook his head and focused on the two.

Korra was a quick learner and when it came to martial arts, she was a monster. Xiao Ning'er, meanwhile...

Nik frowned. He couldn't have pointed this out yesterday, but now, it looked quite clear. When she avoided a few moves in yesterday morning's training with the entire class, Nik thought that she had been tired and thought the same when she did not step in for the training today, too. But now, she was obviously avoiding the moves that targeted the left part of her abdomen and her right ankle.

"Xiao... is it alright to call you Ning'er?" Nik inquired. Calling the whole name was quite a hassle.

"Ah... um, en."

Xiao Ning'er nodded in a reserved manner as she continued the routine.

"Hmm, Ning'er, can you come here for a minute."

Nik sighed and called her out. Training in such a manner would affect her entire body negatively.

His routine was created in a manner that even though useful in fighting, it pulls the integrity of the physique as a whole. If Ning'er tried to modify it based on her supposed injuries then the result could prove fatal.

"Yes? Teacher."

Ning'er nodded and stopped the routine before walking closer to Nik.

"Are you... perhaps injured? Here and here?"

Nik pointed at his own left abdomen and ankle while observing Ning'er's expression. And the shift from the previous calm to her current shock was all the answer he needed.