Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 321

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 321 Girls Of The Wild Possible Dream

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Nik had already forsaken sleep. It was a reluctant decision, sure. But when he was faced with his own training schedule and his passion of becoming a respectable teacher, Nik found out that even 24 hours in a day felt short to him. Given his immense vitality, he could easily function without napping for days, even weeks if he decided to soldier through. His morning was packed with training the girls and so was his afternoon and evening. It was only after he reached his room that he could start his own training and increase his proficiency in multiple skills he had.

Energy Conversion, Energy Fusion, Elemental Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, and his innate skills. He had many things to improve upon and his most recent talent Skill Palace gave him the opportunity to keep true to his thoughts and improve. The Skill Palace seemed to be an exclusive extension of his [Battle Arts]. The moment Nik reached the threshold of reaching the next level in a skill, he would be able to glean on multiple applications of the said skill that someone with his level of proficiency should be able to use.

Gravity Net was one of such applications. Not to mention the fact that the skills Energy Fusion and Conversion were already a massive pool of knowledge. If Nik wanted to, he could utilize his Life Energy and then convert a part of it into the death-type energy and then balance the two forms of energy to... well, do something. Nik wasn't sure how energy balance could benefit him directly, but he still chose to keep his hand proficient in the skill.

His evening would start with meditation. Instead of focusing on his [Tome of Battle], Nik would just clear his mind. He needed to have the right mental frame before he began his training. Once he was well-fed and well-rested, Nik would start with casting multiple illusions on the other tenants of the building his fellow teachers. Most of them were intellectuals and did not have the necessary means to protect themselves from Nik's method. In essence, Nik used his peers to increase his proficiency in [Pheromone Illusion]. He would make them l.u.s.tful, put them in a desiring illusion by skimming through their minds. Even though it was an invasion of their privacy, it wasn't like Nik was going to blackmail them. This alongside the regular manifestation of [L.u.s.t Domain] made it a perfect training combination. While he continued to enhance his power of illusions and l.u.s.t, he would utilize [Life Vision] until he spent half of his energy i.e. 15 seconds.

Life Vision was one of the most troubling skills that Nik felt would be hard to level up without the use of skill points. The duration of his Life Vision depended on the amount of his energy. The longer he used the skill, the greater his proficiency will become. But the problem was that he could not support the skill for a longer duration. So, Nik admitted that he did not focus on his [Life Vision] that much. He would gain skill points in the future. So, he decided to add [Life Vision] in the list of skills that would be upgraded using skill points instead of daily training.

Meanwhile, Nik also strained his mental capacity by simultaneously mobilizing 40 strands of gravitational force. Instead of brutally subjecting his body to the pressure, Nik opted for a more challenging task to his mind. He used a single strand of gravity to make a single object in his room float. This way, Nik controlled the gravitation around forty different items while giving his peers a wet dream. Needless to say, his body was already sweating. His mental capabilities were being stretched but Nik kept today's training basic. Instead of recording stunt videos by making the small objects flip midair, Nik focused on keeping them afloat.

"Huff!" Nik exhaled deeply before gulping. He slowly let the objects down. As experienced he had gotten in making things heavier, he was still quite inept in controlling small objects and making them lighter. Still, after a few minutes, he continued playing around the teacher's block with his pheromones and started weaving substance out of the strands of gravitational force themselves. Such constructs had better effects than simply utilizing all the strands of gravitational force by themselves.

In a manner, if Nik could uncover the potential of any single of his skills and put them to great use, he was already stronger than almost every rank 1 host. He had strong illusion skills, he could smash any person into meat paste using gravity, he could fuse various compatible energies and break his foes, he had healing abilities and a type of energy focused on the development of vitality and health. Not to mention, that his martial arts were already far from the comprehension of the beginners.

But when they all were placed together, it was hard for a single person to truly achieve their full limits. Nik could achieve his limits but for that to happen, he would have to give up everything and seclude himself from the world, solely focusing on his skills.

Nik did not like the thought of that. Finally, Nik concluded the first half of his training after an hour before slumping on his bed and bringing out a chilled six-pack from Souko's favorite brand.


The familiar sound of gas leaking through the opening made Nik sigh in relief as he sat up and chugged down the can of beer in delight. After he was done with his first can, Nik quickly stored the other cans lest he got enticed to go through his entire stock in a single night.

With his thirst quenched, Nik continued his training until after the midnight when he finally stood up as he picked up someone approaching his room. He stood up and stretched his body.

"*Knock* *Knock* Open the door..."

Shen Xiu spoke from the other side of the door. Nik opened the door as he found Shen Xiu in her training clothes once again. She then slipped past Nik silently and found her seat on his chair. Her braided hair was pulled into a bun while two thick bangs of flaming red hair framed her face as she continued gazing at Nik. Her left cheek still looked slightly blue, "I won't be training any longer if that brute joins in."

"Is that why you came here fifteen minutes early? To complain?"

Nik moved back to his bed and inquired. Shen Xiu unwilling to face Korra was quite understandable. Hearing the disinterest behind Nik's voice, Shen Xiu couldn't help but frown.

"She attacked me. Didn't you say that"

"It is my understanding that she joined the fight that you had started," Nik cut in between before Shen Xiu could include her excuses. Her expression stiffened as Nik nailed her down with his gaze and observed her. He was pretty sure that he had now grasped a rudimentary understanding of Shen Xiu's personality. And that understanding opened up a path with which Nik finally grew aware that the Sacred Family is one place where kids shouldn't be nurtured.

He stood up and reached Shen Xiu's head. This time, he could observe the frightening look beneath her calm bravado. There was something within Shen Xiu that made her shiver like a lost bunny whenever she gazed up at a man with his hands inching towards her face. But just like before, Nik placed his hands on top of her head and crouched down to level his gaze with her.

"Shen Xiu," Nik opened up warmly, this time willingly lacing his words with a persuasive effect that attracted Shen Xiu's attention, "You should come to the training regardless. It will help you and even if Korra defeated you, she never insulted you... in fact, I am sure that Korra expects to fight someone who could beat her and force her to train even vigorously."

He rubbed Shen Xiu's head as she lowered her head. Nik was a person who defeated her and then easily agreed to teach her his secrets. His gaze always wandered on her body and yet, whenever the time came when she gave him the opportunity to act on his demeaning gazes, he would just rub her head... like a loving elder...

This was an experience Shen Xiu was familiar with. In fact, the soothing sensation from Nik's words made him resemble someone important to her. Someone who gave Shen Xiu a sense of responsibility. The very recollection of that face and her gruesome end made Shen Xiu bite her lips while she raised her hands and pushed Nik's hands away. She missed the wooden pin and now hated herself for even agreeing with Shen Hong for not wearing it.

Looking up, Shen Xiu matched Nik's gaze and spoke with a condescending tone, unaware of the fiery heat building within her gaze, "Fine, no need to counsel me! Hmph, I'll kick her ass and if I can't do it myself, I have many under my payroll who will."

She stood up and moved towards the door before stopping and looking back, "Hurry up and get ready!"

Just like yesterday, Korra soon reached on time and even Ning'er arrived on time. While the trio did not speak with each other at all, they individually chatted with Nik while cutting each other in between their conversation with him. A half-hour from the scheduled time, a fuming Huyan Lanrou finally arrived and gaze Korra a stinky gaze, "How dare you kick me, Konrad!"

"It is Korra!"

Korra sighed and narrowed her gaze before continuing her moves, "And who said you to get knocked out by a single move?"

Lanrou stomped her foot in indignation and looked at Nik with her eyes showing a pitiful gaze, "Teacher, are you going to let her talk to me like that?"

The moment she looked at Nik, Lanrou visibly flushed but still continued with her act while ignoring Nik's amused expression. Needless to say, they both were aware as to what went down the day before yesterday.

"Instead of fighting each other, you should train. In fact, Korra has already completed her punishment."

Lanrou frowned and said nothing more. Her illusions were pitiful when it came to Nik's, so, she couldn't influence him in any manner. The thought of it, however, made her clench her thighs for a moment once again.


The training was finished and the girls showed a slight improvement. Aside from the three, Lanrou wasn't accustomed to moving her body in such a manner and Nik now intended to tailor an exercise for her while also eliciting to practice with him in the art of illusion to train her in the mental path she is truly adept at.

"Hey, Nik, did you hear that a special guest would be reviewing all of our classes alongside the Vice-Principal?"

One of the female teachers that had another wet dream about Nik quickly caught him as he was locking the door of his room and inquired with great excitement.

"No, it is the first time I am hearing about it."

Nik smiled. She was a member of the Wing Dragon family Xiao Cao. While she had a major crush on himself, Nik already knows that she is secretly sleeping with the patriarch's elder cousin and was keeping tabs on Xiao Ning'er to report it to the internal competition. If this information was used correctly, Nik could possibly earn millions but he wasn't keen on attracting any attention to himself. He was just an ordinary teacher with an extraordinary charm.

"They say it is one of the elders of the Snow Wind Family Ye Shou. The one who was also present during your recruitment."

Nik nodded and smiled, "Thanks, Cao."

His smile instantly pulled a heavy blush on Cao's cheeks as her heart fluttered when she heard her first name from Nik's mouth.

She had decided, she would confess everything to the patriarch and finally start pursuing Nik. Trying to rise up the family by entering the elder's pants wasn't worth it if Nik was even 10% good as the Nik in her dreams.

Nik left the teacher's block and greeted multiple teachers along the way. Most of them were older than Nik but there were also a few youths from the greater families. Within three days, Nik had already gained a lot of respect from the teachers around him while Nik came to know that even the most respected of the teachers here had secret fetishes that made Nik realize that maybe he could become friends with most, if not all the teachers.

Some liked to fantasize about a humanoid plant spirit beast while a few of them were more than happy enough to explore the Star Dou forest and get their hands on various human-spirit beasts. Not to kill them, but other entertainment purposes.

This also made Nik interested as he dug a little deeper and found that these weren't mere fantasies. Humanoid beasts existed and they were just as intelligent as humans, if not more.

Nik sighed slightly and looked past the tall walls of Glory City.

He really needs to journey out of the city and try his luck in the wild.