Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 322

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 322 Taking The Lead

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"Do you really want me to lead today's class? Wouldn't Ye Shou and the Vice-Principal drop in during the session?"

Nik and Shen Xiu met outside the class. With another e.r.o.t.i.c outfit that allegedly made it harder for a few boys to concentrate on the class, Shen Xiu crossed her arms beneath her b.r.e.a.s.ts and pushed those milky babies up. She was aware of how illicit her body looked like but she was under strict orders. She had to remain ready since Ye Han could return at any moment. As she felt Nik's gaze lingering on her pushed up b.r.e.a.s.ts, her face grew gloomy and she openly pointed out, "My clothes won't disappear. And why can't you be as calming during our"

She quickly shut herself and turned on her heels, this time, presenting her ripe butt to Nik as he smiled happily.

"Sure thing, I will teach the class today."

Nik shrugged and followed behind Shen Xiu. The class quietened down as Shen Xiu took her seat and Nik observed the class. Xiao Ning'er brightened up slightly as she matched Nik's gaze before averting her eyes as Nik continued. Nie Li had shown quite a good performance these days so Nik decided to go easy on him when he kept his head down at the moment. There were a few others who seemed disinterested, but as a whole, Nik found no problem.

"Today, instead of our regular topics, I would be speaking on a few things each of you should focus on until you graduate."

His words attracted the attention of the students, "You all have lives and responsibilities outside your education, but if those were your priorities, none of you would have been here, sitting in this classroom.

So, the first thing you have to focus is on your health. Du Ze, Nie Li, Lu Piao, Gan Ming, and Go Ken. The five of you need to sleep early and not keep on training in the beast grounds."

His words made Nie Li sit up with rapt attention. He couldn't help but raise his hand and inquire, "How did teacher Nik know we were in the beast ground?"

Beast Ground was one of the sites within the Institute filled with young spirit beasts. Any beast that reaches more than a thousand years is harvested by the teachers while the students are able to hunt their first spirit rings within the beast ground.

"The five of you probably did not bath. And I remember the scent of repellent on the gates of the beast ground."

His words made the five of them stiffen as they lowered their heads and took a sniff out of their clothes. As Nik said, there was a light scent, but it was way too light!

"Next, Shen Yue, Chen Men, Chu Yan, Huyan Ming, and Hen Pao. You all need to stop paying the visits to local inns. Your bodies are already affected and I will also send letters to your family to request them to keep you all from shirking from your studies.

Of course, I will give all of you a written note which you will have to get signed by the seal of your parents' spirits or you won't be allowed to sit in the class."

The five of them paled and Shen Yue instantly stood up, "Teacher, our private lives have nothing to do with you! Don't be so"

"Shen Yue!"

Before Shen Xiu could interrupt, Nik spoke sternly and let his violet hues nail him on his spot, "After the classes are finished, I expect you to meet me before going lest you wish for me to visit the Sacred Family's estate. You can sit."

Nik then glanced at the other four, "And you four, if I don't receive a reply from your parents by tomorrow, I will personally visit them and talk about your future."

Finally, Nik looked at the class and pointed out three girls, "You three should also meet me before leaving. Don't worry, Teacher Shen Xiu will be accompanying me."

Those three were already laced with some scents that Nik found unsavory for their age and while he wouldn't interrupt their lives and decisions, Nik felt the need to at least assure them that they could depend on the institute in their hour of need. The three girls nodded hesitantly and they too, seemed to have understood something.

"Focus on your health, kids," Nik continued, "Even if you are from one of the great families, you all are a part of this classroom. I would hate if anything happened to you while I could have done something about it."

Nik leaned on the desk and crossed his arms. He now already knew that this world had strict moral values. Unlike his homeworld where moral values were circ.u.mstantial, this world actually drew clear lines. Nik had read many cases where a person would eradicate an entire family just to prove his loyalty to someone else. It was wrong on so many levels since the person who committed the slaughter did not stand to gain anything and his justifications only amounted to a grain of salt.

But Nik wasn't a moral person himself and couldn't lecture on it. He was just as selfish as others. What he could do, however, was try and teach these kids the things that are essential for survival.

"Kids, today we will discuss various situations you can find yourself in during hunting the beasts for your spirit rings."

"Consider that... Du Ze, stand up."

Nik pointed out Du Ze as the brown-haired kid stood up hesitantly.

"Have you thought on your first spirit ring?"

Du Ze nodded and spoke up, "I want to get a Steel-Winged Eagle as my first spirit."

Hearing his words, Nik nodded, "Steel-Winged Eagle is quite a popular bird-type beast for a spirit ring. But to successfully hunt one, you need to be proficient with defense and learn a few methods to lure and trap a spirit beast since martial attacks would prove counterproductive against such a beast. Tell me, Du Ze, have you prepared for any of these?"

Du Ze opened his mouth but said nothing. Nik's words also made others realize that they simply weren't prepared for anything.

"Sit down, Du Ze. Start focusing on the habits of the Steel-Winged Eagle and draw out a plan. If you want my assistance in helping you plan, you know where I live."

Du Ze nodded seriously and sat down. Nik then once again made Shen Yue stand up, "What's your plan? You have a great, nay, an extremely power martial spirit, do you have any particular beast in your mind?"

Shen Yue smirked and crossed his hands, "Of course. The beast my family is planning to hunt is a Two-Headed Calamity Wolf. It"

"I see. So you plan to always rely on your family and get stronger. That is a reliable strategy. You can sit down now."

Nik spoke seriously. If Shen Yue could get help from his family then Nik did not think anything wrong with that. It was a practical approach that almost guaranteed success. Alas, to the kids, it sounded more like a satire than the words of understanding. Even Shen Yue and Shen Xiu thought the same thing. With a sour face, Shen Yue couldn't help but feel foolish. He gazed towards Du Ze, who was obviously planning to hunt for the beast on his own with almost no resources and then thought about his own situation.

With lips bitten, Shen Yue sat while Nik made Ye Ray stand.

"Ye Ray, you are the rarest talent of all. Dual Spirits... what do you have in mind?"

Ye Ray attracted the eyes of many. He was just that good-looking and just that talented. With a smile, Ray tilted his head gently and remarked sweetly, "I don't know about being the rarest talent..." He gazed at Nik with self-mockery and continued, "But I will hunt a Saber-toothed Death Snake and a Pink Lioness."

Nik nodded and smiled, "Do you plan to get your in-laws' assistance?"

"Yes," Ray nodded without a shred of shame. Just like Nik, Ray had a similar thought process. Since he already had a backing, why would he put himself in risk to get stronger?

Nik nodded in understanding and allowed Ray to take his seat before asking Ye Ziyun to stand up. She had a nine-headed Ice Phoenix as her martial spirit. Needless to say, the phoenix had eight pairs of wings, too.

"What about you, Ye Ziyun?"

At Nik's words, Ye Ziyun stood reluctantly. It was her time to get schooled and she knew it. Her violet hues didn't dare match Nik's as she stuttered softly, "I- I... did not plan anything yet..."

Ye Ziyun blushed and bit her lips. Hearing her words, Nik nodded and spoke up, "It's alright. You should start focusing on the spirit beasts and ask for me, Teacher Shen Xiu or one of your family elders to assist you. It's never too late to start preparing."

Ye Ziyun nodded while Nie Li suddenly raised his hands, "Teacher Nik, I have a few suggestions for Student Ye."

"Which one?"

Nik inquired the obvious with a serious expression. Everybody's lips twitched as Nie Li took a deep breath and looked at Ye Ziyun's direction, "Ye Ziyun, sir."

Nik nodded and allowed him to speak.

"There is a bird-type beast known as Nether-eyed Arctic Sparrow. I was skimming through the list of spirit beasts in the library and found one of the books mentioning it. Maybe student Ye could look into it."

"What about you, Nie Li?"

Nik suddenly questioned as Nie Li took a moment before grinning, "I guess, I still haven't thought of any beast that could complement a garden hoe."

The other students snickered while Nik nodded, "Either way, if you want any help, you can always look for me."

Nie Li sat down and Nik made Xiao Ning'er stand up. Just like other kids from great families, Nik expected Ning'er to be less than prepared. It was at this time, three figures entered the classroom. Their entrance went completely unnoticed by everyone within the class except for Nik, who was used to keeping his class filled with pheromones, Nie Li, who had enough experience to detect the use of void-type spirits and Ray, who obviously had his own method.

The three people who entered the class were Ye Sheng the Vice-Principal Lu Ye, and Ye Shou.

"I have already decided to hunt the Thunder-winged Demon Centipede. I asked my father to help me contact spirit masters who have survived against the spirit beast and already have a plan. I ask Teacher Nik to look at my plan later and point out my mistakes."

Not only Nik, but everyone, including the three new arrivals, were surprised. While the class was already forced to confront their weaknesses, Ning'er had already made extensive preparations. Ye Ziyun focused her gaze on Ning'er as her expression grew complicated while the three newcomers did not know what was going on at all.

To them, this was supposed to be the class on low-level inscriptions.


Nik smiled in satisfaction and made sure to use Ning'er as an example to drive the kids into preparing well for themselves. Since all of the kids were already in the basic apprentice class, it was safe to assume that they all had aspirations to step into the realm of spirit masters and change their future for the better.

Of course, Nik did not leave a single student out and by the time he was done, the three newcomers had long understood Nik's motive and intention. Finally, before Nik concluded the extensive class, Lu Piao raised his hands and grinned, "Teacher, we know that you also don't have a spirit ring. What do you have in your mind?"

'Your mother.'

Nik cursed internally but smiled in satisfaction in front of his class, "Me? I will think about getting a spirit ring once a spirit master actually defeats me."

His words made the entire class chuckle but the faces of the four teachers grew gloomy. Lu Ye, Ye Sheng, and Shen Xiu could not defeat Nik and his words felt like a slap to the face. Still, Nik spared them no attention and then called out to the four students he asked to meet with him before leaving the school.