Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 324

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 324 Huyan Xiong

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"Ho~ I like this, you all."

Nik observed Korra, Ning'er, Lanrou and Shen Xiu with a wide grin, "This peaceful session of training, I mean."

"Korra, twist your ankle slightly," Nik pointed out and walked past Korra. As he walked in front of Ning'er, he caught her wrist, "Don't copy others. They have larger physique so the angle of their punches is different, too."


Ning'er nodded seriously and started the routine once again. The technique Nik taught her was far more beneficial but the level of difficulty to master it was far harder than she could have expected. From the corner of her eyes, she looked at Korra's expression and couldn't help but admire her. Every single of Korra's moves refined her overall knowledge and experience about the technique, bringing her closer to Nik's level step-by-step.

Not to mention...

Ning'er sighed as she was distracted by Korra's, Lanrou's, and Shen Xiu's body once again. It was hard not to. As Nik explained, their bodies were larger... in more than one way. Honestly, she also respected Nik for not ogling at them like other guys.

If only Ning'er knew...

Nik was the least bit interested in ogling.

"You need to focus more, Lanrou."

Nik helped Huyan Lanrou in entering the proper position. He was still carving out a training method to complement Lanrou so she had to bear with the physical techniques for a few more days. If she was lucky, then a few more hours.

"S-shut up..."

Lanrou's heart almost leaped out of her chest as she heard Nik speaking her name with such familiarity. Nik's manner of pointing out Lanrou made other girls slightly attentive.

"You will hurt yourself this way... here, now it is fine."

Nik nodded as he stood behind Lanrou and instructed calmly while helping her into the proper position. It was now Shen Xiu's turn and she had even made a few mistakes knowingly to try to get familiar with Nik by graciously allowing him to call her with her first name, too.



While the girls jumped in surprise, Nik frowned. How did the newcomer find out about his origin? Moreover, since when did 'son of a bitch' become an insult?

"It's... Papa!"

Lanrou suddenly yelped. She knew her dad would definitely hear something about her but now the moment arrived, she couldn't help but feel extremely scared by the amount of anger hidden behind that shout! Heck, it was the first time she had even heard him roaring in such a feral manner.

Huyan Xiong's yell attracted the attention of everybody in the kilometer radius. Many commoners, of course, moved away from the commotions but many started to inspect and keep an eye out. Most of the nobles were clear that any family head was forbidden from stepping on the Holy Orchid Institute's premises without the Principal's expressive permission. The fact that a Spirit King with 5 spirit rings held himself from entering the school spoke volumes.

"Woah! Teach, you're gonna fight him?"

As the recipient of such a fiery welcome, Nik and his group reached near the exit of the Institute only to find a brown-haired man with his entire body covered in golden armor and half of his face hidden in the dark black helmet. With a Warhammer in his hands, Huyan Xiong's gaze focused on the youth beside his sweet pumpkin.

"Are you Nik?"

Xiong growled while Nik nodded seriously.

"Yes, I am the son of a bitch. Judging from your expression, you just found out you are, too.

Anyway, how can I help you?"

Nik inquired calmly. He knew a patriarch once he saw one. This was Huyan Xiong, the patriarch of the Huyan Family and one of the most unreasonable existence within the city. Considering he was Lanrou's dad and possibly, Nik's future father-in-law, the man's future did not look too bright. Until now, Nik only had a single father-in-law and he was brutally murdered by Nik himself. And judging from Xiong's expression, he wasn't off to a promising start. As Nik's impudent words rang, not only Huyan Xiong, but every other spectator and even Nik's other students fell stunned.

"W-what did you call me?"

"Nothing. I just assumed that you are a kindred spirit."

Nik replied to Xiong.

"Ah! AHHHHHHH! I'll tear you apart! I will definitely tear you apart for putting your hands on my daughter!!"

Xiong growled. His martial spirit was a beast type Golden Infernal Tiger. Five rings 2 yellow and 3 purple ones appeared behind his back as various skill transformed into physical substance over the form-fitting armor. It did not take a genius to understand that Xiong was under a misunderstanding that Nik made an inappropriate move against Huyan Lanrou. While the others did not know that, certainly, Nik and Lanrou did.

"Will you clear that up?"

Nik inquired with a frown. He didn't want to waste his time on a maddened fool or find the source of this misunderstanding. His time was being wasted, something he was already short of, and it ticked him greatly.

"I am sorry, Teacher... I did not know he would have reacted this way."

Lanrou instantly bowed. Her voice was already on the verge of breaking as her father had already embarrassed her a great deal in public and now she wasn't sure if she could ever train with Nik without feeling embarrassed. Until now, she could have pushed the blame and make Nik slightly passive due to their confrontation in the illusion world, but now, with a maddened father roaring outside the Institute, Lanrou wasn't so sure if what she did was in the good interest of building her relationship with Nik.

"No worries," Nik waved his hand in dismissal. If his students didn't make any mistakes then what position it would put Nik to? They had to make mistakes so that Nik could enlighten them. Anyway, the man in front of him was only angry and Nik felt that he could reason with him.

"Sir, I think there has been a misunderstanding"

Boy, was he wrong!

"I'll chew you! You hear me? Even if you are a bastard of Gin Family, I will chew you!!"

Huyan Xiong roared as others finally caught up to the situation. Even Lanrou's face was filled with worry, "Teacher... my dad has already gone berserk. It is one of his skills... but the situation is still salvageable since he hasn't rushed into the institute.

You should leave quickly."

Lanrou was truly terrified this time. Her father was serious. Any guy who tried to persuade her got beaten up by her father, that much she knew, but all of them lived to tell the tale. This time around, the intent to kill in her father's eyes was so concentrated that even Xiong's confidants took a step back with uncomfortable expressions.

"Wait, do you mean that he still isn't angry enough?" Nik inquired with an incredulous expression as Lanrou shook her head and now, even the other girls were starting to feel worried for Nik. In all his rights, Huyan Xiong looked threatening enough to make Korra feel slightly frightened.

"Lanrou... what did you even say to make your dad so mad?"

Nik turned towards Lanrou and ignored the angry father threatening to chew on his guts and feed him to the pets of the family. Hearing Nik's inquiry, Lanrou gulped and took a defensive position with her hands behind her back and her face tilted sidewards. Her lips were puckered up and she blushed deeply.

"W-we... kissed..."


Korra whistled while Shen Xiu instantly frowned and muttered, "Shameless!" under her breath as Ning'er lowered her head in shame, too.


Nik nodded in understanding as he eyed Lanrou from top to bottom. Whenever Lanrou tried to sneak a glance, she would inadvertently match Nik's gaze quickly look away once again. Nik then looked at the angry father outside and couldn't help but feel extremely stupid to even think of what he was going to do in a few moments. But Nik couldn't help himself. The situation was just too damn interesting that it made Nik take a risk so tremendous that he had never taken before.


Lanrou yelped as Nik pulled her into his arms and instantly locked his lips with hers right in front of her father while wrapping his arms around her waist tightly. Lanrou's eyes grew wide as she felt her body melting under Nik's warm embrace while her mouth never felt so good before. Butterflies fluttered within her stomach and she felt her legs losing their energy.

Instantly, Huyan Xiong stopped raging, his confidant's expression grew worse and the three girls behind Nik parted their lips in shock. The other teachers far behind them also felt incomparably shocked and the group of elders of the competing families felt their head buzz.


Nik let go of Lanrou's lips as she panted but she never left Nik's gaze and kept matching his gaze with her mind ringing in shock!

Nik smiled and finally let go fo Lanrou. He was going to take Lanrou one of these days, so, he figured better quicker than later.

"Girls," Nik looked to the trio and grinned, "Today, I will teach you how to defeat an enemy far stronger than yourself."

Nik snickered and looked towards Huyan Xiong. He had no intention of shaming his father-in-law. But it was his mistake to even think that his daughter kissing someone could prove to be an insult to their family. He started walking towards the exit as Lanrou still stood stunned. Meanwhile, Huyan Xiong felt his mind snap. He was a reasonable man but his martial spirit was anything but that. Even his spirit rings traded his rationality for power. This was one of the reasons that Xiong was known as one of the most unreasonable existence within the city for they meant it literally.

His spirit rings glowed harshly and Huyan Xiong felt any semblance of rationality disappearing from his consciousness temporarily. His body grew in size once again and his pupilless eyes had already locked onto Nik as the target to destroy.


With all rules forgotten, Huyan Xiong rushed into the premises of the institute and the faces of his confidants behind him paled instantly.

"Quickly, call for the city lord!"

One of them yelled as two lives were now in danger Nik's and Huyan Xiong's.