Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 325

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 325 Honor

When compared to Huyan Xiong's enlarged physique ranging up to 3 meters, even, Nik looked weak despite his well-cultivated body. The armor around his body was known as a Real Guard. Nik knew about it. A real Guard is the natural manifestation of the martial spirit around the host's body. With Huyan Xiong's martial spirit being a Golden Infernal Tiger, a sparkling golden armor covered his body, and the black helmet was in the shape of a tiger's head.

Augmented physique did not turn Huyan Xiong sluggish. In a few moments, Xiong clocked in on Nik with his claws swiping towards Nik's head. Everyone witnessing the spectacle turned silent. Guilt raged in Lanrou's mind, which made her tear up. Even Korra felt a shiver from the deepest recesses of her spine while she gawked.


In a blaze of crimson showering Nik with all that was unholy and infernal, an exquisite broadsword materialized from the gaping hole in front of Nik's chest. Glimmering Crimson painted the blade, and a darkened skull and multiple bones embellished the hilt. A shrill cry declared Lilith's elation. Nik gripped Lilith's hilt and parried against Xiong's blow while making himself lighter. Nik's body propelled back without any harm. His hair flew wildly while Nik's gaze remained on the clear stream of blood dripping down Huyan Xiong's palm.

Lanrou felt her heart shiver as her gaze fell on the edge of Lilith with a drop of blood rolling down the edge.

Absolute Sharpness!

This was Lilith's ability. Anything Nik struck would have their defenses pierced even if the amount of damage is close to no damage at all. But a scratch was the last thing that could break Xiong out of his demented rage.

One of the purple rings behind Huyan Xiong shone and his feet glowed. With his face turning towards Nik, Xiong's body flickered and his astounding figure appeared in front of Nik. Xiong clenched both of his claws and smashed it over Nik.



The surrounding pavement was destroyed as shock waves from the smash spread past a 3-meter radius. Huyan Xiong focused on the deep hole that should have been filled with Nik's grotesque corpse when


A foot landed on his face and a broadsword slashed down his torso. Before Xiong could digest the situation, Nik stretched his left foot back and pulled on Xiong's body from the top of his head, making him lose his balance and tumble forward. Xiong's body leaned just close enough for Nik to twist his waist and ankle before smashing his right foot on his face. Alas, now intent to finish the battle in a one-sided manner, Nik stabbed Lilith in the ground and hoisted his body to kick Xiong in the middle of his face with both of his feet while pulling on his body through Gravity once again to make the impact even harsher.

The surroundings had turned still as Nik continued beating Huyan Xiong without the use of his hand or his martial spirit. His movements were fluid and his kicks kept impacting him on his vitals except for the one vital for the future generation. Nik had incorporated the use of gravity bending into his basic technique. Not to mention the four girls, but also other members of the various families felt mesmerized by Nik's moves.

Each time Xiong tried to counter with a feral growl, his face would be smashed sideways. To make the matter worse, Nik just didn't give Xiong enough time to regain his composure. Sometimes, his body would feel incomparably light and he would be pushed up from the ground before Nik would pull him in and target his chin.

Honestly speaking, the easiest target for illusions is the one who has already lost their ability to think. Xiong was a prime candidate. Alas, Nik wished to be renowned as a martial-arts master who defeated one of the strongest spirit masters only using his martial arts. This was to flood his reputation and finally attract the remaining candidates he had in mind.

In between the battle, right before Nik could land another stomp on Xiong's swollen face, Nik halted and jumped back. At this time, an earthen hemisphere covered Huyan Xiong's figure and isolated him from Nik and


An arrow of light struck the dome and disappeared after a loud explosion.

"I think this is enough."

"It could be said the same about Huyan Xiong."

Two newcomers walked out. One mysteriously appeared from the group of teachers. It was a figure clad in white glow with his features and physical body inaccessible to the n.a.k.e.d eyes. On the other hand, a purple-haired middle-aged man with a short beard and a squarish jaw stepped into the Holy Orchid Institute.

"City Lord."

The mysterious figure greeted and the purple-haired man nodded, "Principal."

They both fell silent afterward while Nik just let Lilith into his spiritual world once again. His action attracted the duo's attention as the City Lord opened sternly, "He insulted one of the great families of Glory City."

"Huyan Xiong entered my institute without my permission. According to the laws of the city, that is a capital offense."

Even though the city lord and Huyan Xiong grew up together, the man knew that at this moment, Huyan Xiong's life was on the line. Not to mention... his gaze fell on Nik.

'I don't think that a ring-less youth capable of beating a Spirit Lord with just martial arts will now be allowed to touch... his skills are beneficial for the entire city.'

The mysterious figure chuckled suddenly and spoke up, "Call it even?"

The City Lord nodded and looked at the dome of the earth being smashed from inside repeatedly. He raised his arms and a black ring materialized behind the city lord. Nik didn't know what he did, but the struggles inside the dome disappeared shortly and when the dome crumbled, Huyan Xiong's beaten body appeared to the world. His real guard had receded and his frame had returned to normalcy.

"I shall be going."

The City Lord was strong enough to pick Huyan Xiong's bulky physique akin to a rag and walked towards the exit while the Principal vanished with his light cloak bursting into sparkles.

The mutters of the teachers surrounding the group finally grew in sound as lanrou fell on her knees with tears streaking down her cheeks. She had finally done it! She managed to not only shame the entire family but also got her father embarrassed due to her shenanigans. The father who always smiled happily as he saw her raged today due to her actions. The father who raised her with a mother's warmth was beaten unconscious due to her stupidity.

Nik made his way towards the group. They all had various reactions. Korra was as fervent as she could get while Ning'er had shock written all over her face. It was Shen Xiu who showed a slightly conflicted expression with a bit of expectation hidden beneath. None of them cared as one of their sister apprentices knelt on the ground sobbing. They weren't close, after all.

Nik looked at Lanrou calmly. he first meeting with father-in-law and the lover is always disastrous. At least, Lanrou's father was still alive! But Nik would be an insolent one to say such insensitive things to Lanrou when her emotions were slightly unstable. She needed some time to recover and Nik easily put the sobbing lady to sleep.

"You three can have today as a break."

Nik picked Huyan Lanrou in his arms and was making his way towards his room when the members of the Huyan Family outside the Institute yelled, "Bastard!! Let go of our young mistress!! Have you got no shame?"

"We will skin you alive!"

"Yeah! Just you wait!"

Their roars made Nik snicker. Without replying to them, Nik made his way into the teacher's block while going through the recently emerged side quest with barely concealed glee.

[Side Quest 1


Description: If you have the strength, the honor shall follow. Defeat the family heads of the lower-level, middle-level and high-level aristocracies and gain the respective honor. Following is the reward obtainable once all the family heads are defeated.

Lower-Level: 2 Skill Points, 1 Stat Point

Middle-Level: 3 Skill Points, 2 Stat Points

High-Level: 5 Skill Points, 4 Stat Points

Note: The rewards can only be obtained once all the family heads' honor is defeated under your hands.]