Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 329

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 329 Established Engagement

"Thank you for the tea."

Huyan Xiong had finally calmed down. He thanked his maid only to find her staring at Nik intently. Seeing this, Nik picked the cup of tea and brought it closer to his face before taking a light sniff. A calming scent filled his nostrils, making Nik sigh in content and finally taste the wondrous tea. With a pleased smile, he turned to the elderly maid and spoke up, "Thank you, granny."

"Ke ke," she coughed and smiled, "It ain't a problem, kid. Drink up! It increases the virility of youngsters like you."

Huyan Xiong placed the tea on the table when the lady turned her head towards him and barked, "What're you placing that cup down for? This kid needs a boost in strength, not yer old bones! It is a regular tea bag for ya and Rou'er."

The woman snorted in disgust and walked out of the estate's living room.

"Sir, your maid is quite a breath of fresh air."

Nik politely smiled as Lanrou, who sat beside Huyan Xiong, felt quite bashful. This was a different embarrassment. This was the kind that put her cheeks to flame and made her heart flutter. Virility! This word kept jumping withing Lanrou's head as she recalled that Nik did not need any reinforcement in regards to his potency.

"I am sure she didn't add anything to your tea."

Huyan Xiong remarked darkly. Nik shook his head and smiled, "It's okay, you can never be less virile."

"So," Nik continued, "I should start by apologizing, too."

"I had every intention to pursue your daughter. It is the timing that makes me sad."

Veins bulged all over Huyan Xiong's body once again. Alas, being the father of the girl he is interested in, did not warrant any special treatment from Nik. With his intentions clear, it was not only stupid but also insulting to keep on pretending. And insult Lanrou he did not want to, well, except the moments she might ask to get insulted by making Pineapple her safe word.

Hearing Nik's words, Huyan Xiong scoffed, "So? You intend to pursue every student of yours."

"If they kindle my interest, I don't see any point of shying away."


Lanrou gazed at Nik with a shocked expression while Xiong's gaze focused on Nik, and he sneered, "A philanderer's excuse."

"A philanderer's philosophy," Nik corrected and spoke with a sharp gaze, "I do not see the point of this conversation if you are not even going to try and understand."

"Understand what? That you are a debauched man willing to share yourselves with others and, in turn, destroying the lives of other girls that are willing to leave their families for you?"

Huyan Xiong retorted as Lanrou couldn't help but feel slightly sour at Nik's previous remarks.

"Destroy their lives?" Nik's expression grew serious, "You don't have what it takes to understand me. Huyan Lanrou," Nik turned his attention towards Lanrou and peered into her eyes, "You, Shen Xiu, and many other girls. I can promise you now that none of you are going to regret it."


Huyan Xiong slammed his palm on the table that was sturdy enough to only tremble and not collapse, "It is enough of your bullshit! You either only marry Rou'er, or you stop interfering in her life."


Nik suddenly snapped his fingers. His pheromones flooded the room and made Huyan Xiong slightly dizzy, despite Nik's best effort. But to Lanrou, it was an entirely different plane. According to the rules of the [Transmigration Paradise], if Nik ever let others know about its existence, his life will be erased.

But Nik could very well broaden Lanrou's horizon and keep the system out of it. Nik knew that the traditions of this world rarely enjoy polygamy, and prominent families won't let their daughters marry into one. So the only way Nik could actually persuade Lanrou without forcing himself on her was to reveal a few encounters of his past adventures while also making her 'understand' that sharing a man was not a taboo. This amount of tweaks to Lanrou's mentality did not stretch past Nik's morals, and judging from her expression, Nik felt that he had succeeded.

"Urgh! What the hell?"

Huyan Xiong groaned as his vision turned normal once again.

"What did you do?"

He turned his gaze towards Nik with unveiled viciousness as a golden phantom was forming behind him once again.

"He did nothing, dad," Huyan Lanrou suddenly spoke as she matched Nik's gaze with her moody one. Nik was going to have a kid. The news was shocking to Lanrou, but the moment she understood that she can never be the 'only' one for Nik, she let go of her inhibitions. After all, she now also knew that Nik housed three spirits instead of one, and that fact itself, made Nik, a prime candidate for many women.

"Rou'er, you do not have to side with him."

Xiong spoke with a concerned expression, "Nobody is forcing you."

"Nobody is forcing me, dad," Lanrou smiled and stood up, "He is going to become my fiance. Whether he likes it or not!"

Her tone took for barely-veiled haughtiness, "And I will make sure that he levels the respect of all the families by defeating each of their family heads!"

Xiong closed his parted lips with a gulp as Nik stood and grinned, "That is a fact. And I am going to take you, whether you or anyone else, like it or not."

They both smiled at each other before Nik turned on his heels and left, "I expect to meet you tomorrow morning."

Meanwhile, Xiong felt his mentality destabilizing. Heck, if you are going to talk about engagements, at least discuss the division of finances and labor!!


"Absolute Sharpness, Flesh Manipulation, and Spatial Manipulation..."

These were the primary attributes of his spirit. Alas, when he tried Asmodeus' flesh manipulation, his fingers turned slimy and gooey without moving on Nik's will.

Lilith's absolute sharpness, on the other hand, was incredible, not to mention Sky's spatial manipulation. While Nik feared that something would go awry once again, just like the time he tried Asmodeus' skill, the very thought of the word Spatial Manipulation gave Nik the chills. Nik was now finally making his way towards the western border of the city. He had enough information about the beasts that are needed to complete his three spirits, and while some of them were not even recorded in the library, those that were recorded happened to be easy targets.

"Are you finally going to get our spirit rings?"

Asmodeus' cheer rang within Nik's consciousness as he admitted that Spirit rings did boost one's strength. He could not help but imagine that if Lilith had devoured the spirit rings of the beasts that would allow her to complete herself, what kind of sharpness would she demonstrate?

It felt like he already had an ultimate melee weapon.

"Yeah. But first, I will hunt down a bat just like I said I would."

Nik had long known that the beasts he is going to hunt to complete his spirits were far different from the one actually compatible with the ability of his spirits. In fact, the spirit rings he is going to collect will help his spirits achieve their original forms, and then, he would also be able to stack more spirit ings on them to gain more abilities.

Asmodeus' even went as far as proclaiming that the situation of each spirit was the same. The Spirit race has long been hunted for their myriad abilities, and a world where Spirits are locked into the bodies of mortals is not unheard of.

As Nik reached the gates, he reduced his weight and jumped to propel himself high in the air before manipulating the wind around him towards the Glory Stream that passes through the western border of the city.

The location where Carnal Bats (according to Sky), aka Bloodthirsty Crimson Eyes, are found in abundance!


A/N: First I was going to make Nik follow the traditions of the world and marry Lanrou and then I thought, nah. I cannot wait to write lemons about the girls of this world and start cucking guys! So, Lanrou is the future target, people!!