Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 331

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 331 Ning'er Defendant Of Teacher's Reputation


Lanrou seemed to be in the best mood with her face etched with a creepy grin and her outfit tighter and more arousing than usual. She skipped towards the Holy Orchid Institute with no less than thirty bodyguards soldiering behind her. It was unsafe for their young mistress to rush out of the estate without additional guards.

Not to mention, Lanrou was loud enough to wake the entire estate up. If the young mistress was awake, there was no need for her employees to keep on sleeping either.

"Hmm~ Hum~ Hm~"

Lanrou hummed and finally reached her destination.

The Holy Orchid Institute!

God! She never loved how the gates of the Institute looked like before this moment!

"Oi, what happened to Young Mistress?"

One of the guards pulled his spear to the other hand and whispered into his colleague's ear.

"You don't have to worry. I don't think you have it in yourself to make a woman this happy. Just go back to your shitty wife and life."

His colleague remarked calmly and somewhat loudly, making the others behind the duo snicker.

"Hey, what gives?"

The duo had grown together, so the man knew about his friend's temperament.

"Nothing. I have been watching over young mistress since she was a kid," The man spoke as his words made others smile as they recalled Lanrou's shenanigans during her childhood, "And now, I feel like my own daughter is snatched away... f.u.c.k my shitty shithead! I already have three boys, damnit! I want a cute girl so that I can present her the world!"

Tears streamed down the man's face as his friend patted his shoulder, "I have a daughter, so leave that to me. One night and bam, you got yourself kah!"

The middle-aged man reeled back as he rubbed his bloodied nose.


Even Lanrou snickered as she entered the gate and turned on her heels before waving at her guards, "Thank you, uncles!"

The group of bodyguards couldn't help but sigh softly and smile genuinely.

Yeah, Lanrou grew to be a beautiful woman. They couldn't help be proud of her even if she set their hair on fire for shits and giggles.

"Train properly, young miss. We will wait outside."

Their leader spoke up as Lanrou grinned and nodded.

While Lanrou made her way towards the Teacher's Block, Nik was already soldiering Korra. Ning'er had yet to arrive, and Shen Xiu looked uncharacteristically tired to do anything well. It was only Korra, who looked well-rested.


Korra's kick landed on Nik's wrist accurately before she stopped and frowned.

"This isn't how it looked and sounded when you kicked that old man's neck yesterday."

Lanrou reached at the moment to hear that but paid no attention. Instead, she skipped towards Nik and hugged him tightly from behind and nuzzled her cheeks against his back, "Heya! We meet again! Teacher Nik~"

Smiling and placing his palm on Lanrou's hands, Nik let out a content sigh, "Yeah, student Lanrou. You should warm-up."

As Lanrou loosened her hold, Nik turned on his heels and wrapped Lanrou into a warm embrace. Her face nuzzled against his chest as Nik's left hand naturally stroked the top of her head, making her mewl in unnatural content. Nik's petting was just that good!

Seeing this, Korra opened her mouth wide and pushed her index finger near her throat.


She closed her mouth instantly with a very realistic sound of a person in the early phase of vomiting, effectively breaking the moment.

"Hmph! A fool's errand."

Huyan Lanrou snorted and extended her toes to quickly peck Nik's cheek and skip back. Wordlessly, she started a stretching exercise taught by Nik as he focused on Korra and answered her question.

"The reason it doesn't feel the same is due to the difference in strength. The technique is just a single aspect of one's strength. The other is raw power."

Nik's and Ray's physique was far ahead from the residents of this plane, at least, this city. Even if the spirit energy had slight physical reinforcement effects, it failed to match Nik's 30-stat points vitality.

"So, more muscles?"

Korra traced her chin and gazed at her free hands, flexing her biceps. Her muscles were lean and aesthetic when compared to her transformed state.

"Just focus on the technique," Nik persuaded with a smile, "With my techniques and your spirit rings, I am sure you can best many opponents shortly."

"I can already do that now," Korra muttered with a dispassionate expression and then gazed at Lanrou jogging through the field. Presently, Lanrou wore a form-fitting blue tunic that revealed her cleavage through a slightly wider neck as a thick belt hugged her torso and forced the tunic to press over her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

If Korra had to guess, Lanrou was wearing the latest of the sports undergarments developed to keep her large b.r.e.a.s.ts from hurting as she dabbled in martial arts. Meanwhile, her pants were not made of coarse material. It was a spirit beast's hide that stuck to her wide h.i.p.s tightly.

"Maybe, muscles aren't the only area I need to grow in."

Korra muttered with a narrowed gaze as she looked down.

She could easily gaze at the tips of her toes.

'I bet that pinkette can't even see the tips of her toenails...'

A sigh escaped Korra's lips as she took her standard stance and shot towards Nik once again.

Shen Xiu, meanwhile, kept on panting with her knuckles pushed against the grassy field. Her expression was violent, and deep down, Shen Xiu was thankful that everybody was avoiding her. She wanted some time to cool off. After all, those sons of bitches dared to mention her sister-in-law once again. Shen Xiu bit her lips and opened her palms to clutch a fistful of grass and uproot the unfortunate flora caught in the crosshair of her frustrations.

'And to think that he can defeat Huyan Xiong and make the principal appear,' Shen Xiu looked towards Nik and then let her gaze observe the 'bubbly' Lanrou, 'The news of their imminent engagement is already spreading.'

Shen Xiu's gaze darkened involuntarily. Nik was a man unsuited for a girl like Lanrou. Only focused on beauty, Lanrou had not even absorbed her first spirit ring, yet! Nik should belong to

Once again, Shen Xiu uprooted fistful of grass and stood up. Her body felt like it could break at any moment. But falter, she did not learn. She calmed her breathing and then took a stance. Korra had already reached her the level that made Nik spar with her. Shen Xiu hadn't. Her body was still too brittle for this superior exercise. The use of Shen Xiu's family resources allowed her to nourish her body and even as she trained. But still, the burden of the improvement was just too much.

But each time she felt like falling, a pale face of her sister-in-law Shen Yue's mother resurfaced, and she clenched her jaws. Taking a deep breath, Shen Xiu leaned down and punched out. She continued the routine while Nik sparred with Korra.

Nik decided to change Lanrou's training regime after she had finished her exercise. Even though he had no path in his mind to increase her powers of illusion, at the very least, he could help her grasp her talent to her maximum potential.

Breaking off the spar, Nik straightened his tunic and looked at the slightly ruddy Lanrou.

"How about I put you in mild illusion, and you keep on breaking out of it? That way, you can focus on training your mental attribute rather than your physical one. Of course, I will still make you slowly train in the basic exercises to build your foundation?"

Lanrou was already aware of Nik's mental attribute and nodded after a moment's hesitation. She sat cross-legged as Nik placed her in an extremely fickle illusion. He would gradually increase the realism of his fantasy so that Lanrou can get more proficient in her talents.

It was at this time, Ning'er arrived at the training field with slight embarrassment.

As it turns out, she really overslept this time.


"Hey, did you hear about Teacher Nik?"

Lu Piao elbowed Du Ze and whispered as they sat next to each other. Nie Li sat next to Lu Piao and did not focus on their conversation. He was in his thoughts after learning about Nik's feat.

"Defeating a Spirit Lord without absorbing a single spirit ring, that one? Yeah, by now, the entire Glory City knows."

Du Ze snarled as Lu Piao puckered his lips, "No need to be salty. We already apologized for not giving you enough time to train in Teacher's technique."


Du Ze clicked his tongue and looked in the other direction. Not only them, but the entire class was indulging in their chatter, which revolved around Nik.

'To defeat a Spirit Lord... it isn't just the technique. Teacher's physique must be off the charts, too.'

For a moment, Nie Li considered the possibility that Nik might be a Spirit Beast, which had completed its 100000 years of cultivation and transformed into a human. Records stated that such 'humans' had astonishing talent alongside a massive boost in their physique. But after a moment's thought, Nie Li rejected the notion. He still recalled a few events revolving around Nik in his past life. Nik was a genuine Gin Family member.

"Who knew that Teacher Nik was actually acting out of bad heart!"

A boy suddenly spoke loudly and stood up, "Xiao Ning'er, Teacher Nik has ill motives, and his intentions are despicable. It is in your best interest that you stop meeting with him."

Everybody knew that Nik boldly took Lanrou's lips in front of a crowd. And when confronted by inquires as to explain his motives for other students under his care, Nik simply shrugged and replied with a We will see.

The class quietened down as the courageous youth who had a thing for Xiao Ning'er kept waiting for her answer.

Alas, a reaction he expected, was never delivered. Xiao Ning'er seemed lost in her thoughts. Her lips kept moving silently while her fingers tapped on the desk in a rhythmic pattern.

Annoyed by Xiao Ning'er's inexpressiveness, the youth walked out of his seat and approached the girl of his dreams with a determined gaze. The kid moved his hand to place it on Xiao Ning'er's shoulder and break her out of reverie when suddenly, Xiao Ning'er's hazel-brown pupils regained their vigor and she clutched on the youth's hand. Xiao Ning'er's body contorted, and she instantly pulled the muscles of her back to release all the strength through her grip by throwing the youth with a flip on the ground.



Xiao Ning'er stood and looked around with a frown before a loud cry attracted her attention.


The youth laid on the stairs with his arm clutching his injured hand as he stared at Xiao Ning'er with a pale expression.


Before the youth could cuss, Xiao Ning'er instantly approached the youth and helped him sit up with an apologetic expression, "I am sorry. I didn't mean to attack you.

Please do not approach me next time, too."

She continued calmly. The tone behind her voice raised Ye Ziyun's eyebrows, and while many were stunned by Xiao Ning'er's change in demeanor, those with an astute observation found that Nik taught the technique used by Xiao Ning'er. The demonstration and Nik's jaw slacking feat made many in the class to finally focus on Nik's technique and instructions despite his rumored personality.

Even Nie Li, with more than 300 years of experience, found himself interested in Nik's technique.


A/N: Here you go, the rank list of soul land.

Rank 1 - 10 - Spirit Scholar(Trainee)

Rank 11 - 20 - Spirit Master (1 Spirit Ring)

(Rank 1 Spirit Master)

Rank 21 - 30 : Spirit Grandmaster (2 Spirit Rings)

(Rank 2 Spirit Master)

Rank 31 - 40 : Spirit Elder(Expert) (3 Spirit Rings)

(Rank 3 Spirit Master)

Rank 41 - 50 : Spirit Ancestor (4 Spirit Rings)

(Rank 4 Spirit Master)

Rank 51 - 60 : Spirit King (5 Spirit Rings)

(Rank 5 Spirit Master)

Rank 61 - 70 : Spirit Emperor (6 Spirit Rings)

(Rank 6 Spirit Master)

Rank 71 - 80 : Spirit Sage(Saint) (7 Spirit Rings)

(Rank 7 Spirit Master)

Rank 81 - 90 : Spirit Douluo (8 Spirit Rings)

(Rank 8 Spirit Master)

Rank 91 - 98 : Titled Douluo (9 Spirit Rings)

(Rank 9 Spirit Master)

Rank 91 - 94 : Average Titled Douluo

Rank 95 - 98 : Super Douluo

Rank 99 : Extreme Douluo

Quasi Demi-God (Rank 10 Spirit Master)

Demi-God (Rank 11 Spirit Master)

Quasi God (Rank 12 Spirit Master)

Rank 100 : God